CBL in 3E

This week the our class consolidated our understanding of who creates laws and how they are established. After watching educational videos, we were able to summarise and explain the process of how the parliament approves laws.

Zac: “The parliament makes laws but the ideas can come from the media, political parties, public service and members of the public.”

We also investigated why specific policies have been introduced, for example the Sun Smart Policy. We were exposed to various videos, websites and the ACPS school policy regarding the effects of excessive sun exposure and created posters to promote Sun Safety.

Aleyna: “Slip on a t-shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.”

Shyla: “Even if it is cloudy, it is important to wear your hat because the UV rays can still damage your skin.”

Joel: “Staying in the sun can cause sunburn, peeling skin, freckles, heat stroke and skin cancer.”

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