eSmart Debate

Today we chose two topics to focus on for our eSmart debate. Half of our class did one topic and half did the other. In our groups we needed to decide who agreed with the topic and who disagreed with the topic.

Topic 1: Children are better at using technology than adults.


  • Children use technology more than adults do during the day – Azra
  • Kids are good at using technology because adults didn’t have them when they were growing up  – Chloe
  • I agree because we know about tablets, iPads and iPhones because children are good at technology since we use it more often – japnoor/fatimah
  • We have had them for more time – Charlotte
  • We have more access to it over adults – Oliver
  • I agree because I play games better – Abdul


  • I disagree because adults use tech more – Maha
  • I disagree because kids muck around with technology – Mahnoor
  • Adults use it everyday – Krew
  • Adults know more about it  – Joann

Topic 2: Technology should be banned at school.


  • Jack – technology should be banned because people do the wrong thing on it at school
  • Elenice – iPads should be banned so Miss Alebakis doesn’t have to put anything on showbie,
  • Sanjay – iPads should be banned because people download things, watch videos, look at videos and play games when they aren’t supposed to
  • Virraj – people do bad stuff on them and not what they are supposed to
  • Lily M – miss alebakis should put it as homework instead.


  • Manaal  – i disagree because if kids need to research something for CBL they can find it
  • Lilly y – I disagree because if you have a spelling mistake you can look it up on the dictionary
  • Evangeline – I disagree because if the teacher wanted to show videos about things they cans see on laptop and apple TV
  • Farwa – I disagree because you can use iPads so you don’t have to waste paper
  • Riaz – I disagree because kids are old enough to use iPads, they will not search something bad.
  • Zain – I disagree because then we cannot have printers, toys,  cars and batteries.


What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

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