Week 7 and 8 with 3E

Skype a Scientist

Last week we spoke to a scientist through Skype! His name was Andrew and he is a microbiologist from Stanford University in California. We prepared questions to ask him about how science is used in his work and life.  His answers to our questions was very intriguing.

“He studied micro-organisms in mouse poop! Ew!” – Zac

“He studied the digestive tracts of the human body” – Shyla

“He loves to figure out how bacteria grows” – Kathleen

“The only way Andrew’s work is related to Albert Einstein is the portrait of Einstein created using bacteria” – Balram and Vivaan

“He studies small growing things” – Kathleen

“There are a million trillion trillion microbes in the world” – Saad and Meron

“He was inspired by his middle school teacher” – Shyla

“He has been a scientist for 13 years”

“Scientist are just like regular people”

Book Week

For Book Week, we dressed up as our favourite book characters. We participated in a parade to showcase our costumes to all the Year 3’s. We also read our favourite books to our buddies and wrote short narratives about ‘The Pirate Adventure’.


Lara – I dressed up as the dog from Up!

Shyla, Stefanee and Dilpreet – We dressed up as Hermoine Granger from our favourite book Harry Potter

Hazim – I dressed up as Captain America

Vivaan – I dressed up as a robot

Cruiz – I dressed up as Blue from Jurassic World

Esho – I dressed up as Messi from the Soccer Book

Harman – I dressed as Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

Eman – I dressed up as Matilda from Matilda

Aleyna and Makayla – We dressed up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Fteh – I dressed up as a character from Minecraft, there is also a book

Jesaiah – I dressed up as Harry Potter

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