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CBL Solution

As part of our CBL solution we have been counting the different types of rubbish we find in the school yard. We decided to have different categories to put the rubbish into to see what type is the biggest problem in our school. In one day we counted 202 ‘wrappers’ that were left out in the school yard. Imagine how much that would be in a week, a month, or even a year!

Our Rich Task

Students in Year 3 have been continuing to explore how sustainability affects our lives. They have looked closely at the sustainability problems that exist in the world and what initiatives have already been put in place.

“People aren’t reusing and recycling and they are destroying forests by chopping down too many trees.” -Youshia

Students have begun to think about how they can be sustainable in their own lives. They have used all of their experiences from this term to help guide them. They are specifically focusing on how they can make a positive impact in the world.

“I can help people not to litter and turn off the lights in my house when we’re not using them.”

“I will make sure we don’t leave taps running at home and always use a half flush.” -Taylor

In finding out how to be sustainable, students designed their own eco friendly homes and community buildings. They designed their buildings based off of the research they had done.

“I used solar panels because they get energy from the sun instead of the burning coal.” -Omid and Ranveer

Class Assembly

Thanks to all of the parents and students who came to our class assembly. We had so much fun! We have been practising very hard for a few weeks but it all paid off in the end. Congratulations to all of the students in 3A and 3E who put on a great performance.


We had so much fun playing with the parachute. Our buddies and us were swaying the parachute around and we had a ball in the middle.We had numbers and when Ms Smart called our number we had to run around the parachute.We had so much energy and it was super awesome.Everyone was having a blast. Then after we finished that game we had a little break then carried on.We had numbers again then when Ms Smart called our number we went under the parachute and had to find another spot that had a space.When we finished playing the games a lot of people were huffing and puffing. After our other break we went to our classroom and we got dismissed.

By Inaya and Clayton

A new thinking and reflection strategy

In 3A we have been trying out a new thinking and reflection strategy. It’s called Think, Pair, Square. How it works is:
A question or idea is posed
Think: Students think about the question posed. What is their viewpoint or idea?

Pair: Share views and ideas with a partner. Respond to partner’s views and ideas

Square: students form a group of four. All discuss views and ideas with each other. Respond and agree/disagree with what each other are saying.

Our adventure to meet an illustrator

On Wednesday the 1st of November the students in 3A went on an excursion to the Craigieburn Library. We were very lucky because we were given the opportunity to see a professional illustrator, Sue Degennaro. In the workshop she showed us how to draw a wombat carrying lots and lots of silly stuff. There was a TV, a tennis racquet, toothpaste(that was squirting out everywhere!), anddd toilet paper… which was coming from his trousers. Sue also told us to make our illustrations more interesting by not keeping everything in a straight line and being creative. We had so much fun and can’t wait to get better at drawing ourselves.

‘The trip was very enjoyable’ -Pranav
‘The illustrator was really nice and taught us how to draw’-John
‘The illustrator made us happy’ -Bilal
‘We learnt lots of cool techniques for drawing’ -Siddak

Written by 3A

Lava lamps

Another great term ended and we went out with a bang! This time it was lava lamps on the agender. Students have been waiting in anticipation to do this experiment for many weeks now and they weren’t disappointed. With just a few simple ingredients, oil, water, food colouring, and seltzer tablets, we were able to produce these colourful and interesting creations. Hopefully they didn’t make a mess back at home!

Buddies activity

Check out the latest (and greatest) buddy activity we did with 1I. Our goal was to build the tallest tower we could out of paper cups. There were many ups and downs, literally, but with the great teamwork that was displayed we managed some fantastic results! Thanks to Ms Smart for organising such a great activity. Everyone loved it.

Working together

An important skill is the ability to work with others. This translates from the classroom, in the playground and to home too. We focus on this everyday of every week and are proud of what we have been able to achieve. Working together often means we don’t get our own way or we have to be patient but we understand that the team is bigger than the individual. Here is a fun game we played, which highlighted the need to work with each other. Trying to do different things whilst stuck together wasn’t easy but it was a lot of fun!


Wow what a fantastic day it was. The students loved everything that Scienceworks had to offer. The lightning room was particularly exciting. Students were able to learn how different types of electricity work and then watched some live electricity in action! It was particularly loud and everyone had to cover their ears. The free roaming time was also a highlight. We got to roam around two fantastic galleries: ‘Think Ahead’ and ‘Sportsworks’. Students thoroughly enjoyed having the free choice and learning at their own pace. All in all it was a great day!