Sink or Swim Incursion

Today we were very lucky to go to a Sink or Swim Incursion. We learnt about different ways we can be safe when water is around us.

If you are at the beach you should swim between the red and yellow flag because that is the area the lifeguards have declared safe. However, if you pass the red and yellow flags the water might be unsafe.

There are other types of flags you can see at the beach. If you see a black and white flag that means that it is a surfing area, which means it is an unsafe place to swim because there are surfers catching waves.

When you are at the beach and you see a red and white flag that means that the beach is closed because of dangerous weather, sharks are close to the sand and other wildlife is around.

Did you know that if you are under the age of 18 years old, you must have a life jacket on before you get on a boat? This is a law!

When you are in a pool area and you can see someone is drowning, never jump in to save them otherwise you can do more damage. Instead throw an object that can float in front of them so they can hold it to their chest and float. If an adult is struggling in the water, lay down on your tummy outside the water, and pull them in with a noodle until they are safe.

Parents you need to be in arms reach of children under 5 years old if they are in a bath or any type of water. Between the ages of 6 and 10 you need to be actively supervising children and they need to be in sight.


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