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Week 8 – Reflections


On Monday we changed our class goal. Our new class goal is we will get along to get the job done. That means get the job done and work as  a team. We agreed that will be our goal, we will do this by respecting each other and returning property. – Y.K & A.B

We looked at our digital footprint and thought of ways to stay safe on the internet we learnt alot about cyber safety.-

Tuesday we made cyber safety videos to deliver a message about being safe online. We worked in groups and each covered a different area such as scamming, privacy, cyber bullying and so much more. -E.M, J.A & Z.C

Hi our names are Lola and Aaliyah.k and our buddy class had a red timetable assembly to attend.To watch the 1/2s and preps perform.we went to remind them of respectful when the classes are performing.-L.M and A.K

Throughout the week we have learnt about QAR, we made a song and this is how it go’s. Question, Answer, Relationship…Right there…stop, think, search…author and me…on my own, we added actions to it as well.   We read two stories and answered some different questions, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!- A.A

Our class started brainstorming some inventions this week, we watched little big ideas and kid inventions, this inspired us. We have started planning our ideas and next week we can make a blueprint. -A.A & G.O

For e-Smart week this week we worked with bloxels, we created our own e-smart hero and wrote up his characteristics and related them to the school values, we were having so much fun we didn’t want to stop. -A.Z & F.H

Today we had a prompt about what we are curious about in write on time people had great ideas! There were some like something is better than that, we convinced our teachers.-G.K and H.O

We hope you all had a great week- 3C




Last Thursday we explored static electricity with 3A. We talked about conductors of electricity along with positive and negative atoms, we learnt about static electricity at our science works excursion. Some of us experimented with Ballons and salt, we wanted to see if we could create  a reaction and guess what? it worked the salt was attracted to the ballon. Some of us also experimented with aluminium foil and that worked as well.

We needed to make predications about the experiments before we conducted them, after our predictions we got to experiment and make observations about what happened, we then provided an explanation and documented our findings on our Ipads.

Would you like to give static electricity a try?

Thank you for reading


Fluency Read Aloud

We have been practising our fluency as part of our Literacy the last two weeks. Fluency means how you read out loud and includes your pace when reading and the expression in your voice you use.

Here is one of our classmates reading a picture fiction book called “Falcon”. He recorded himself reading this book and tested a new microphone system for Ms Huntly at the same time!

We self assess our own fluency in class using a rubric we created together:

How do fluently do you think he is reading?

Enjoy listening!

~ 3C

Weekly Reflection


This week we started Junior master chef, each of us had to choose a recipe from a country we were curious about or a country we were from. We wrote up the recipe and had to make sure it served at least 4 people. We then needed to list the ingredients, we needed at least 5 ingredients and had to find them on the Coles website. – AA, LM & TS

We had a fathers day stall this week where we got to go and get presents for our Dads, we think they will be happy with their gifts. -GO & JM

On Thursday we went to 3A’s classroom to explore static electricity. We paired up and started to experiment, we had to use apps on our Ipad and set our pages out with predictions, observations and explanations. Some of us rubbed the ballon on our hair  and others did it on a cloth we then wanted to see if it would attract the salt nd foil, it did! – HS  &  YK

We finished Diary of a wimpy kid. Some of us would like to read part 2 but we voted and are now started Harry Potter. Diary of the wimpy kid was funny , the part with the cheese was disgusting on the basketball court. It took weeks to complete the book, the book was really funny.

On the 1st of September we did problem solving. We had to underline key words in order to solve the problems. -JA & ZC

On Friday we got to look at positive and negative emotions. We had a session where we had to put negative and positive emotions, we traced a person on one side we had negative emotions and the other was positive for in the classroom and the playground. We had high level answers like ecstatic and fuming. Some of us got to share our posters and others kept it to themselves which is fine. -OA & ER

This week we did readers theatre, it was fun. readers theatre is a play where we don’t need to remember the lines and do actions, it’s all about expression! and having fun. We use our team work skills and sow each other respect by listening to out class mates. Do you want to try readers theatre? – SS

  • 3C

ScienceWorks Excursion

Last Friday we went to ScienceWorks. The bus trip was probably 45 minutes long. My favourite rooms were the Lightning and Science rooms. The Lightning room had a show in it and lots of experiments. The Science room had a couple of things. Finally the Sports room had a couple of games and exercises. The playground had lots of things. I also climbed trees. It was exhausting and fun. – SS

On Friday 25th August we went to ScienceWorks. It was fun. My favourite part was the drive back to school. – EM

On Friday 25th August we went on an excursion to ScienceWorks. Lola’s favourite part was the Lightning room. It wasn’t a room where you looked at objects, it was a show. Aaliyah’s favourite part was the Lightning room also. It was amazing and Lola’s hair was unbelievable. While we were there our friend Taylor was on holiday in Queensland. – AK, LM

On Friday 25th August 3C, 3A and 3E went to ScienceWorks. In my opinion we had so much fun. I wish that we could go back soon. My friends and I made a program and we had to see who could go to the highest level when we were climbing the trees. – SJ

On Friday 25th August 3C, 3A and 3E went on an excursion to ScienceWorks. We went in the Lightning room and Phil turned the lights off and the lightning came out of nowhere. That was my favourite part. – OA, FH

I also liked the Lightning room. It was really fun. I had never seen real lightning before in my whole life. – HO

On Friday August 25th 3C, 3E and 3A went on an excursion to ScienceWorks. It was a really long way on the bus but when we got there we put our bags on a trolley and went to the lightning room. After that we had lunch and went to see the science exhibit. – HS

There was magic tricks and lightning and balloons and the fun thing was watching lightning. It was dark. – GO

