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Year 3 Sport: Dodgeball Competition

The Year 3 team has been engaged in a strong but friendly dodgeball competition. Over five weeks, classes are pitted against each other in a round robin style event with a finals week to follow. Teams have been faring very evenly with the exception of Ms Murray’s 3B class who have so far remained unbeaten. Will this continue into the last week? Could 3B remain undefeated throughout the finals series? These questions remain unanswered but one thing is for sure, it will take an almighty effort to overcome them.

Teachers have also been on the lookout for students who are best displaying the school values to win our prestigious Year 3 Sportspeople Award. One of the most sought after awards at ACPS there are only two students from each class that will win it. Past winners have moved onto many great things, namely Year 4. These students will be forever immortalised on a laminated plaque so they can be treasured forever. Good luck to all participants out there!

Craigieburn Library Visit

To celebrate our CBL solution being installed in the Craigieburn Library we went on an excursion there. The students were really excited to see what they had created being put in a public space. Once we got there the first thing we noticed was our solution at the reception desk. It looked amazing! There would have been over 300 contributions to it.

Meeting Josie, the Children’s Librarian, was fantastic and she showed us around the whole library. A highlight of the tour included seeing the mobile library and seeing the ‘floating room’ upstairs. We also did activities, read books, and even did a dance! It was so great to see the children really engaged in all of the books!

Year 3 Sport

During term 1 and 2 the Year 3s participated in a kickball tournament. Every class played each other once and then we had a finals series. All of the students displayed great sportsmanship and the school values throughout the competition. They learnt about working as a team, sharing in each other’s successes, and game specific skills. A sportsmanship award was given out to one student in every class. Well done to all of the classes and congratulations to 3A on becoming the champions! The results are as follows:
1st place: 3A
2nd place: 3F
3rd place: 3E

Flexible learning space

After the all of the NAPLAN tests we decided that they would like to rearrange our classroom. We decided to slit into groups and come up with some designs. Then we chose a few and voted on them. We chose the horshoe design because everyone could face each other and we felt like one big community. We also decided on standing tables and kneeling tables, to give us some flexibility on where we want to work at any given time.

CBL Solution Update

In 3A we have been working hard on coming up with a solution for our challenge ‘Celebrate Identity and Culture.’ As we have learnt throughout the term, the Australian identity is a mix of different people, so we wanted to celebrate the differences that our society has.

So here is our idea.
We are going to create some sort of installation, a giant board of sorts, to put up somewhere in a public (hopefully) space. On the board “Who Are You?” will be displayed and members of the general public can come up and write something about themselves. We are now in the planning stage and the class have split up into four groups to investigate how we approach each part of the solution.

The four groups are:
1. Working examples and introductory poster.
2. Materials, including cost, usability and appropriateness.
3. Where it can be set up.
4. Approval- who we need to ask.

You can see us working hard in our groups in the photos.

Mr Borrell

Buddy Editing

As part of the writing process, students in 3A have been learning how to buddy edit. They have been working very hard at giving each other constructive feedback and responding to it. This includes reading through a piece of work together, checking for punctuation, spelling and finding areas of improvement. They then leave a comment to reflect on. It’s great to see such good team work and taking ownership of one another’s learning.

Mr Borrell

Relaxation in the classroom

At the start of each morning we participate in a guided relaxation session. This helps us to calm down and be ready for the day ahead. Sometimes we use it at different times in the day, such as before a test or after lunch. We usually use a program called Smiling Mind or even make up our own script. Have a look at some of our photos below.




Sometimes in the classroom we do relaxation when we need to have a break from our work. We listen to relaxing music or listen to Smiling Mind.

“Relaxation helps me when I need to calm my heart down” Anthony