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The 3E Community

Each Monday morning we have a Community Meeting in which we reflect on the previous week. We read our Community Agreement, discuss what is going well and what needs to be improved on, as well as celebrate each others’ achievements. Each week we come up with a Community Goal. We have noticed recently that our noise level has been getting high when we are working which has made it difficult for some of us to focus during  learning tasks. So this week our goal is to whisper at our tables so that we can concentrate on our work. On Friday we will reflect on how we are going on this goal and decide whether we have achieved it or need to work on it for another week. 

Fractions in 3E

This week we have started looking at fractions in Maths. We now know that fractions are equal parts of a whole. We have made fraction posters of ‘fractions’ and ‘not fractions’ to help us understand this. We have also used the halving strategy to halve a variety of different wholes. Stay tuned… We will be learning lots more about fractions over the next few weeks!


The Pond Cleaners

In CBL the Sustainable Development Goal we are focusing on is Life Below Water. Our solution is to clean the school pond every Wednesday and Thursday, to save the living creatures in it. Every Wednesday and Thursday we will go to the pond to see if it is nice and clean. We want to keep our precious pond clean forever and we want to keep the tadpoles that live in the pond alive! So please help us keep our pond clean by not throwing rubbish in it!

The Pond Cleaners

(Nayonika, Anna, Insia, Nathan, Adit, Aadya, Charli, Jenna and Emily)

Should we be using renewable energy?

This week we have been learning about renewable energy. We have learnt that renewable energy is powered by sources that don’t run out like sunlight, water and wind. On Thursday we watched a BTN clip on renewable energy and read comments that children had written in an online forum in response to the clip. We then thought about our own opinions on the use of renewable energy. Using the persuasive techniques we had learnt, we created our own opinion pieces on this issue. Here are some examples:

In my opinion I think all of the world must use renewable energy. Coal will make greenhouse gases and pollute the entire universe. Only a fool would want to pollute the the universe and make green house gases. It will also kill our animals. So if you don’t want to kill our precious animals, use renewable energy. For the good of the world we must all use renewable energy. If you’re not going to use renewable energy who is? – Will and Zion

In our opinion, we must use renewable energy. If we use coal it will be harmful for
our planet and cause pollution. Coal will run out if we use too much and we won’t have any for later. Animals will die because burnt coal will produce smoke which will kill our animals.
It will also cause bad health for others and will have a harmful effect on our amazing planet. – Anuk and Kanav

Why use dirty black coal when you can use clean energy like solar energy, hydro energy and wind energy? My opinion is we must use renewable energy rather then coal. So save the earth from climate change and chemicals. Only a fool would use coal! – Aum and Valentine
In my opinion Australia must use renewable energy because it is sustainable for our future. This won’t harm our environment. The government must donate money to create renewable energy. Just think of the innocent Animals which suffocate from burning coal, it will be better if we use other techniques. – Anna and Insia


3E’s Week of Learning!

This week we have been doing lots of fun things in 3E!


In Maths, we have been looking at adding tens, hundreds and thousands together. On Monday, we made a grid with different numbers on it. We then rolled a dice. The number on the dice told us how many numbers we had to add together in our grid. We coded the Beebot to move over these numbers and then added them together, either in our head or on paper.


In Reading, we have been learning about persuasive techniques. In the last few weeks, we have read many opinion texts, watched TV advertisements and have analysed a variety of different persuasive posters.


This week we have been writing our own persuasive text. On Thursday, we got into groups and had to prepare a presentation to convince Miss Ashby why our group deserved 10 minutes of free time. Many of the groups included inclusive language, high modality verbs and interesting words in their presentation. Congratulations to Keiana, Batu and Anna for being the most persuasive group and winning 10 minutes of free time!

Taking a Stand!

Today is National Day of Action against Violence and Bullying. It is a special day that is trying to stop bullying from happening. This morning, we thought about a time when someone had bullied us or a time when we had bullied someone and how it made us feel. We also wore special wristbands to remind us to stand up and speak up for ourselves when bullying is happening. Here are some of the posters we made to help with this stand!

Anna and Insia


Emotional Literacies in 3E

This term we have been looking at different emotions to describe how we are feeling. Each week we have read a picture book and then identified the main emotion in that book. We have then worked in groups to find synonyms for that emotion, using a Thesaurus. This has helped us learn many new words to describe how we are feeling.