Week 4 events with 3E

Fun Run

Last Thursday, the Year 3-6’s ran 3 laps around the school to raise money for school gym equipment. We began at the starting line and we ran through the gates and around the school block. The money we raised also gave us a chance to win cool prizes such as a netball, hover board, a scooter and a drone.

“The Fun Run was very tiring but fun” – Jesaiah

“The Fun Run was a great experience and we were able to talk to our friends as we ran” – Shyla

“The Fun Run was really hard because we kept running out of breath but I still had fun” – Cruiz

“The Fun Run was really tiring so I walked for some parts” – Stefanee


Spanish Parade

Last week was Spanish Week and our class focused on Bolivia. Bolivia is located in South America. To celebrate, we made Bolivian inspired masks and flags and used it for the Spanish parade.

We were able to see other Spanish country’s masks and flags made by other Year 3 classes. They were so colourful and detailed.

“The masks had very good designs and I enjoyed decorating them” – Jesaiah

“The water in Bolivia is naturally heated by a volcano” – Aleyna and Balram

“The Spanish Parade had different countries such as Mexico, Peru, Chile and Cuba”  – Stefanee

“It was fun listening to the different Spanish music” – Shyla


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