Learning in 4E

In 4E we have been exploring descriptive information reports so that we can write our own information report about our favorite place.  We first learned about the difference between facts and descriptions and then were given the task to add adjectives to our facts to make them more interesting. We then started drafting our information using paragraphs and lots of interesting and powerful adjectives. Some of our interesting facts are:

  • “Dubai has world largest horses in the world”- Abaan
  • “Dubai has the most immense building in the world”- Zain
  • “Mars has colossal volcanoes”- Anuk and Harjas
  • “Zoos Victoria are fighting hard to save wildlife”- Gisele
  • “Timor has an impressive amount of people which is over 947,000 “- Lucas
  • “The Whitsundays has many beautiful, tropical islands”- Feyza

This term, for Grade Four-sport we are playing soccer. In case you didn’t know we need to bring our hats so that we won’t get sunburnt. Please make sure you are bringing your hats!

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