Learning in 3E Week 1-2


Last week we visited the CBL Gallery to discover our Big Idea. At the gallery we explored:

  • road and construction signs and equipment
  • different country laws
  • games and how to play them
  • movies and their ratings
  • drivers lisence
  • road safety gears – helmets, hi-vi vests
  • voting and ballots
  • roads and cars
  • communities

We made connections to all the provocations and used our thoughts and wonderings to spark our thinking about the Big Idea. This term’s Big Idea is ‘CHANGE’.


In reading, we started our new class text called ‘A Different Dog’. We have been using context clues and prior knowledge to make predictions about the text, and use evidence from the text to confirm/dis-confirm or change our predictions.


In writing, we have been learning how to plan a narrative. Different ways to plan a narrative include:

  • Mountain planning
  • Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then

We are learning to plan for a narrative to support us with our upcoming writing assessment task.


In maths, we have been learning how to use different strategies to solve multiplication problems. These strategies are:

  • repeated addition
  • groups of
  • arrays

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