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ACPS Olympics

It has been a fabulous start to the ACPS Olympics. Every day we have had a new challenge to complete. We scan a QR Code, which represents a different country every day.

We learnt that the Olympic values include – Friendship, Excellence and Respect.

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Day 1 – Australia (How many laps can we complete in 10 minutes?)

Day 2 – Japan (Fitness circuit)

Day 3 – Germany (Play our favourite class game)

We are looking forward to seeing what challenges are next!

Miss P and Mr Muscari.

Footy Fever! AFL Program.

Students have begun their AFL program and ACPS are very lucky to have Zach from the North Melbourne Football Club running the program for our Year 4 students.


Our Year 3 students will be taking part in the same program, with Miss P and Mr Muscari running the AFL skills an drills. Students ‘unpacked’ what AFL meant to them, by recording their prior knowledge and showcasing their recordings with the class with a ‘sports gallery walk.’

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Students were treated like artist by holding their recordings and class walked from student to student observing their work.CnOTYA-XgAA0ayZ

Tips for handballing:

  • Ice cream scoop handball.
  • Follow through with the handball.
  • Aim for your target (player)
  • Keep your thumb on the inside.
  • Don’t punch the ball.
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Great work!

Miss P, Mr Muscari and Year 3-4 students.


Athletics Afternoon

This week we conducted our first Athletics Carnival for our Year 3-4 students and what a success it was!

We ran some traditional events and some fun events as well.

  • Hurdles
  • Zig Zag
  • Baton Relay
  • Tyre Relay
  • Teacher Race – This was a huge hit! Well done to Mr Traill and Mr Borrell on finishing first in the race. Ms Huntly and Ms Rae tried few strategies to distract Mr Borrell 🙂

Students displayed our school values and most importantly achieved their personal best. Here are a few thoughts from the students.

“It was so much fun” “The ribbons are cool” “Can we do this next week?”.

We also need to thank our fabulous House Captains who were supporting our young athletes ensuring they had a successful experience.

A big thank you to our wonderful parents who volunteered their time to help out and also showed their support.

Well done to everyone, we hope to continue the tradition in the near future with more time and events. Please send us some feedback about the day!

Congratulations to the RED team on winning the Year 3-4 House Athletics. We combined the scores from the two carnivals.

Red – 80, Orange – 72, Green – 67 and Blue – 55

Stay active,

Miss P 🙂

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Education Week in P.E

What a week!

All students from the red group took part in many physical activities and linked their learning to ICT.

We learnt that ICT can play a huge role in P.E by making us better athletes, improving our fitness, improving our knowledge and most importantly keeping us fit and active.

Grade 3-4 students used their iPads to analysis their partner skills. We found out how important it is to provide feedback visually. This will allow us to understand and see where we need to make improvements. Grade 3 students created a small sports report on what they knew about soccer.

The P.E Tech Group continues to work hard. This week we created our own flipped video for our class, using Adobe Voice. We will be sharing our work in week 7. Flipped Video allows students to pre watch what we will be learning in P.E.

Well done to everyone!

Stay active,

Miss P 🙂


P.E Tech Group – First Meeting.

Today we were excited to attend our first P.E Tech Group meeting. We discuss why we have this group, the importance of this group and what we want to get out of it.

We explored Garageband today and as a group created our first podcast. We aim to upload podcasts every second week to share our learning and knowledge with the school community.

First podcast – Why did we join the P.E Tech Group?

Do you have any questions or topics you want our group to answer and turn the discussion into a podcast?

Until next time, stay active.

Miss P and P.E Tech Group.

Invasion Games – Attacking and Defending.

Hi boys and girls,

Miss P has uploaded a video for you to watch before our next P.E lesson.

This is all about attacking (where to run) and defending (following your player.) This will allow you to understand why this is important when playing an invasion game. The sport that I used as an example is basketball.

What I want you to begin to think about is how will you attack and defend in a game situation.

See you next lesson.

Miss P 🙂

P.E Tech Group. Established 2016.

The P.E Tech Group. Established 2016.

“Students are the future, allow students to have their own opinions in the future of Physical Education and ICT at Aitken Creek Primary School.”

Very excited to announce ACPS first ever P.E Tech Group. Over 40 students showed interest into this exciting new project which is aimed to work together once a week to allow students to have a voice on how ICT can benefit Physical Education at ACPS.

10 students from were selected and begin their adventures in Week Four.

What is the P.E Tech Group?

  1. Once a week the group of students will get together with Miss P during Red Lunchtime for 20 minutes to talk about how we can further develop and increase student knowledge and participation in P.E with the use of ICT during school hours and after school hours.
  2. Students will create their own goals on what they want to achieve in this group.
  3. The group will provide updates through the term newsletter and displays in the gym so all ACPS community can see what our group achieves.
  4. The group can also provide digital updates through class blogs, assemblies and other social media.
  5. The group will create ideas and these ideas will be implemented as a trial into our P.E lessons – if the group agrees it is outstanding quality of learning.
  6. The group will be taught the purpose of a flipped learning and student driven tasks, which then enables them to mentor other students in their class. Students will create their own ideas as well.
  7. As a group, we will look through educational apps and how this could benefit student development in P.E.

Congratulations to the following students, Miss P is very excited to be working with you, let’s make a difference.

  • Brahmleen 3A
  • Isabella 3A
  • Riley 3A
  • Grace 5A
  • Thiana 5A
  • Arcacia 5A
  • Thane 5/6A
  • D 5/6A
  • Saatvik 5/6A
  • John 5A

Miss P 🙂


We Are Ready! #acpsphysed

First week back and students have been introduced to one of our units for the term, invasion games. This term all the grade 3-4 students will be learning about tactics, strategies and game plans that are used in basketball and soccer, which are invasion games.

Students set their own learning goals and will revisit these goals during and after our invasion games unit.



What can you do at home to improve your skills? Below is a short Active Time video which will give you some ideas.


Do you have any ideas? Keep them, because we will be creating our own Active Time videos towards the end of term.

Stay active.

Miss P 🙂