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4C’s Invention Convention

4C celebrated their CBL solutions with an Invention Convention showcase for parents, friends, and classmates.

On Thursday the 21st of September we had the Invention Convention. On this day we presented our inventions that we worked hard on throughout Term 3. We were really pleased from the results of the parents that had attended. A lot of people got really good feedback on their amazing inventions such as the Code Tracker, the Smart TV (updated version), the Vibration Chip and much much more. -Yas

Ava and Tenayah: Today we had our parents and buddies come in our classroom because of our invention convention to show our inventions we had lots of people ask questions and ask what our invention was we had and we were proud of our work I hope we could do this again.

Stella: First we had the invention convention which was amazing. We got parents to come over and look at all 11 groups to check out our inventions! After snack we did the same thing but with our buddies which was fun as well. Once the buddies left we did a reflection for the whole term from what we learnt.

Layla: The invention convention was amazing and exciting because so many people wanted to know about our invention and it was really fun. Next we did the same thing but with our buddies which was really exciting because we got to present to them and they learned something new. It was cool to see everyone in their footy team and all the colours. Today was an awesome day and I hope other days can be like this.

Ryan: I have made a invention called the cleaning robot. There were some parents who came in the classroom. They are seeing some inventions. They are asking questions.

Kashyap: I really enjoyed CBL this term especially because it was based around technology. Curiosity is a really open thing so it was very fun.

Anmol: We had our invention conversation, it went pretty well. It was an open morning for parents. The parents came in with the kids and… yay!

Josh: Today was the invention convention. I was nervous and thought that nobody would like my invention but a lot of people liked my invention. A lot of my friends’ parents said my invention was good and that it was a good idea.

Eliot: I think we have really done well with our curiosity journals and I’m proud of you all and have a good holidays and I also think I really learnt some research skills. Also I can think a lot better when I’m not distracted. When I was building my prototype, I had to build it three times and the third time I really felt proud of myself. Ms. Kingsley helped me with my final design so she deserves all the credit really. We all deserve credit for what we have done with our big idea and these journals have great covers and we all deserve praise and we’re all great students and sometimes we’re teachers to Ms. H.B and Ms. Kingsley!

4C Does Weeks 7 & 8!

Week 7 was Literacy and Numeracy week at ACPS, filled with exciting activities like coding, Bloxels, writing, and rich maths tasks. Week 8 was eSmart week, which was also packed with activities for our students to learn about being safe online.

Literacy & Numeracy Week: Choose Your Own Adventure
This is me, Rivindu, and Adriano’s Choose Your Own Adventure story. It was a really fun time making this book but there is still more pages to come I tried to work on the book as much as I can and I hope as I continue it will succeed. – Hassan

Literacy & Numeracy Week: Maths Rich Task
Students were challenged to survey their peers on reading preferences, interpret the data and identify the right text types, then select the books from a catalogue for a new classroom library–all within the budget of $300! Finally, students created a catalogue with a summary of their chosen texts. Everyone was very immersed and came up with some great results!

eSmart Week (Week 8)
We watched videos and movies about these kids who were giving away their personal information, like one them gave away their personal information and told his friend but it was really a 37-year-old man. In other one this girl wanted to download an app called quickpick like Facebook and her friend posted a photo of her spilling water on herself and it got shared around and she got really embarrassed.
We learnt never give away personal information about yourself online—your birthday, where you live, your address. You could also get hacked.
You will kidnapped and if you give some of your personal information the people can rob your house. – Taleisha, Ryan & Eliot

Puppy Visit
On the 8th of September, Friday, we heard a sound when we came inside the classroom. It was the sound of a puppy! We all rushed into the classroom to see. The puppy was a Shetland Sheepdog. Our teacher Mrs. Hall-Bowden had owned the puppy for only a week. Its name was Pàdraig. He is so adorable. We all wrote an information report about Shetland Sheepdogs, we summarised an information report that Mrs. Hall-Bowden wrote. We all had so much fun! -Mahrosh, Riley, Tenayah

On Friday morning Mrs H.B. brought her puppy in the class and it was so cute. He was so playful. We had a lot of fun playing with him his name was Pàdraig. Everyone was taking so many photos of him. His breed is Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) – Jake & Anmol