Science Fair 2018

This morning we were very fortunate to hold our first ever Science Fair. We opened our door at 9:10am to let our parents and families into our classroom and learn about what we have been doing in our classroom this term. Our CBL Big Idea for term 3 was Power and our challenge was to “Share the Power of Science”.

Children showcased scientists who’s inventions and discoveries have changed over time. We build prototypes of the inventions and compared them to the 2018 version as well.


While we were showcasing our learning we were collecting feedback from our parents and families who visited us. Here is some of the feedback we received:

  • You were more confident than last time.
  • Very successful because these kind of showcases give confidence to kids to present and utilise their creativity and critical thinking.
  • It was very informative.
  • Very successful, very innovative and creative presentation

Some feedback we got to raise the temperature and improve was:

  • More written description would be good.
  • Add some live models of the inventions


We want to thank all our amazing parents, carers and families for coming into our classroom this morning!

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