Reconstructing texts

We have been examining explanations this week so we can prepare to write an explanation as part of our Design for Change action in CBL.

After reviewing the features and structure of an explanation text by reading and note taking several different texts, we were asked to reconstruct texts that had been cut up into sections.

We had to read the paragraphs and link sub headings to them as well as make sure the paragraphs were in the right order!

It eventually did not take too long since we were working in teams but a few of the groups had to reread the paragraphs a few times! One group figured out that they could match the cut lines together to check they were right – Ms Huntly is going to trim and recut the sections so they don’t match up next time!

Stay tuned for more information on our explanation writing and our Design for Change expo happening in week 10!

~ 4D

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