Police visit

Last week, two of our students wrote letters to the police to ask them about SWAT police and how to become a police officer.  As a result, two officers from the Craigieburn Police said they would come out and see us in person! We wrote some questions for them to answer which we posted in our last blog post.

Today, Joel and Nathan came to visit us! They told us what they do in the police academy, including what is involved in the fitness test. They showed us their weapons (their guns stayed in the holsters) and let us hold the police vest. It is  bullet proof and weighs 10 kg! We even found out that the local bakery gives them free donuts and pastries every Monday and half price at McDonalds! They told us that a police salary is a decent amount – it starts at about $70,000 – and gave us some information about what they can get up to in a day’s work.

We got to go in the police car – we all sat in the driver’s seat and turned the sirens on! We used the speed laser on the police car and Ms Huntly was random breath tested. (She was at zero!)

Here are some pictures and videos of our visit!

Thanks to the Craigieburn Police, Constable Joel and First Constable Nathan for coming out and sharing with us all the information they did. We have some people who might be looking forward to possibly becoming a police officer in the future!

~ 4D

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