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Learning in 4E

In 4E we have been exploring descriptive information reports so that we can write our own information report about our favorite place.  We first learned about the difference between facts and descriptions and then were given the task to add adjectives to our facts to make them more interesting. We then started drafting our information using paragraphs and lots of interesting and powerful adjectives. Some of our interesting facts are:

  • “Dubai has world largest horses in the world”- Abaan
  • “Dubai has the most immense building in the world”- Zain
  • “Mars has colossal volcanoes”- Anuk and Harjas
  • “Zoos Victoria are fighting hard to save wildlife”- Gisele
  • “Timor has an impressive amount of people which is over 947,000 “- Lucas
  • “The Whitsundays has many beautiful, tropical islands”- Feyza

This term, for Grade Four-sport we are playing soccer. In case you didn’t know we need to bring our hats so that we won’t get sunburnt. Please make sure you are bringing your hats!

Learning in 4E

In 4E we have been learning about poems. We first had to research and gather information about poems and what makes a good poem.  We learn’t that a poem is a text with the great use of an expression. It talks about thoughts, feelings and ideas. We are currently drafting different types of poems using the 5 senses and thinking about powerful words. Can’t wait to show you some of our poems when they are published.

In CBL we have been learning about culture and religion and how these two are different. Culture is the way a group of people behave, think and believe. It can include traditions, celebrations, sport, and foods.

In maths, we explored multiplication and all the different methods you can use to help you solve multiplication problems. Some examples are the lattice methods, array’s, repeated addition, algorithm, Japanese method and groups of. We have learned so many different strategies and are becoming masterminds with multiplication!

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Week 1

This week we have been learning about multiplication and lots of different strategies to help us. Some of us have used arrays, the lattice method, repeated addition, number lines, vertical multiplication and even the Japanese method.

This term our Big Idea is ‘Change’ and we have been learning and talking about culture. We brainstormed cultural practices we are a part of, such as soccer, church, sports, community places, and even food. We also explored different provocations including,  Australia and content puzzles, Indigenous Australian communities, Jeannie Baker books and Australian locations.


This term we have been reading the text ‘Frindle’. It is about a boy named Nick who changed the word pen to frindle with the help of other students and his English, teacher Mrs Granger.  At first, Mrs Granger didn’t like Nick and the other students using the word ‘frindle’ because it wasn’t in the dictionary and not a real word.  However, towards the end of the book, we found out that Mrs Granger was helping Nick all along.

Nick has power in the book because he made his own word and was determined to make a new word.

We recommend reading this book!


Book Week in 4E

This week we have been doing some fun activities related to book week. On Tuesday, the whole school got to dress up as their favorite book characters. Each year level held a parade to show off their amazing costumes. Can you guess some of the characters we came as?

On Wednesday we went on a treasure hunt with our buddies to find different treasures we have around the school. Some of the clues we had to find the treasure were;

  • A place that you can spend money.
  • Something that is made of wood and is a cylinder shape.
  • Something with a number on it. Something you can hang on

Some of the treasures were our school canteen, basketball courts, and even the monkey bars. It was really fun.


Lego Robotics with our buddies

With our buddies, we have been following the design process to solve the problems we see in the world around us.

We first needed to think of a problem and something we could create to solve the problem. Some of our ideas are:

  • A machine that can write for us to do our homework
  • A robot that has vacuum wheels and four arms that can move things to clean the house
  • A machine that has a fan to convert gas into oxygen

We then thought about what our robot would look like and created a plan to make the robot. We had to research to find out about how the lego robotics (WeDo 2.0) work and how we could use code to make our robot work and move.

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Visit from Adam Wallace

Today we had a visit from Australian author, Adam Wallace. He shared some of his books and together we used our imagination to share our ideas for his next book. He also talked about how we can use the power of our imagination.

He then talked about some of his amazing drawing techniques and challenged us to draw a cute panda in 30 seconds, using our opposite hands. Then he taught us how to draw a toilet pig. A toilet pig was first a toilet which turned into a pig. Each time he gave us instructions on how to draw the pig and the instructions rhymed!

In class, we were given time to continue with our amazing drawings and even turn it into a story.

Below are some pictures and a link to our twitter account if you would like to see some more pictures.

Skyping with Kids helpline

Today we skyped with a counsellor from kids helpline. Kids Helpline is a group of people that you can call and talk to if you have problems. They can help you with different problems by discussing them and ways to solve them.

The counsellor talked to us about healthy and unhealthy friendships and what empathy means. Empathy is when you can help someone when they need it. It is putting yourself in their position by thinking about how and why they might be feeling. A healthy friendship is when you care about each other and can play fairly. It is when you notice when they are upset and help them. An unhealthy friendship is when you are always fighting and don’t care about each other.

We also looked at some conflict resolution to help us with problems. We are going to be using the I feel…When… Can we talk about it? to help us with our problems. An example of this is I feel sad when you don’t let me play with you. Can we talk about this?




This term our big idea is “Power” and we have been exploring different pictures and videos that are powerful. We first had to think about what we thought power means and brainstormed some words that we connected to power. Some of the words we brainstormed were persuasion,  people, control, force, voice, words, kings and elements. We were then given photos of different people and had to think about if the person was powerful and how.

“One of the people we looked at was kid president and he is powerful because he makes motivational and positive speeches that can have power over people.” -Zain

“Another person that we thought was powerful was Mr Katsikapis because he has the power of control in the school and to keep it safe.” -Haydar

Discovery in 4E

In 4E we have been learning about different discoveries and scientist that have impacted our world. We all chose a scientific discovery we were interested in and were able to use keyword searches and paraphrase important information. 

We first had to think about the type and amount of information needed for our presentations and created a rubric to assess our work.


  • “I think a 3 star presentation will include lots of information that explains each idea in detail. It should have at least a page worth of information per paragraph,” Melissa.
  • “A one star presentation will have very little information and would be less than 1 minute,”Lucas.

Some facts we have learnt while researching are;

  • “Albert Einstein won a Nobel prize in 1921 for his work in physics,” Lucas.
  • “Cars were invented in 1985-1986, by Karl Benz,” Haydar.
  • “Penicillin was discovered in 1928 when Alexander Fleming came back from a break and found a mould that killed bacteria,” Zain and Abaan.
  • “Galileo discovered that the moon had mountains just like earth,” Melissa.