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Buddy survival!

Today we worked with our buddies to create different forms of shelter to assist with survival. All students put their creative minds together to construct different versions of shelter using only the material available in the play pod. Not only was this a creative learning experience but it also allowed students to develop their relationships with one another and have a good time ūüôā

3D and 1C

Behind the News

Each week our class watches the weekly BTN (Behind the News).

“It is important to watch the news so that we can learn about the issues and stories around he world.” -Briana

In last week’s episode the children learned:

“I learned that giving away blood can help the people who have cancer or any blood problems.” – Eeshal
“Buying stuff and throwing it outside in the public can hurt the environment.”

“I learned that O+ is the most popular blood type.” – Lucas

“One little kid is trying to save eagle hunting.” – Jason

“Pick your clothes wisely because you will damage the environment.” – Samia

Students also made connections to how the issues on the news linked to our CBL topic of survival.


Last week in CBL, our class explored the development of houses and power. All the students in our class were so focused and engaged in the learning task! Through this activity students were able to develop their problem solving skills and understand the importance of teamwork and communication to achieve a goal.

At the end of the lesson we reflected on our learning and discussed the purpose of the activity. These are the students’ responses:

CBL Solution

In Term 1, our class learned about the topic of ‘Identity’ in CBL. Our challenge was to ‘Celebrate culture and identity’ and as a class we agreed on a solution. The members of 3D have chosen to celebrate culture and identity by learning two dances from different countries; New Zealand and India. Each student researched the history of the specific dances of each country to learn and understand why they are important to their culture. The students worked together as a team to learn the movements to each dance. Through this experience the students were able to build communication and¬†leadership skills, and respect for each individual’s ideas and suggestions. Each student has worked very hard to learn these dances and have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about different cultures around the world. Please enjoy our class performance 😊


Today is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence!

In class we discussed the definition of ‘bullying’¬†and how it effects individuals both physically and mentally/emotionally. We watched a series of animated videos to help us further understand the different types of bullying and what we can do to help ourselves and others when it occurs.

In small groups our class created anti-bullying posters to show our understanding and thoughts about the ongoing issue of bullying.

Our class did a fantastic job! Here are a few group examples.

(Excuse the spelling mistakes, students still had great ideas 😊)

We are proud to Take a Stand Together 👫👭👬

Class of 3D 😀