Student Respect Survey Action Team

Our names are Kaan and Adit and for our CBL Challenge in Term 3 we were trying to improve student and teacher respect in the classroom.

We made a survey that asked if students and teachers were being respectful to each other. We saw data from Term 1 that said this was not happening. We sent our survey to the Year 4 classes and have compared how the data has improved from Week 1-3 and Week 4-6 this term.

This is what we noticed between the two groups of survey data:

  • We notice there was more positive data in this survey than the last survey.
  • We notice that more people said always for “How often do you treat your teacher with respect?”
  • We notice that no one said never for any questions.
  • We notice that most the time and always answers add up to about 75-80%.
  • Most people said they are respectful by listening to the teacher.

Here is the data from our first survey in Week 1-3: student respect survey 1

Here is the data from our second survey in Week 4-6: Student respect survey 2

We are happy that the data has improved from the Term 1 data we looked at.

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