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Looking at the Learning Pit

We read a book called The Dot by Peter H Reynolds. The main character is a girl who does not like Art class because she does not think she can draw well. Her teacher asks her to draw a dot on the page and the next class the girl sees her dot drawing is framed and on the wall. The girl thinks that she can do better and keeps practising until she improves.

After reading the story, we thought about what the main character felt at different stages of the book. As we talked, Ms Huntly recorded our thinking on the board. We realised the girl was feeling very low at the start of the book and was feeling frustrated, negative and sad. But by the end of the book she was feeling confident, happy, excited and felt she could help others with their drawing because she knew what to do. This was because she had started in the “Learning Pit” and by the end of the book had climbed out of the pit by practising and continuing to try.

Ms Huntly then asked us to make connections to when we have felt like we are in a Learning Pit. We realised that we don’t start in the Pit – there is a moment before when we have our first try or begin to learn something new. We might be excited or confident to start but if it becomes hard or difficult then we might find ourselves in the Pit. Our class Learning Pit looked like this at the end of our session:


It is important that when we feel we are in the Learning Pit that we don’t give up. We will feel down and frustrated and annoyed but we need to keep asking for help, practising and trying to stay positive so we can climb out of the Learning Pit and back to the level ground where we are confident with what we know.

Here are some of our personal Learning Pits we recorded in our Learning Journals to remind us to keep trying and stay positive:

When have you found yourself in a Learning Pit? Share your moments with us in the comments!

~ 4D

Using Twitter to find answers

On Wednesday 21 February our class had an awesome visitor on our door handle! There was a green stick insect sitting above the handle for the morning and we were very interested to find out about it! Like Ms Bell’s class last week, we wanted to know what type of insect it was and why we were seeing so many of them around our classrooms.

Alycia used her iPad and looked at different pictures of insects like the grasshopper and mantis but these did not seem to match our visitor. We talked about who might be able to help us with our questions and thought that the Zoo or the Museum may be places that could tell us what insect it was.

We thought we could write a letter but that would take a while to get a response. So Ms Huntly introduced us to Twitter and we sent the Melbourne Zoo and Melbourne Museum our questions along with a great picture that Jessica took of the insect:

We were very excited when Melbourne Zoo tweeted back to us within the hour! They said they would check with their team and get back to us. By the end of the day they had responded with the following information:

Melbourne Museum retweeted our tweet to their Ask Museums Victoria team who told us their entomologist team would respond quickly. A new word for our word wall –> ENTOMOLOGIST means someone who studies insects!

The AskMV “ento-folk” tweeted this reply to us on Friday and included a link to more information:

What was even more interesting for us was we had someone from Geelong tweet us with some information because they had seen our tweet to the Zoo and Museum! Jade Craven was nice enough to give us some pointers on taking pictures of insects to help us find out what type they are:

We made sure we thanked her for her tweet and her help as well!

Using Twitter was a great way to get information quickly from experts and they responded very fast! Thanks to the Melbourne Zoo and the Ask Museums Victoria teams for responding to our questions! We now know that it is a type of mantis and will keep an eye out for another visitor!

Have you seen any insects like our visitor around the school? Have you used Twitter to ask an expert a question? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

~ 4D


Designing our learning space

This week we spent time thinking about what we need to learn best. We talked about what a positive classroom looks like, sounds like and feels like before working in groups to design a learning space we felt would work best. After we presented them to the class, we voted on which one would be put into action. The architects of the winning design became our Project Managers and directed and helped us to move the furniture around into this new design.

The new learning space has lots of different sizes of tables for us to work at with chairs or cushions to sit on. Our TV is also positioned in the middle of the room facing the whiteboard which is a bit different to what all of us have had before!

Check out our new learning space design in the pictures below:

What do you think of our learning space? Would there be a favourite learning area for you?

Please leave a comment!

~ 4D

Safer Internet Day

Welcome to 4D’s first blog post for the year! Today was Safer Internet Day and we spent our learning time talking and thinking about how we can be respectful online.

