Swim Safety Incursion

Today we had an incursion in the school gym called ‘Sink or Swim’ which explained how to be safe around water.  The 4 most popular places we would be around water are pools, beaches, rivers and baths.

We learnt that children 5 and under, must be in arms reach whenever they are near water, and between 5-10, an adult needs to be actively supervising a child in water. This means that they are not distracted by other things, for example being on your mobile phone.

When at the beach, its important we swim in between the red and yellow flags because that area is the safest area to swim and is monitored by life savers. We also explored different flags that we may see at the beach.

  1. A black and white flag displayed means that people are surfing and its not safe for swimmers

  1. A Red and White flag means that the beach is closed because its not safe for swimmers. For example a shark

We learnt that all pools, even inflatable pools MUST have a fence and gate around them. The gate must be closed AT ALL TIMES!!  We also learnt that you should always enter the pool from the shallow end. We also learnt that things around the house can be used to help rescue someone who drowning in the pool.

When around boats, we discovered that it is illegal to get on a boat without a life jacket if you are under the age of 18.  We also learnt that river conditions can change quickly so it is important to always check the levels with your feet before entering the water. It might be safe one day but another day it may not be.

Dane: “I learnt that there is a black and white flag for the surfers”

Harry: “I learnt that the red and white flag means that the beach is closed beacuse its not safe”

Mason: “I learnt that you have to stay inside the red and yellow flags at all times when at the beach”

Madilyn: “I learnt that its illegal to not wear a life jacket on a boat if under 18”

Sathuya: “I learnt that you need to put your hand up to ask for help if you are drowning”

Bebaik: “I learnt how to save a drowning person”

Aadvik: “I learnt that some tools can be used to help save a life”


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