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Ambulance Victoria

On the 14 of October,  some paramedics came to ACPS to teach us what to do if someone is unconscious. We learnt the chain of survival and how to do CPR.  The first step involved asking the person if they were safe. The second involved calling 000 and giving them information calmly, like who do you need, where you were, patience name and age and what to do while waiting for the paramedics. After that, we gave the patience CPR. This was really interesting to learn about. 

Our Excursion to Melbourne Museum and iMax

The excursion to the Melbourne Museum was the best excursion I have ever been on! We saw so many different exhibitions that included Whalebones, Butterflies and even Dinosaur bones. It was so cool! After that, we went to this other place where there were living spiders in little cages and we saw seashells. We got to listen through the seashell and hear them having a little conversation, which was weird because usually, I hear the ocean.

My favourite part was probably the iMax because it was like a 3D movie come to life. it was kind of scary because you could see all different creature close up and even learn some pretty interesting facts.

Thanks for reading,

Evangeline and Hadassah -4A

Our CBL Solutions

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about our own curiosities. We first brainstormed what we were curious about and then choose one we wanted to know more about. We researched our questions and created action plans of how we could communicate our curisoity.

Some of us are curious about sports and are creating soccer fields, basketballs and even games to help people learn about different sports. Other are curious about animals, the solar system and the sun and are creating websites and presentations to share what they have learnt to the class.

Thanks for reading. We cant wait to show you our finished products.

Camp and non-campers

Last week on the 7th of August some of the year 3’s and 4’s went on camp, while others stayed back.

The campers arrived at school nice and early to make their Journey to Mt Evelyn. When we got there we went on a bushwalk, which took us over 2 hours! When we arrived we had some free time and got to do some activities that included giant swing, teacher initiatives, flying fox, making damper, hut building, Kaos and archery. On the two nights we watched a movie and had a disco night.

  • “My favourite activity was the giant swing” Aram
  • “My favourite activity was they flying fox because I went flying through the air” Sanjay

(By Aram, Karim and Sanjay)

On the non-campers program, we got to do some really fun activities including science, cooking pizzas, watching a movie, making origami, ninja warrior and our specialist classes.

  • “I liked doing different fun activities” Evangeline
  • “I enjoyed cooking because we got to make pizza and eat it” Sehajleen.
  • “My favourite thing was the ninja warrior because i was good at it” Emre

(By Evangeline, Emre and Sehajleen)

Our learning in 4A

Hi everyone,

This term our big idea is ‘Curiosity’. In the first two weeks we explored different provocations linked to curiosity. We used our CBL journals to give reasons and explain our thinking.

  • “I think cameras were made so people can remember things. They have changed and are now easier to get the photos” Mohammad 
  • “I know this is a battery and rechargeable because it was inside the computer” – Shahwaiz

Over the past few weeks, we have been investigating important explorers, traders and navigators from history. We first picked a person we were interested in and completed a KWL chart to show what we already knew and what we wanted to find out. Then we used our wonderings to research information and find facts. We used our CBL journals to paraphrase information. We will be making a timeline of their life and journey, so stay tuned. 

  • “I’m curious to find what happened to Amelia Earhart”- Jaisal
  • “I want to know how Marco Polo died”- Riley
  • “I learnt that Amelia was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean” – Zac
  • ” I learnt that Sally Ride was the first American woman to go into space” – Sarah
  • “I now know that Amelia Earhart was curious about planes from watching a p[lane in the sky” – Fatimah

In maths, we have been learning how to solve problems using different division strategies, such as an array, number line and fact family. We learnt that division is connected to multiplication and this is called a fact family! We have also been exploring 2D shapes and some of the terms we learnt are symmetrical, vertices, faces, sides, parallel, regular and irregular shapes, right angle and even all the different names of shapes.

In writing, we have been learning about diary entries and letters. We have been able to think about different perspectives and use our information learnt in CBL to write from the perspective of our chosen person. We have also been working hard with our independent writing pieces!

Our learning in 4A

In maths, we have been learning some more strategies for addition and subtraction. One of the areas we looked at was finding the missing addend.  We learnt how to use the inverse operation to find the missing number and also check our answers. We love doing maths!

In CBL we learnt more about the UN goals. We have been reading some comics about them and even played a game called Go Goals.

We learnt;

  • ‘I now know that there are lots of people struggling to survive because of poverty’ -Zac
  • “I found it interesting that not many people have access to the internet’ -Ela
  • ‘I learnt that there are lots of people without jobs’ -Riley
  • ‘The game was fun because we got to use our knowledge to answer the questions’ -Shahwaiz

Our learning this week

This week we explored more provocations about survival. Some of the provocations we looked at were;  endangered and extinct animals, making a house out of popsicle sticks, the great barrier reef, and places around the world.

  • “We learnt that the coral is dying in the great barrier reef” Zac
  • “I learnt that our oceans are getting dirty and collecting rubbish. We need to clean it to help the environment” Priscilla

In reading, we have been recording our thinking and learning how to justify our thinking using evidence from the text and our background knowledge.

