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Discovery in 4C

Hello everyone! This is our first blog of the Term!

We have been learning about Discovery in CBL. First we drew what we thought a scientist was. A lot of our scientists in our drawings wore glasses, were boys and worked with chemicals and potions.

Yesterday we looked at different provocations for the areas of science we will be focusing on: Chemical, Biological, Geological and Physical Science.

Some of the activities included looking at videos, making land forms out of playdough, drawing the rest of the animal based on a biological feature and mixing common kitchen items together to predict and record what happened.

As we did the different activities we added our thoughts to our CBL journal on our iPads. We answered questions and wrote down our further wonderings.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to learning more about science this term!!



Term 1

Wow we can’t believe how fast the term went! It was an exhilarating term .

We learnt about community, different cultures and traditions and how we can build a community in our classroom. We used a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to evaluate our classroom. We now know what we need to work on for next term.

4C discussed and decided to change our learning space. We changed the library space, sanctuary and made sure we had group and independent learning spaces. Here’s our new layout:

Some of our highlights this term were Athletics Day, meeting our buddies, celebrating World Neighbour Day with different cultures food, getting to know each other and building our 4C community!!

Have a great holiday!! See you in Term 2!


Athletics Day

Wow we never knew Athletics Day was going to be this fun…and exhausting!!!

4C got to try a lot of fun new things such as hurdles, long jump, discus, 100m sprint, race walking, triple jump, baton relay, shot put and a few more!

My favourite sport was triple jump because I liked the hop skip part of the jump – Kate

I enjoyed hurdles because I liked jumping high – Inaya

I liked the 100m sprint because you can run really fast and it’s exciting – Simrat

I liked jumping triple jump because jumping in the sand felt nice and soft – Angel

At school we did a reflection about our favourite sports. Most people liked hurdles the best. We also were given “Well Done” ribbons for our achievements.

Athletics Day was so much fun that we wish we could do it again!


The Writing Process

In 4C we have been learning about the writing process. First in groups we looked at different samples and tried to figure out which stage they belonged to by discussing the features.

The stages of the writing process are:

  1. Writer’s Notebook
  2.  Planning
  3.  Drafting
  4. Revising
  5. Editing
  6. Buddy Conference
  7. Teacher Conference

Next in small groups we made computational thinking posters about the writing process. This required lots of group work and thinking. Here’s what we came up with:

We then voted on the display we liked best to have in the classroom.

Thank you for reading about 4C’s writing process. We look forward to writing this year!

4C’s Classroom Agreement

We have created our Classroom Agreement in 4C!! First we looked at our school values of Respect, Teamwork, Achievement and Responsibility.

Here we did an activity about how we can make respect grow in 4C:

We discussed our Positive School Wide Behaviours by making posters where we wrote how we can display behaviours around different areas of the school.

This helped us to create our classroom expectations. They were:

  • We will move if we get distracted
  • We will respect each other
  • We will show teamwork in the school community
  • We will take care of our and the school’s property
  • We will be responsible role models
  • We will never give up
  • We will try hard to achieve our goals
  • We listen to who is talking

This lead to creating our Classroom Agreement:

In 4C we are a community who shows all the school values by displaying respect to everyone, helping each other and never giving up in everything we do. We will show teamwork by including people and their ideas.

Thank you for reading. We hope to have a great year in 4C!!


Learning Environment

In 4C we looked at different types of classrooms and thought about how we learn best. Then we designed our classroom with a partner on a piece of paper and made sure to include quiet and group spaces. We presented our ideas and made a plan together that we agreed upon. Together we moved the furniture according to the plan.

Here’s what we came up with: