4D Reflections on the year

Here are some final reflections on our amazing Year 4 year:
  • I enjoyed Ms Huntly as a teacher
  • I enjoyed having to be special helpers throughout the year – we are the special class who help others!
  • I really liked writing and reading because it made me grow more
  • I enjoyed learning and getting prizes for Home Learning
  • I liked the Year 4 novel book choices each term. My favourite one was Storm Boy
  • I liked learning about change this term
  • I really enjoyed the time I have spent here
  • I really liked learning about division and multiplication
  • I really liked P.E.
  • I really liked Art
  • I like how we designed and built something to change
  • I liked assembly for the whole year – I liked the House Points
  • I really liked holidays
  • I really liked Year 4 sport because we played soccer and dodgeball
  • I really liked Spanish
  • I am glad I made new friends this year
  • I am happy new people came to our class because now I have more friends and more people to play with
  • I really liked learning how to speak Spanish
  • I am very happy I learnt different strategies for Maths
  • I enjoyed communicating to our pen pals in different ways
Thoughts on the year to come – Year 5!
  • I hope that I can touch back to the friends that end up in different classes
  • I hope I keep playing with my current friends and keep talking to the teachers I like
  • I think that everyone will feel nervous on the first day of Year 5
  • I hope Ms Huntly doesn’t leave
  • I hope the classroom is set up good
  • I hope my current friends come into my new class
  • I hope next year doesn’t go as fast as this year
  • I hope that we have lots of activities and excursions
  • I hope there is no Home Learning
  • I hope there is not much work to do
  • I am kind of scared because on the transition day it feels like a bad year to come, even though I make new friends and I learn to like my teacher
  • I feel like a new fresh start
  • I hope that my teacher is nice
  • I hope that we have prizes
  • I hope there is a lot of work
  • I hope there is easy Maths
  • When you go into your classroom, you feel a little bit scared but when you start making new friends you feel more confident
  • I hope Spanish gets a bit more interesting
  • I hope we have PE on Friday because Friday is a fun day
  • I hope there is new teachers
We are all excited for the year to come! But we are also a little scared and nervous. We find out on Thursday who our new teachers and classmates will be for 2019!

Have a safe and happy holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~ 4D

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