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Unexpected visitor

Hi everyone

This morning we had an unexpected visitor near our classroom. It was a small insect and at first some of us thought it was a grasshopper. We were so curious about what the insect was so we decided to research about it. We worked in pairs, first looking at pictures of different insects to find one that had some similarities. We think it is some sort of praying mantis, but we are unsure about which type it is.

“We think it is a mantidae because it has dots and skinny legs. It also has a fat body and green eyes” Lucas, Udjith and Mohamad.

“We predict that the insect is a teenager praying mantis because baby ones are very small and adult ones are very big” Sirat and Melissa

“We think the insect could be a Octospilota Praying Mantis because its skin is a very light brown which means it could be a baby and the Octospilota insects are very big even if they are a baby” Abaan and Zain.

“I think it might be a stick insect” Gisele.

Some facts we learnt when researching are,

-Stick insects can look like a tree, bush or and twig of a branch

-Praying Mantis have 4 legs and are camouflage in colou

Can you please help us to find out what insect we have living near our classroom.

Thank you,

From 4E


Our learning so far

In 4E we have been getting to know everyone in our learning community and thinking about what we want our learning community to look like. We have explored what a learning area should look like, sound like and feel like so that we can design a classroom where we can learn to the best of our ability. We worked in groups to design our classroom and then used teamwork to put it all together, making our new learning community!
We have also been exploring the school values, which are teamwork, responsibility, respect and achievement and what these might involve in our learning community. Below are some photos of our amazing work and showing our great teamwork skills!


Today is safer internet day, which is all about how we can make the internet a more respectful place. We were involved in a virtual classroom where we learned about how we can be safe and respectful online. We also made pledges to make the online community a more respectful place. We got to talk to different classes around the world, which was pretty awesome!

Every Monday we have year 4 Sport the sport we are playing this term is kickball. Kickball is a team game where we play against other classes and the aim is to kick the ball and try to make a home run without getting out.

Thanks for reading,

From 4E

Skyping a Scientist

In 4A and 4E we had the opportunity to skype a scientist. Before we skyped the scientist we had to find information about her job. We knew that she was a marine spatial ecologist that focuses on Gray whales. This means that she observes the food Gray whales eat and their behaviours when they find their food. We had to research information about her job and facts about Gray whales so we could ask her questions about her job.

When we skyped the scientist named Florence, we recorded key questions and notes to helps us learn more information about Gray whales and how this relates to biodiversity.

We used the information that we learned from the marine ecologist to write a persuasive or a information report in a group. We are using this information to help us understand biodiversity better and to help us with are solutions later on.

By Damla, Indiana and Tameka

Melbourne Zoo


In math’s we have also been looking at maps of the Melbourne zoo so we would be able to find our way around when we went to the zoo.  We were first given the challenge of writing directions to move around the enclosures. We were then given an ozobot and had to try to get the ozobot to move around the map of the zoo. We learnt that different colours mean different things. For example red means stop or slow.

Our trip to the zoo

On the 26th of October all the grade 4’s went on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. We first ate our lunch under the shade and listened to a story about two swans. Then we were given lanyards with a map of the zoo. We were given the task to visit our five local legends. Animal legends are endangered animals which people are trying to help.

We then were given time to walk around the zoo and see many different species and types of animals. One of the animals we learned about which was also a local legend was the Philippines crocodile. This crocodile is endangered because people were throwing dynamite in the water to catch fish.

While we were looking for our local legends we explored the other animals. Some of our favorites were; the Geckos, Snakes, Meer cats, Elephants, Giraffes and Platypus.

We found the zoo really interesting.

CBL in 4E

This term we have been learning about ‘Biodiversity’ and we have been exploring biomes. A biome is an area that is made of ecosystems, which includes animals and plants. There are 6 major biomes. These include; deserts, grasslands, forests, taiga, tundra and rain forest.

We have also been doing activities around the classroom about biodiversity and biomes. One of the activities was about food chains and words about biodiversity. The world activity involved a sheet with tons of words and some questions and the food-chain involved questions, books and QR codes to give us information about food chains. (Damla)

Here is a link to a video that helped us learn about biomes.

Some questions that we have are;

-Why is there different animals in different biomes?

-How do animals survive in the desert?

-Why are there different biomes?

Invention Convention

This term we have been exploring our curiosities by researching information about different inventions. We had to think of real word problems such as transportation, pushing a heaving trolley and not being able to take a trampoline with you. We used the design process to help us with solving these problems. We had to think of possible solutions and research how our inventions would work. We also created prototypes of our inventions using a website called tinkerCAD. Below are some of our invention groups.

Hover Scooter

Our group made a hover scooter.We made two prototypes of our invention and the first one was like a frisbee, the second was a big model that had most parts and looked like the plan. We also made 3 different books. 2 were explanations of how our scooter worked and the other one was about all the different types of hoverboards.

By Forest, ryan and Taylan

Jumping boots

Each group made an invention using teamwork. Our group made jumping boots so you can jump as high as a house, because you can’t travel with a trampoline. Other groups made cool inventions too. We have been working on this for 1 whole term.

