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Anzac Day Assembly

On Friday April 22nd the entire Aitken Creek Primary School came together to commemorate Anzac Day. It was our very first Anzac Day assembly as a whole school and was run by our Year 6 Student Leaders with support from Mr Pearson and Ms Huntly.

The entire school – all 930 students plus teachers and parents – did an outstanding job of being respectful and solemn during the assembly. It followed the structure of an Anzac service with The Ode being read and The Last Post being played followed by a minute’s silence and the Rouse. Student Leaders from Years 3-6 also presented and laid wreaths of remembrance that had been created in their classes.

Thank you to all who supported our first commemoration assembly. Our school looks forward to continuing this respectful remembrance of those who have served for our country in the future.


One student in the school thought about what he has understood and learnt about Anzac Day and wrote a poem. It is shared here to celebrate his thoughtful remembrance of those who have served:

A poem written by Cohen (4D):

The Diggers may lay

young or old

They may rest in peace

with their broken hearts and souls.

The poppy shines bright

black, purple, red

The disastrous war

is where they were being lead.

Today some live

and today some lie

The dangerous war shall be where they die.


Buddy Bear Adventures with 3A

BB Adventures


BB’s first adventure this term was with Danieka. She wrote this about their time together:

IMG_0918On Monday BB and I played Minecraft. He liked the game lots. 

Then on Tuesday after school we were watching TV. BB likes the show that we watched, but then BB fell down the couch 2 TIMES! BB was covered in cobwebs!

IMG_0917Finally we played with a balloon before school in the morning. BB was scared but he was fine I caught him.


Mystery Skype

Hi everyone,

IMG_1359On April 19th 2016, we had a Mystery Skype. A Mystery Skype is where we Skype another class and guess where they are in the world. They also have to guess where we are in the world. 

They guessed where we live but we didn’t guess where they are so they told us. They live in Taiwan which is a really small country close to China and the Phillippines. Everyone was working hard in both classes. It was amazing.

By Kashyap and Tomaia


IMG_1338Extra notes:

We learnt a few things about the Year 4 students in Taiwan: 

  • They only wear school uniform for PE class twice a week and when they go on excursions.
  • They have Chinese classes.
  • They are 2 hours behind us. When we Skyped it was 11am here in Craigieburn but 9am in Taiwan!

Skyping with Kids Helpline @ School

skype w KHLOn our first day back at school this term we were able to Skype with Kids Helpline @ School. Our session was with a Kids Helpline counsellor who was in her office in Brisbane!

We spoke about the difference between healthy friendships and unhealthy friendships and how it is okay to disagree with friends. One of the most important things we talked about is that when there is a problem we talk about the problem and try to work it out by figuring out the problem and working out a “win/win” solution that is fair to both people. We also talked about using “I feel” statements when we have a problem so our friends know how we feel. For example “I feel __________ when you ________________. Can we talk about it?”

Here our our class reflections from our Skype session:

  • “I learnt why friendship is important. It makes the world better.” – Saliha
  • “I learnt how to use milkshake breathing. I learnt we don’t need to be friends with everyone but you need to be nice and kind. We should not yell at anybody. We should calm down when we are angry. Be kind and helpful everyday.” – Anushri
  • “I learnt how to make friends and be kind.” – Koini
  • “I learnt to say ‘Can I play? I don’t have anybody to play with’.” – Ryan
  • “I learnt friendship is when we talk good and don’t yell.” – Arda T
  • “I will try to make new friends in the school. I already know how to be friendly.” – Anjali
  • “I learnt to be helpful. I remembered to be kind to others. I will try to help others and be nice.” – Alicia
  • “I remember to be nice to my friends. I will try to use ‘I feel’ to my friends. I already know how to make a friend. I learnt how to deal with friends.” – Aarushi
  • “I have learnt to be kind to everyone.” – Isabella
  • “Apologise for something. Don’t be rude. Be friendly to each other.” – Ada
  • “I learnt how friendship works.” – Ayan
  • “I remember we talked about trying to be calm and not be mad.” – Ashor
  • “Learning new stuff about friendship.” – Uzair
  • “I learnt that to tell a friend to leave me alone should not be said.” – Riley
  • “I remember an unhealthy friend is a friend that is mean. I learnt what milkshake breathing is.” – Kashyap
  • “I remember to not yell. I will play with other friends as well. I learnt I shouldn’t always run away.” – Mahrosh
  • “I remember that friends can be unhealthy. I will try to not yell at anybody. I already know to smile at people.” – Brahmleen
  • “I learnt new stuff.” – Ege
  • “I already know how to be friendly to my friends.” – Tomaia
  • “I learnt to talk to friends when I’m sad and I will try to tell friends how I feel.” – Ethan
  • “I know how to make a friend.” – Danieka
  • “I learnt how to make new friends.” – Gurjas

