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Welcome to the Play Pod!

IMG_3958Friday afternoon was an exciting one for 3A and our new buddies in 1E. It was the first time we had seen the inside of our new Play Pod at school! So much to explore, create with, play with………

To rewind and explain for those that don’t know, at the end of the 2015 school year a mysterious shipping container arrived at the edge of our school playground. Nothing was explained to us about it – aside from being told that this was the “Pod”. The Pod would be opened for the new school year and would be for students to play and interact with. It was all very mysteriously exciting and for the last few weeks of school, many students (and staff!) spent a lot of time predicting what could be inside the Pod. This week we finally found out what was in the Pod – and it was “AWESOME!” (the words of one of my students).

The Pod is basically filled with what is called “scrap” – clean recyclable pieces of packaging and hard waste that can be used for imaginative play and exploration. Items like cardboard tubing, keyboards, planks of wood, material, netting, tyres, barrels, containers and even a slide and base of a roller bed can be found in our Pod!

IMG_3923So on Friday afternoon, 3A met our 1E buddies in front of the Pod and the door was opened to a magical world of creative possibility. Students worked together, either in teams or individually, to remove items that caught their eye, build structures made of different items and entertain themselves. The level of fun and excitement was wonderful to witness – and what made this teacher even more proud was the way students worked together as a team with excellent communication skills to put ALL the scrap back into the Pod at the end of the session!

Thank you to 3A and 1E for the fantastic way they enjoyed the Pod on Friday – and a HUGE thank you to the school for providing such a fun and interactive place to engage the student’s imagination. We are looking forward to our second session next week……. but check out some of our fun in video and pictures from this week until then!