4D Week 1 Term 4

Innovating a text in writing

This week we have been writing poems about our favourite places. We were trying to use the structure and rhythm of ‘My Country’ by Dorethea Mackeller. After brainstorming about our favourite place, we used the sentence starters that Dorethea Mackeller used in ‘My Country’ to create our own sentences. We also tried to follow the same rhythm by using the same syllable count in each line. We discovered that the syllable pattern in ‘My Country’ went 7, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6.

“I felt it was hard to find the rhythm and find the right syllables for each line” – Samia

” I challenged myself to make a rhyming version and one about something I hated as well” – Imogen

“I was worried at first but when I got some help from my friends it made me less worried and feel happy about my work” – Ali

“I felt worried I wouldn’t get it, but excited at the same time” – Sabriin

“I thought it was easy at the start, then when we talked about syllables it got a little harder” – Kaan

“Doing this was really fun even though it was hard. It was really fun to do and I enjoyed it” – Alycia

“I felt excited to write about our favourite places. It was a bit difficult but it was still fun” – Selena

“I noticed words could sound the same but they were not exactly rhyming which made it a bot easier” – Jessica

“My prediction was that it would be really easy but it started to get hard. I got a little support from my friends which made it easier” – Hussain

“When I first started it I felt like I would never finish it but since I had help from my friends and best teacher, now I feel like I can actually finish it” – Jaylen

Here are some examples of finished poems. The whole class book will be shared with you next week.

Helping our buddies in the library

We caught up with our buddies this week! We went with them to the library on Wednesday. We helped them when we were looking for books so they did not get stuck with finding books.

YABBA – Young Australian Book Awards

The YABBA Awards are coming up and we have been invited to go! We nominated our favourite books in Term 1 and have read as many as we can before we voted for which of these favourite books we thought should be the winner. We have sent an expression of interest home to our parents to see who might be allowed to go. There could be at least 20 authors at the Awards that we could talk to and get an autograph from which would be very exciting! The final decision will be made next week.

Term 3 CBL Action Solutions

We are continuing to develop and put into action our solutions from CBL that we came up with last term. Some people are starting to film their persuasive videos, others are recording their first podcasts and our Student Voice Action Team has met with Ms Spink to start their solution. Keep an eye out for more information!

This term we are exploring the idea of CHANGE. We will share more with you about this next blog post!

Until next time!


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