In maths, we have been learning how to read bills and use addition and subtraction to find the answers about the bills.

In writing, we have finally finished our ‘Little People, Big Ideas’ book. This took us a very long time but we are very proud of them.

Our start to the term


This term, our big idea is survival and we have been exploring provocations to help us get our ideas ready. Some of the things were on the tables were; questions about how much food we eat, renewable energy and how we learn best.

  • ‘I learnt that coal cannot be reused so it is not renewable’- Vidhi
  • ‘It was interesting that different countries have different kinds of classrooms’ -Sanjay
  • ‘I wonder why some classrooms have fewer materials’ -Karim
  • ‘My favourite table was the table with lego because you got to make electricity’ -Shahwaiz

Information Narratives

Over the last two weeks, we have been working very hard to finish our informational narratives. We became illustrators by drawing pictures to match our writing.  When we were finished we showed our buddies our finished writing piece and they gave us feedback for next time.

Thanks for reading about our learning.

Our learning

Hi, we are 4A and we are going to tell you about our community tree. As a class, we talked about what we value most within a learning community and some of the expectations of others within our community. We then shared our ideas of what we wanted to have in our community agreement and come up with a way to show our agreement, which was a class tree. On our tree we have our hands and leaves with our names on it, to show that we accept and agree to our community agreement. We also have underlined the key words on it so we can easily see what we are working towards. This is our community agreement tree.

By shahwaiz and Jaisal

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at some information narratives and biographies about real people, such as Muhmmad Ali and Steven Hawking. We identified what we noticed about the structure and layout of both texts so we will be able to write our own informational narratives about someone in our class. We also identified the similarities of information narratives and biographies so we know what we are going to write.

When finding information about our buddy, we had to think of questions to ask someone in our classroom to find out about their lives and identity. We then interviewed our buddies and used the information learnt to create a timeline of their life. A timeline is when you record information about someone’s life in order.

By Aram and Karim

Some of the things we learnt about others includes;

  • I learnt that Aram came to Australia when he was 5 -Karim
  • I learnt that Zac likes Post Malone -Shawaiz
  • I now know that Sanjay went to India in 2010 for the first time -Riley
  • I learnt that Shawaiz and I both want to be the same thing when we grow up – Jaisal
  • I now know that Sehajleen has an older brother -Ela
  • I learnt that Priscilla started this school in Grade 2 – Vidhi
  • I learnt how to do a timeline ‘Aram”
  • I learnt that Fatimah was born in 2009 and that means I am younger than her -Humna

Hi, we are going to tell you about how we are learning to summarise our books. When reading we learnt that summarise is when you use your worn words to tell the key ideas, events and details from the story. We learnt that when we are summarising we have to include a lot of detail and information so we can tell others about what we have read.

From Priscilla and Humna


Thanks for reading about our learning. Hope you enjoyed.

From 4A


Our Learning

Hi everyone, its 4A and we would like to tell you what we have been doing at school.

In reading, we have been using think marks to record our thinking. We first read our books and if we have a connection with the text and any questions we are confused about we get a post-it note and use the think mark to record our thinking. We also use stick it notes to record the important and favourite parts and why so that way we can remember what we have read. (Japnoor, Fatimah, Evangeline, Isabella and Anaadi)

Hi our names are Sanjay, Shahwaiz, Karim, and Aram and we are going to tell you how we learnt about the writing process. Miss Bell gave us writing pieces and we worked in groups to record what we notices and sorted them into the stages of the  writing process. The stages are; Writers notebook, planning, drafting revising, editing, buddy conference, teacher conference and last but not least PUBLISHING!!!!!! This helps to improve our writing.

For the last two weeks, we have been using the writing process with our writing pieces. First, we collected our seeds, and then we started pre-planning. When we finished pre-planning our writer’s notebook and we started planning by using the structures of different text types. We are now up to drafting. (Kiran, Sarah, Vihdi)

Hi, our names are Priscilla, Ela, Humna, Riley , Sami, Sehajileen and Zac. We are going be explaining what an identity iceberg is. Miss Bell told us that our identity can be like an iceberg because we have things that make our identity that can be seen (external) and things that can’t be seen (internal), like an iceberg. Miss Bell then gave us statements about our identity and we had to sort them into external and internal. For example, your beliefs is internal because it can not be seen and it is below the surface.

Hi, our names are Ishan, Jasial, Mo, Emre and Ayaan and we are going to tell you what we have been learning about the zones. The zones are all about our feelings. The different zones are blue zone, red zone, yellow zone and green zone. Last week we played zones bingo. The teacher would say an emotion and if we had the picture that matched the emotion we got to colour it in with the zone it was but if we didn’t have it we didn’t. This week we watched some videos that had characters in different zones and we had to explain what zone they were in and why. It was really fun.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our learning.