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3E’s Week of Learning!

This week we have been doing lots of fun things in 3E!


In Maths, we have been looking at adding tens, hundreds and thousands together. On Monday, we made a grid with different numbers on it. We then rolled a dice. The number on the dice told us how many numbers we had to add together in our grid. We coded the Beebot to move over these numbers and then added them together, either in our head or on paper.


In Reading, we have been learning about persuasive techniques. In the last few weeks, we have read many opinion texts, watched TV advertisements and have analysed a variety of different persuasive posters.


This week we have been writing our own persuasive text. On Thursday, we got into groups and had to prepare a presentation to convince Miss Ashby why our group deserved 10 minutes of free time. Many of the groups included inclusive language, high modality verbs and interesting words in their presentation. Congratulations to Keiana, Batu and Anna for being the most persuasive group and winning 10 minutes of free time!

Taking a Stand!

Today is National Day of Action against Violence and Bullying. It is a special day that is trying to stop bullying from happening. This morning, we thought about a time when someone had bullied us or a time when we had bullied someone and how it made us feel. We also wore special wristbands to remind us to stand up and speak up for ourselves when bullying is happening. Here are some of the posters we made to help with this stand!

Anna and Insia


Emotional Literacies in 3E

This term we have been looking at different emotions to describe how we are feeling. Each week we have read a picture book and then identified the main emotion in that book. We have then worked in groups to find synonyms for that emotion, using a Thesaurus. This has helped us learn many new words to describe how we are feeling.

Olympics in 3C!

Over the past week we have been getting in the Olympic spirit by watching the Olympics, keeping track of the medal tally for some chosen countries and participating in the ACPS Olympic Challenge. Today the ACPS Olympic Challenge involved us competing in some class relays. We did running relays, jumping relays, skipping relays and hopping relays!


Meet and Greet with North Melbourne Football Club Players

On Tuesday at 10AM we had a PE session with North Melbourne footy players. We played Rock, Papers, Scissors Train. We also got to be partners with the players. Also we played Rucks and Rovers and First to Footy. The players names were: Aaron, Luke and Ben. At the end we got to get pictures and ask questions, we also got some signatures.

By Priyanka, Gunny, Santhos and Tanvir

Football Photos

football 3



Over the last two weeks we have been researching a famous discovery of our choice. In groups, we researched our chosen discovery using the internet, and put the information we found into our own words. We then created a digital product of our research which we presented to our peers.

Through our research we have discovered the following things….

We have discovered pencils. There are lots of different pencils. Also, the pencil was discovered by Conrad Gessner – Gunny, Tameka, Camryn, Olivia

We have discovered that metal is made from earth ore and is found underground – Santhos, Ova, Taylan, Andrew

We have discovered clothes were made 170,000 years ago. Also we have discovered Hadley Freeman discovered clothes – Priyanka, Eesha, Rosalina, Dua

We have discovered there have been sightings of aliens and the first UFO was discovered by David – Akshat, Tayfun, Najib, Hendrix

We discovered the first soccer ball was discovered by Charles. It was discovered in 1855 – Dante, Winkle, Emma, Nada, Eren

We have discovered Coca-cola was made in 1886. It was made in Jacob’s Pharmacy – Angie, Gizelle, Chloe, Damla