3B’s Powerful Science Fair

This morning we had an open morning, where we welcomed families to come and see our learning about the “Power of Science”.  For our fair we had to work in groups to research different scientists and how their discoveries worked and changed over time.

We had to prepare our presentations, which included:

  • Planning our models and researching information
  • Make our models and use Mac Books to create google slides for our presentation
  • Set up our fair and rehearse what each person was going to say.

Some of us were really excited to present while some of us were nervous about presenting in front of all the families.

After the science fair we asked families to fill out a feedback form and provide us with warm and cool feedback about our presentation. We noticed that they were impressed with our presentations and we needed to work on our public speaking.

We also completed a SWOC analysis which allowed us to reflect on our strengths, weaknesses, challenges and what we learnt.

Thank you to all who were able to come to our Science Fair. We hope you enjoyed it!!

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