Cultural beliefs and values in interactions

We explored a story called School Playground on the website Difference Differently. This site has been created to help discuss culture and develop intercultural understanding in students.

In this story, there were four students who were on a school playground. We learnt that they all had different visible and hidden culture practices and beliefs that played a major role in how they interacted with each other at lunch. For example, Josh showed respect by not looking people he respected in the eye. When a classmate asked him to join the soccer game, Josh felt this boy was a leader of his class and looked at the ground when he said yes to playing. The other boy felt that Josh was shy because he looked at the ground, not that he was being respectful.

We inferred how these actions would make each of the other students in the story feel or think and many of us realised that we have possibly made inferences about others like these characters that may not have been completely correct.

During the story, we recorded our thoughts in a Double Entry journal using an “I Think” and “I Know” focus to make links between our inferences and the evidence from the story or our prior knowledge. We then reflected on what we learnt from the story ourselves.

Here are some examples of our responses:

Have you ever responded to someone in a particular way and then realised they actually meant something else?

~ 4D

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