Our Outstanding 3-6 Year Concert!!!

Last Thursday we had our 3-6 concert and the gym was jam-packed with guests. There were lots of wonderful performances on the night.

When we were back stage we were all very nervous and excited to perform. Our song was a 90s hip hop mash up of ‘Ice Ice Baby’, ‘Can’t Touch This’ and ‘Everybody Dance Now’.  Our costumes were a black tshirt, black pants and a check shirt tied around our waist.

As soon as the song started to play we used all our energy to perform our best to the crowd. All our hard work and practise has paid off!

A special thank you to our 2 amazing Performing Arts teachers for all their hard work!!


One thought on “Our Outstanding 3-6 Year Concert!!!”

  1. Hi 4C,

    Really awesome work on your dance! You guys were really really good at being energetic when you were dancing. We also liked your costumes!

    We hope you enjoyed the concert as much as we did!

    From 4D

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