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Classroom Library Challenge

In 4E, we have been creating google forms for the preps, grade1’s, grade2’s, grade3’s and 5/6’s so we can know which book to buy for those grades. From the information we collected we found that the grade 3’s like scary stories more than the other types of books. We looked at graphs to find out the information about the grades and what types of books they like. We looked at different books based on what grade we were looking at. We have also been looking at the book club catalogue to make the perfect library for each class.


By doing this, we learnt that;

  • some grades like things that we did not expect
  • how to make graphs on google sheets
  • some graphs can look the same even when they are a different types of graphs and this is because the information is the same


Book Week in 4E

This week it has been book week and today we got to dress up as our favourite book characters.  Some of our favourite characters in 4E were; Where’s wally, Sarah from ‘The way I love you’,  Stacy from ‘The secret ghost’, Harry Potter, Marvel and some different Disney characters.

In class we were given the challenge to use the book week theme ‘escape to everywhere’ to help us with ideas for our writing and different text types.

Below are some pictures of our costumes and the start of our writing pieces.

Maths Towns

In 4E we have been looking at houses and how towns are built. We looked at area and were given an area of 170cm squares, which scaled to 170m squares. We then made our blueprints by thinking about what we need in a house to survive. We had to find the area and perimeter of each room. Some of us worked by ourselves or in groups to have a larger area.

After we had drawn our blueprints, we learnt about nets to make 3D shapes. We then built our house by drawing the nets and drawing what it would look like on the inside. We then made a town by thinking about where our houses and roads would go and included some shops and parking lots.

After our town was constructed, we used the spheros to navigate through the town (spheros are robots which can be coded in different ways). It was a bit challenging to use the spheros because sometimes it was hard to tell where the front was and sometimes we put the wrong code in.

We also made persuasive advertisements by looking at and the features of a persuasive advertisement.

Some of us loved making the houses out of paper and using the spheros to go through our town.

Below are some picture and some of our writing

Persuasive advertisement

Flying the Drones!

On Tuesday our class flew some drones. Before we flew the drones, we watched a video to show us how to use them. We then wrote a procedure of how to fly them and included if statements if something went wrong. Everyone had a turn at flying the drones and we tried to take a picture to show us a bird’s eye view. This helped us with drawing our houses from a birds eye view.

Term 2 CBL

This term we have been exploring our classroom with some different questions, pictures and creations. We have been responding to these questions and prompts to discover more about our CBL topic. Some of these have made us think about the future and what kind of world we want to live in when we are older or now. They have also made us think about how people live in different countries and what is different around the world. This includes how students learn around the world and what they can use for their learning compared to ours. Some countries don’t have a TV or even tables because they might live in a poor country. We have some questions for you to help us find out what classrooms look like around the world or in the past.

What did your school look like in grade 4 and how old are you?
What country was your school in?
How far did you have to travel to get to school?

Below are some pictures to show you what we have been doing.

Thank you,
From 4E

CBL Solutions

In 4E we have been working towards our CBL solution to celebrate identity and culture. We first brainstormed our ideas and decided which idea we liked the most. We then split into different groups from the topics we wanted to take part in.

In our groups, we used an action canvas to show what we wanted to do and how we could do this. We found information about different cultures or different foods from different cultures by researching and using key word searches. When we found our information, we paraphrased it. This is when you find information and make it your own by writing it in your own words.

Some of us have been working really hard to create our products, which includes videos, games, recipe books and posters which include facts about different cultures and countries.
Below are some pictures of our work.

Bullying. No Way!

In 4E we were given a piece of paper and we thought of a time when others had hurt or bullied us and scrunched it or ripped it up showing how we felt when we were bullied. We then tried to fix it up by flattening it or sticking it back together. But it wouldnt be the same as before becasue when we have been bullied and some of it stays with us. The effects is still in our heart somewhere.

Coded hundreds activity

In 4E we have been learning about patterns. This involved looking at the hundreds charts. We were given parts of the hundreds chart and had to find the missing numbers. We had to use our problem solving strategies to find the missing numbers and our knowledge of the hundreds chart. We then were given a coded hundreds square, which we had to decode. We did this by finding the numbers that connected to the symbols. This involved looking for the patterns in the hundreds chart. For example looking at the amount of symbols told us how many digits were in the number. It was challenging for some kids because it involved figuring out where the codes belonged. Some of us loved this task because it was challenging.