4D Update

In Maths we have been learning about change. To find change we can use a subtraction algorithm or count up from the amount we pay. We created our own shop with things to sell and practised working out change when a customer bought things. Some people had pet shops, others had game stores and there were a few car dealerships.

We received some letters and stories from our pen pals in Korumburra. We are making things and writing notes to send back to them.

We are working through a rich task at the moment as well. It is linked to the Fun Run. We are looking at what equipment we could get for the school from the money we raise. Our task is to find out how much it will be and then try to persuade Mr Muscari to purchase the equipment we would like to see at the school. We had to find out how many students were in the school and then work out an estimate of how much money we might raise altogether. Our next steps are to decide what we would like the money spent on, work out our totals and then write a persuasive letter to Mr Muscari.

Before we write our letter to Mr Muscari, we have been investigating and drafting a persuasive letter of our choice about something we are passionate about. Some things that people are trying to convince others of are:

  • School should end earlier in the day
  • Guinea pigs are better than rabbits
  • No homework should be done
  • Everyone should buy a baby chick
  • Students should have more free iPad time
  • Everything should be free
  • Monkeys should be pets
  • School toilets must be kept cleaner
  • No hats during summer

We have had a new teacher with us the last three and half weeks. Her name is Ms Bechmann and she is a 4th year preservice teacher. She observed and helped us for the first week and has been teaching us with full control for the last two weeks. Her last full week with us is this week but she will be back on a few other days this term to finish her placement time. Thanks for being an awesome teacher Ms Bechmann!

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