What a fun week!

We had a great Fun Run this week. Together we ran 3 laps of the school block. It was very hot and tiring but we made it! When we started we had soo much energy and by the end we exhausted!

I had a lot of fun walking with my friends – Inaya

I had fun with Blessing because she kept telling jokes – Emerson

The Fun Run was great because we got to meet some new people – Angel

Also this week we had visitors that taught us Spanish dances like the salsa. Some students got to dress up in costumes like the big frilly skirts you can see in this picture.

In Spanish class we played ‘Who Wants to be a Millionarie’. We researched information about South America.  Did you know that the longest river in South America is the Amazon? Some of us won a chance to cook next week with Mr Boris.

What a busy week for 4C!!

Bye for now!

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