We already work really well together as friends in our classroom. But this Skype session reminded us of ways we can sort out problems and deal with hurt, sad or angry feelings with our friends. Thanks Kids Helpline @ School!


3A Student Blogging Challenge

Student Blogging Challenge badge

We are taking part in the EduBlog Student Blogging Challenge as part of our CBL solution to become involved in the online community. The Challenge has been running since 2008 and happens twice a year – in March and September. Over the 10 weeks we will be blogging and commenting on other class blogs in order to connect with the online learning community.

Our first challenge has involved talking about being safe while communicating online and how we can do this. We have spoken about the responsibilities we have when we are online and how we can stay safe but still communicate with others about things we do or like.

To complete the task we were to create an avatar of ourselves. We started with a few technical difficulties – we made awesome avatars using free websites like Pocoyo, ChibiMaker and Lego themed page but we had difficulties saving them! We eventually used the app Tellegami to create our avatars. You can see them displayed below.

We look forward to continuing with our next part of the challenge – learning how to write good comments!

*Note from Ms Huntly – unfortunately there are some students missing from our slideshow. File transfers were not successful during our lesson for all students. This will be fixed on our return from Term 1 holidays and updated with a full class roster asap!

Be Active These Holidays!

Miss P and all teachers at ACPS are aiming to encourage and promote students and families to stay active and make good healthy choices during the holidays.

The calendar below has lots of short but active tasks you can do on your own, with someone else or as a family. By completing some of these tasks during the break we can be sure that we are continuing to think and act healthy even when we are on holidays! Download a copy of the calendar here: Active Holidays Calendar Term 1

Active prizesAs an added incentive, Miss P even has some prizes for those who bring her their calendar with 8 or more activities ticked off on the first day back next term! You can see some of the possible prizes on the left in the picture. Awesome!

Good luck with being active these holidays – remember to have fun and enjoy the break!

~ Year 3/4 Teachers

Active Holidays Term 1




3A Congratulations

In 3A we want to celebrate our class mates when they achieve good things. So we say a big CONGRATULATIONS to our classmates below for their achievements!

3A Digital LeadersThese three students have been selected as Digital Leaders. They created a digital piece of work that showcased their ability in different apps and were lucky to be selected! They will now work with Ms Spink and other Digital Leaders on projects and issues around the school, helping students and teachers with technology. Congratulations!

3A Student Awards Week 3 and 5We also say a big Well Done to our Student Award winners from the last two Assemblies – these students have been working hard and demonstrating school values in everything they do. Congratulations on being our first Student Award winners for the year!

Thanks for reading!

From 3A


3A Community Agreement

3A Community Agreement:

3A class agreementIn 3A we will learn new things, have fun, be friendly to each other, come to school ready to learn and discover the world. 

We will do this so we can learn, discover, share, understand and become smarter about new and different things.

Signed [Students of 3A]

In 3A, we have spent time discussing our ACPS school values and linking them to our Positive School Wide Behaviour expectations. Students have given examples of what this looks like in our room and are doing a fantastic job of modelling these behaviours in our every day learning. As a class we also talked about what we came to school for and why that was important, which helped us to write our agreement (see above).

This week we spent time talking about how we would like to showcase this agreement with our families and other people through our blog. There were some excellent ideas and we combined them together into the final product below. Here is our visual presentation of 3A’s Community Agreement:

Video concept: Alicia, Mahrosh, Danieka, Kashyap  

Filmed & Edited: Danieka and Kashyap