In the morning we went on a video call with Kids HelpLine. Georgia from Kids HelpLine @ School spoke with us about what she did there and we asked some questions about Kids HelpLine and found out how they can help us if we need support. Then we talked about how we can be respectful to people when we are on the internet. We learnt about cyber bullying and that it is bad. We watched some videos that told us detail about cyberbullying and why we don’t do it.

We used Padlet to brainstorm some ideas on how we can be respectful online. The book we read during lunch was called “The Internet is like a puddle” and compared the internet to a puddle. We then made a Y chart and thought of ways we can be respectful online. We had to record what respect online looked like, felt like and sounded like – a lot of our ideas linked together! Have a look:


We also made our own pledges and promised to be respectful and safe online. We decided we would be positive and kind to others with our comments, we will always use manners to each other and we would not make fun of people or their photos online.

How are you respectful to others when you are online? Will you pledge to be respectful with us? Write your pledge below!

Come back and say hi again!

~ 4D

Haiku Poems

We have been learning about poetry over the last month and today we focussed on haiku poems. These are poems with 3 lines – 5 syllables in the first, 7 syllables in the second and 5 syllables in the third line.

We found them both easy and hard to write! They are easy because they can be about anything, they are only three lines, they don’t have to rhyme and there is a pattern to follow. But they can be hard to write because you have to find the right number of syllables in a line to fit! This might mean you have to change a word or words to make sense.

Here are some of our haiku poems that were written today by our class:

Happy New Year!

Best party ever

Fireworks are coming out

It is the best day!

  • Ranveer, Senitha, Akasdeep


Christmas Time

A girl loved Christmas

One day she woke up to gifts

And opened them all!

  • Lola, Gurnoor, Selena


Hungry Me

I ate some chippes

The bird came and stole my chips

I am sad right now

  • Emrys, Omid, Youshia


Angry Bird

The bird is angry

The bird squawking at me

It stole my cookie

  • Emrys, Omid, Youshia



I want ice cream now

Can i make it to the store?

The store is now closed

  • Emrys, Omid, Youshia



Staying up too late

Getting lots of presents

Having too much fun

  • Taylor, Aaliyah K, Hazal



Driving in our car

My feet are sinking in the sand

Going home now, no!

  • Taylor, Aaliyah K, Hazal



A place of fun

With laughter and cheer

Filled with all your friends

  • Sirat



So much caring

So much teamwork and respect

You make me smile

  • Sirat


Boom Beach

Boom Beach is so much fun

But the internet cut out

Tomorrow I’ll play

  • Josh, Fadi, Eliah
Have you ever tried to write a haiku? Have a go and let us know how you went! We would love to read your haiku!

~ 3C

Our Pen Pals Came To Visit!

Our pen pals came to visit today all the way from Korumburra! That is over two hours away. We went to visit them in Week 3 this term and today they were able to come and visit us!

They arrived just after our lunchtime and after they had eaten lunch we had a quick play and chat with them. Then we took them in groups on a tour of the school. We showed them all over – the oval, playgrounds, gym, Prep and Year 1 areas, library, Art rooms and even the pond! We took photos of us and our pen pals together around the school.

When we had done that we had more time to play and hang out with our pen pals. Some people played soccer and some played on the spider playground. Other people stayed inside and played some board games like charades and HeadBandz. They had a lot of fun seeing how big our school is and we had a lot of fun showing them!

They had to leave at 1pm which was sad. We wanted them to stay longer! We spent the afternoon putting together some videos of our photos taken so we can share them with our pen pals.

Here are our video memories we made for our pen pals:

We have enjoyed having pen pals this year! It has been so much fun to learn about another school and meet new people.

~ 3C

Sustainable Community

We have been learning about sustainability this term as our CBL Big Idea. We are using our new learning about how to be sustainable in our rich task.

