Similes and Metaphors

We have been exploring figurative language through similes and metaphors. Read below to discover how fun these can be!

Describing pizza – by 4D

Pizza is as yummy as lasagna and chocolate. It is as hot as fire and as spicy as pepper. Pizza is life. It is religion. Pizza is heaven. It is round like a car tyre and as flat as a table top. The sauce is as red as lava. The mushrooms are as slim as a stick and green capsicum is alien fingers. The pieces of pepperoni are like clown noses. The cheese is as stretchy as slime and sticks to the roof of your mouth like glue. The oven is a desert of hot air and the pizza box is a jail delivering foo to my door.

Other similes and metaphors by 4D students:
  • He is as noisy as a dog.
  • She is as smart as Albert Einstein.
  • They are as cute as a meerkat.
  • Her skin is as soft as silk.
  • They are a shooting star!
  • Her hair is a dark oak tree.
  • She is like a chocolate.
  • KFC is as yummy as pizza.
  • Siblings are monkeys.
  • School is a zoo.
  • My teacher is like a scientist.
  • Today is a furnace.
  • The chirping birds are musicians hitting a triangle perfectly.
  • I am as angry as a volcano.
  • I am as annoying as a parrot.
  • Students at break are monkeys.
  • Ms Huntly is as sweet as candy. (written by student, NOT Ms Huntly! haha)
  • Fortnite is life.
  • Fortnite is as cool as watching a movie.

The PS4 is as smart as a grownup. It is as cool as a gangster. The PS4 is as epic as an XBox One. It is as challenging as the times tables.

Ice cream

Ice cream is cold heaven in the freezer. Ice cream is life. It is like music in my mouth. Ice cream is as cold as snow. Vanilla ice cream is as white as paper. Strawberry ice cream is as tasty as lasagne. Ice cream is as sweet as a lollipop and is as cold as ice.


The skin is as green as Earth’s land. The seeds are the night sky. Watermelon is wonderland. The juice is as fresh as mint and as red as blush.


Banana skins are gold like medals. They are soft like my skin. Bananas are healthy like vegetables and yummy like chocolate. They are yellow like the sun.

Outer Space

The stars in the sky are as tiny as an ant. Space is pitch black and the sun is like a toy for giants.


The mountain is as sharp as a knife. The travellers are climbing like cheetahs.

Gymnastics class

Swoop down like you’re diving. Jump like you’re flying. Stretch like slime. Turn like a ballerina. Balance like a bird on a branch.

Can you pick which are similes and which are metaphors? Comment below and we will see if you guessed correctly!

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