On August 25th we went to ScienceWorks. I really enjoyed going there. They had a lightning room where there was real lightning. Wow! It was very fun going to ScienceWorks. – GK

I had fun at ScienceWorks. My favourite thing at ScienceWorks was the magic door. – AB

At ScienceWorks we had the racing track and I had a draw with Senitha. We also went to the feeling room and I felt weird when Harjas pressed a lot of buttons. In the Lightning room I opened my ears a little when I saw the lightning and it was really loud. – RS

At ScienceWorks we went to the Lightning room first. It was really dark and loud. When Phil turned the lights off, lightning came. It was so cool! – A.Am

At ScienceWorks we went in the Lightning room. At the end there was a lightning show. After that we had to go eat lunch. – SR, YK

On Friday August 25th, we went to ScienceWorks. Some of the things that were there were running races, visual soccer and the really cool thing there was a Lightning room and they used real lightning. We were safe because the lightning was in a big cage. We also had a rock climbing wall and there was a magic door that spun around and you went to another area. I also really liked the bike with the flying skeleton. – A.Ak

On Friday 25th August we went to ScienceWorks. In the building there was a build a car space and outside there was a yellow door room that was an old coal mining spot. – JA

While we were at Scienceworks, one of our classmates was in Queensland having lots of fun!…………

Me and my brother were in the pool for pretty much the whole day except for when we had breakfast, lunch and dinner. We went on a waterslide that leads into the pool. I went on it so many times! – TS


What have we been doing in Week 5?

We have been working so hard in 3C lately! It is halfway through the term and we thought we would share what has been going on in our room this week. Here are some important points we remembered when we thought about our week:

Ms Anderson Welcome

We got a new visitor this week. Ms Huntly told us her name is Ms Anderson and that she is training to become a teacher. She is in her final year of university. –


We were reading our information books (non fiction books). We went looking for facts and opinions. A fact is a thing that can be found or proved. An opinion is something that a person says or believes. – GO

We have been practising our own reading goals on the CAFE wall. We read any types of books to practise our goal. We then reflect on how we are practising our goals. – GK


This week we were learning about information reports. Ms Huntly wrote one on netball. It is important to learn about information reports because it can help us write and read. – EM, AA

Our writing expectations for the term are to publish three pieces of writing. One information report, one narrative and one of our own choice. – RS

When we write we need to revise and edit. You have to reread your story to check for capital letters. We can change words for synonyms and add more details to our story. – SR


We have been learning about fractions, multiplication and problem solving. We have been practising and then using this in problem solving. We have learnt new things this week. – OA

I add improper fractions to get a mixed number. It can come in handy. It is fun to learn and it can’t be forgotten. – ER

Connecting online

Today we made at least one comment on a class blog from our school. It was super cool! – ZC

On Padlet we were writing to our penpals in Korumburra. You had to at least have one comment so our penpals had something to read. It was a lot of fun. You should try Padlet yourself! – JA

We listened to space scientists about space online with lots of other schools. There was lots of information about different things. We are curious about space. – HO, AK


Last week and this week we went to 3A and watched some magic tricks (aka science tricks). After that we practised some tricks and made procedures about them. Before the lesson, Mr Borrell did a trick with a card and most people knew how it was done. – HS

Specialist classes

In Week 5 we have been having fun in Specialist sessions. In Performing Arts we finished a whole dance. In PE we were practising our footy skills. In Spanish we were reading over our class agreement and filling in our puzzle sheet. In Art we are finishing our totem poles. – TS, FH


This week we had dodgeball finals. All the scores were very close. We were against Ms Ashby, Mr Borrell, Ms Kichakov, Ms Mayor and Ms Murray. All the classes did a great job in the last round. The final results were:

  1. Ms Murray 3B
  2. Ms Ashby 3E
  3. Ms Huntly 3C (us!)
  4. Ms Kichakov 3F
  5. Ms Mayor 3D
  6. Mr Borrell 3A

Our week has been so busy! We are looking forward to the next few weeks – BOOK WEEK, Literacy/Numeracy Week and eSmart Week!

Let us know what you have been learning this week.

~ 3C


3C Spanish

In 3C in Spanish we learnt that the top 3 languages spoken in the whole world are Mandarin, Spanish and English. It is exciting to be learning one of the top 3 languages and knowing one of the top 3 languages.

– RS

Space video call

3C and 400 other classes were talking to space scientists about space. It was super interesting. They answered some questions from different schools. One of them said information about black holes and loads more other questions. Aaliyah and Lola want to learn more.

– LM, AK


Hi, I am Ms Anderson. I am in the last year of my teaching degree and have been fortunate enough to have my final teaching placement at Aitken Creek Primary. I will be with Ms Huntly and 3C for the remainder of Term 3. I look forward to getting to know the Aitken Creek community.


What are we curious about?

Being curious is being eager to know or learn something. We can be curious by asking questions or coming up with ideas about things.

We have created a Curiosity journal this term and we are recording any wonderings we have and investigating answers for the questions we want answers to. We also have a class Wonder Wall where we can add questions for the whole class. We will spend time investigating these and finding answers just like we do with our personal questions.







Here are only a few of our class wonderings we are curious about:

  • What is the oldest sport?
  • Is Pluto still a planet?
  • Will we ever stop using paper money?
  • How do you get money when you are an adult?
  • How does space work?
  • What was the first school?
  • Why do animals eat other animals?
  • Who created arcade games?
  • How are cats so flexible?
  • Why do cats go to the tops of trees?
  • Why do kangaroos and koalas only live wild in Australia?
  • Do dogs eat pickles?
  • How much money is made everyday?
  • What is the biggest city in the world?

What are you curious about? Let us know!

~ 3C