Images from vocabulary – Storm Boy

We have started reading ‘Storm Boy‘ by Colin Thiele as our class novel this term within our CBL Big Idea of ‘Change’.

It has taken us a while (two and a bit weeks) to work our way through the first chapter of the book because of the different language and imagery that is being used. Despite this, we are all very interested in what is happening and really enjoy looking up different shells, plants and animals that are mentioned by the author as he sets up the setting using his words.

Once we had read over the first part of the story a few times and understood the vocabulary and what was going on, we had to verify the visual images that we were creating in our minds with evidence from the text.

Here are some of our images that we have of the setting and characters of ‘Storm Boy‘ so far and the vocabulary that is helping us create this.

Let us know what you thought of our images – we can’t wait to keep you updated with the novel!

Have you ever read Storm Boy?

2 thoughts on “Images from vocabulary – Storm Boy”

  1. Hi 4D,

    I have read Storm Boy. It is possibly one of my favourite books. The vocabulary that Colin Thiele uses to support the reader with making images is fantastic. It helped me to learn new words that I had never heard of before.

    I hope you are using your context clues to help you work out the meaning of new words!

    Miss Kingsley

    1. Hi Miss Kingsley,

      Thank you for your comment/reply. We have definitely been using context clues to help us figure out the meaning of these new words.

      Most of us are enjoying the book as well. We have just met the baby pelicans Mr Proud, Mr Ponder and Mr Percival for the first time! This week we have been thinking of different character perspectives and character traits. Please come by the classroom to see what we have been thinking about.

      Have you read any of the other versions of Storm Boy?

      From 4D

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