3B Having fun with Science!!!

On Friday we conducted lots of different science experiments. They were awesome! It was so much fun because we were able to learn about different things. Have a look at how we went!

1. Finding the sun spots

Seeing the sun through different lights!

Bailey – “It was weird”

Noah – “It was fun”

2. Making glasses sing

Sathuya – “ The glass made squeaky noises”

Mia – “ It was hard to make the glass squeak, but we got there in the end!”

Bebaik – “ The glasses were singing while they were wet”

3. Testing our strength

Aadvik – “ It was fun testing my strength!”

4. Making heat with sticks

Dane – “ at first it didn’t work but then we did it a little faster and it worked”

5. Testing our strength

Noah – “ Bailey was the strongest”

6. Testing gravity

Testing how gravity works by placing dominoes in a row


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