Book Week Dress Up Day

It was a sensational spring day for our book character dress up event.  It was really fun to dress up as different book characters from different book genres.

We created posters about our characters where we had to explain the characters traits. This has been a big focus in our narrative writing this term.

For reading we found out our pirate names, which were hilarious!!!! Here is the list we used to find out our special pirate name. Leave us a comment with your pirate name!!

We also created little plays using pirate language. Some of the words we used were:

  • Ah hoy- Hello
  • Booty- Treasure
  • Grub- Food
  • Bucko- Friend
  • Cap’n- Captain
  • Me hearites- My crew
  • Avast- Hey
  • Landlubbers- Non sailor
  • Davy Jones Locker- Bottom of the sea
  • Spyglass- Telescope
  • Sail Ho- See another ship
  • Rum- Pirate drink

Thank you for reading our latest post!


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