By Ashlee, Adem, Indiana, Elyssa and Minoshee

Remote control trolley

My CBL group worked well with our invention called the Super Push-R or the SST (self steering trolley). We made a prototype with one shoe box, 4 pencils, foam wheels and lots of tape and an antenna. Our group did lots of research on controllers and how they work. We found out that radio waves are sent to the  car from the controller.

By Najib and Esther.

Trolley with fan

My group invented a trolley which moves by a fan, it also has wheels at the bottom to make it move.The problem is that when people go shopping and they have a heavy trolley it can be hard to push or people with broken arms can’t push trolley So that’s why our group decided to create a self moving trolley.

How it works:The fan works because the blades in the fan are connected to a battery creating an electrical current. This current is caused from the battery which connects to the DC motor. The blade is attached to the DC motor so the blade will spin and make the trolley move. To make our prototype we used a propeller for the fan, 2 pencils to hold the wheels, some foam for the wheels, wires to attach to the battery and the DC motor which made the propeller spin.

By Santhos, Akshat and Gurjas

Smart Desk

I made a smart desk because some people don’t have enough storage on their desks. I made this by researching materials desks are made out of and using this to help me think of what i would use for my desk. I also researched how wires and buttons work so then i would be able to explain how they would work in my desk.

From Mariam

Fold up trampoline

We made a fold up trampoline because we wanted to take trampolines and the fun with us. First we needed to make a design of what our invention would look like and a prototype of our invention. We had to find out what trampolines are made out of in order to be able to make our trampoline. This took us a long time because we had to measure and we needed a few materials.

By Damla and Camryn

Google door

In 4E we have made inventions to show our curiosity. My invention is a google door if you want to know how it works all you have to do is step on the pressure pad. Then the wires from the pressure pad will send electricity to the sensor which is at the top of the door. After that the sensor will sense a person on the pressure pad then the door will automatically open for the people that are standing on the pressure pad. We have also designed our invention’s on a website called tinkerCad. We even had to make books about our invention’s and how they work. The students also thought of something called the invention Convention where parents come in the year four’s classrooms and look at their designs and the year four’s have to tell them why they invented it and how it works.

By Jasper

Self Stering Bike

My groups problem was that my feet get tired when riding a bike, so we made an invention of a bike that has buttons and these buttons can do different things. One button is for go and the other one is to stop. There is also some other buttons which can do different things. For example folding and unfolding the umbrella. This bike also has an incredible fan and this fan can make you cool down in very hot places. First we had to draw a diagram of the bike including all the key parts such as an umbrella, fan, basket and the buttons.Then I wrote persuasive about my bike invention and when I finished my writing I drew a diagram and it was hard and I had to keep on drawing it which made me stressed. I did lots of research about bikes to help me think about how it would work.Then I finally made my prototype. At our convention we got really good feedback from people like : super cool job. Great job. Great work your bike looks cool. Love the bike. Good work girls. How did you make it? I love your design.

By Tameka and Dua


Our group made a tap that you pull something to make the tap turn on. We did this because it can sometimes be hard to turn taps on and off. We worked in a group of three research, plan and make our prototype.

By Bella, Shakira and Alvira


Classroom Library Challenge

In 4E, we have been creating google forms for the preps, grade1’s, grade2’s, grade3’s and 5/6’s so we can know which book to buy for those grades. From the information we collected we found that the grade 3’s like scary stories more than the other types of books. We looked at graphs to find out the information about the grades and what types of books they like. We looked at different books based on what grade we were looking at. We have also been looking at the book club catalogue to make the perfect library for each class.


By doing this, we learnt that;

  • some grades like things that we did not expect
  • how to make graphs on google sheets
  • some graphs can look the same even when they are a different types of graphs and this is because the information is the same


Book Week in 4E

This week it has been book week and today we got to dress up as our favourite book characters.  Some of our favourite characters in 4E were; Where’s wally, Sarah from ‘The way I love you’,  Stacy from ‘The secret ghost’, Harry Potter, Marvel and some different Disney characters.

In class we were given the challenge to use the book week theme ‘escape to everywhere’ to help us with ideas for our writing and different text types.

Below are some pictures of our costumes and the start of our writing pieces.

Maths Towns

In 4E we have been looking at houses and how towns are built. We looked at area and were given an area of 170cm squares, which scaled to 170m squares. We then made our blueprints by thinking about what we need in a house to survive. We had to find the area and perimeter of each room. Some of us worked by ourselves or in groups to have a larger area.

After we had drawn our blueprints, we learnt about nets to make 3D shapes. We then built our house by drawing the nets and drawing what it would look like on the inside. We then made a town by thinking about where our houses and roads would go and included some shops and parking lots.

After our town was constructed, we used the spheros to navigate through the town (spheros are robots which can be coded in different ways). It was a bit challenging to use the spheros because sometimes it was hard to tell where the front was and sometimes we put the wrong code in.

We also made persuasive advertisements by looking at and the features of a persuasive advertisement.

Some of us loved making the houses out of paper and using the spheros to go through our town.

Below are some picture and some of our writing

Persuasive advertisement

Flying the Drones!

On Tuesday our class flew some drones. Before we flew the drones, we watched a video to show us how to use them. We then wrote a procedure of how to fly them and included if statements if something went wrong. Everyone had a turn at flying the drones and we tried to take a picture to show us a bird’s eye view. This helped us with drawing our houses from a birds eye view.