4D Happenings

Year 3-6 Concert – ‘A History of Hits’

Our concert is happening this week! During this week we have been practicing our dance for the concert. We have to wear a stripy t-shirt, tracksuit pants and we can choose if we want to wear overalls and a cap. We are doing the song ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’. We went to see Ms Findlay on Monday for an extra session so our teacher Ms Huntly could see our dance.Our songs are really fun! 4D is the best class for performing! We can’t wait for the concert and we hope you come and see the 3-6 concert.

Book Week

We have been celebrating Book Week this week. We dressed up as our favourite book characters. There were different costumes like a cow, policemen, crayons, John Cena and The Flash.

Police are visiting our classroom!

The police are coming to our classroom on Monday in week 9. When they come to our class we are going to ask them questions. Here are some that we came up with to ask:

  • Have long have you been in the police force?
  • What do you do when you are on duty?
  • Are we able to look at your police car?
  • What type of vehicles do the police use?
  • How hard is your job?
  • Do you have to go to a special place to train?
  • What type of weapons do police officers hold?
  • Do you eat donuts like the police in the TV shows and movies?
  • How does it feel to be a police officer?
  • How do you deal with scary or sad things that happen?
  • How often do you go outside the station and help people?
  • Is it a good paying job?
  • What made you join the police force?
  • Does every police station have jails or holding cells?
  • How many crimes do you get involved in every day?
  • How many different types of police jobs are there?
  • How do you become a police officer? What does it take?

We can’t wait to share with you what we learn from the police!

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