We were able to choose to be an Architect, a Community Council Builder or an Environmental Educator. Together we are designing and creating a sustainable model community. Architects and Community Builders are designing sustainable buildings or community areas while the Educators are creating information presentations to share with people why our community should be sustainable. 

We have learnt about solar panels and other energy saving options such as building materials, paint colours and reusing water in different ways.

Our community will have houses with solar panels, water tanks, vegetable gardens and other sustainable ideas. A park, library, hospital, water park and swimming pool will also be included in our community.

We are almost complete with our buildings and will be preparing for a Community Showcase soon. Keep an eye out for more details!

Here are some pictures of our community being designed and created by us these last few weeks:

Does your house have any sustainable features?

Learning Reflections

There has been a lot going on in 3C lately! Here are some reflections on what has been happening:

We did measurement and time this week. We had fairy bread from Emrys because it is National Fairy Bread Day! We have been learning cricket in PE as well. – Akasdeep

In PE we played Pacman. In Pacman you need to stay on the lines and everybody is IT. We were using hockey sticks. We used tennis balls with the hockey sticks to pass each other. – Youshia and Senitha

Our library visit was great. We went to the library and all got fantastic books. We all got one or two books each. I got Transylvania and Edinburgh Castle. They are both scary books. – Taylor

In Maths this week we are learning about time. Time is more than what you see on your clock. One analogue clocks you say quarter past, quarter to. We also had time equations that we had to do on Showbie and made a poster on what time is. – Harjas

We made sustainable houses because we are learning about sustainability. We are making our house sustainable by putting a vegetable garden in the backyard and a pool. We are also recycling our water. – Angel, Jett

Today we did problem solving and it was really challenging. The harder maths was sooo hard! I couldn’t solve all the problems. I found the question working out hard. – Eliah

On Thursday we had a buddy session with our Year 1 buddies. Our buddy grade is 1J. We took games and colouring to do there because we were all tired and hot from snack. We needed to do some mindfulness activities! I bought charades and we played it for the hour. It was so much FUN! – Aaliyah A

On Thursday we had a buddy session. It was so hot we had to stay inside. -Fadi

In CBL we are looking at what would make a sustainable community. Architects are making houses, the Community Council are building community areas and the Community Educators are explaining to people why we are doing it. We are up to the building stage. I am having a lot of fun and I think everyone is too. – L.M.

I enjoy PE. What we are doing is a rich task with 3A and 3E. We are trying to save the environment. My groups is making a park with trees to make more air. Our park will have shops, pool, cubby houses and animals. – Hazal

Today I ate special fairy bread that Emrys gave us because it is National Fairy Bread Day! I also had Easter Eggs that Aaliyah K give us because they were left overs. It was delicious and tasty because the fairy bread sprinkles were sweet. – Ranveer

This week I celebrated National Fairy Bread Day. we went to the library and borrowed some cool books. Some people borrowed scary books. We are doing a rich task where we have to make a 3D model of a sustainable house. My group’s house has wind mills and solar panels. – Emrys

This week was good because we are making sustainable houses for CBL. My group is designing a house with a pool, water tanks and solar panels. – Zaive

Yesterday we had a really fun buddy session. We got to do colouring, board games and play play doh. We did these activities because they were calming activities. My favourite part was when we were playing charades. – Aaliyah K

Friday 24th November is National Fairy Bread Day. We had fairy bread for lunch. We also went to the library for our last time in Year 3 and borrowed books for an hour. Yesterday we saw our buddies and we played some games. This week we problem solved and had to make a sustainable house that was 3D. – Josh

We had buddies. This buddy session was calm. People chose to play board games, colour and read. My buddy and I chose to play charades. It’s a very fun game. It was a pretty fun buddy session! – Gurnoor

Today is National Fairy Bread Day. One of our classmates handed fairy bread out today. He said to think which fairy made the sprinkles we were eating. The fairy bread was delicious! – S.S.

As you can tell we have had some great moments this week! Look out for more details about our CBL sustainability rich task and other learning next week!