Mad About Science Incursion

On Monday, the 13th of August, we had an awesome incursion from Mad About Science. A scientist came to our school to teach us things about the different states of matter. Her name was Lucie.

The first activity we completed was a sorting activity, where we had to use our senses to sort balloons and test tubes into the 3 states of matter, which are solid, liquid, and gas.

We were lucky enough to carry out an experiment to see what would happen when dry ice was combined with hot water and detergent. The results were bubbling!!!

We carried out another experiment to find out what dry ice was made of. For this we needed a beaker, hot water, a candle and dry ice. We poured the water into the beaker and carefully placed the candle inside. The dry ice was added and we noticed that the dry ice turned from a solid to a gas and caused the candle to go out. We also found out that a fire will get bigger if oxygen is added, but it will go out if there is more carbon dioxide. From this we discovered that dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide.

Will: “There are 4 states of matter, solids, liquids, gases and non Newtonian fluid which is a solid but can act like a liquid. For example putty”

Aadvik: “It was good that we got to learn something new about science”

Mia: “The Mad About Science incursion was fun and interesting”

Hunar: “It was fun because we learnt more about science”

Madilyn: “It was fun trying the experiments”

Caitlyn: “I learnt that when a solid goes immediately into a gas, it is known as sublimate”

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