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Book Week

Book Week Dress Up
On Tuesday, we could dress up as our favourite book character. We had a parade and called out some winners. Everyone’s costumes were amazing! We had Harry Potter, Dorothy, Matilda, Spring Trap, Willy Wonka and many more cool costumes. Our class made a narrative that was based on the topic ‘Escape to Everywhere’. In our stories we could use the character we were dressed up as.

Buddy Lunch
On Wednesday, we had lunch with our prep buddies but before we had our lunch we did an activity related to a shortlisted book called Gary. It was very FUN!

Open Session
On Thursday, parents/guardians came to our class to help our class do an activity related to a book from the future, ‘Mechanica’. It was about animals in the future and how the world had changed over time. Then we created our own animal of the future using pipe cleaners, balloons, pom poms, googly eyes, feathers, cups, bowls, paper clips, straws, foil and pegs. After that we wrote scientific journal descriptions about the animal we made.

Multicultural Lunch
On Friday, our class had a multicultural lunch. Everyone brought in a plate of food from their culture or a country they are curious about. Some of the food our class brought in were prawn crackers, lamingtons, rice, spring rolls, Lebanese bread with hummus and cucumber, brownies, cookies and many more tasty foods.

Written by Gurleen 4A

Non Campers Program

Grade 3/4 camp is on from Wednesday May 31st until Friday June 2nd. For all children not attending the camp, they will be participating in the non campers program which will run during normal school hours.

All non campers will need to meet on the basketball courts on Wednesday morning to be divided into their groups for the activities for the three days. Students will stay in the same group and in the same room for the three days of the non campers program. There are great fun learning activities planned for the three days including cooking, science experiments, team building challenges, Sphero coding etc. Students who have iPads please bring them charged ready to use as usual.

Education Week

What a great week we have had in Education Week.

On Wednesday we celebrated ‘Better Buddy Day’, raising awareness and money to support the Alannah and Madeline foundation’s protection of children against violence. We spent the day doing actiities with our buddy grade, Prep H.
In the morning we worked together to create a dance with our buddy using the moves and skills we have learnt in Performing Arts and PE this semester. At 11am we took part in the National Simultaneous Storytime, enjoying the book The cow tripped over the moon by Tony Wilson. After lunch we made a Spanish rain sticks with our buddies using our arts and craft supplies.

On Thursday some of our parents joined us for open morning to help us with our Eureka Tower math challenge.

Thank you for coming in and sharing in our learning!

In reading we have been inferring the aurthor’s message from the pictures in the text. To do this and linking with our big idea of survival we have been exploring the books by Jeannie Baker. We have also started to create our own collages conveying our message as authors inspired by the UN sustainable development goals we have been learning about.

Work in progress

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development of our world must meet the needs of the present without compromising the survival of future generations to meet their own needs.

We are challenged to ‘Transform our world’ after investigating the UN sustainable development goals.

How can you make a difference?

Exporing our community

Can we please ask that all students who bring their own iPad to school download the free Apple Apps Keynote, Pages and Numbers as we will be using these to enhance our learning.

4A Welcome Back To Term 2

We have enjoyed our first week back in term 2 learning about Anzac day. We have been exploring our provocations about survival nd the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We will be continuing to work on this through out term 2.

Listen to some of our classmates describing what Anzac Day means for them.
4A Anzac Day

On Thursday at assembly, Isabella laid a wreath, on behalf of our classes to pay our respects to the Anzacs.

4A’s Amazing Learning

In 4A we have been learning lots of new things. Our big idea this term has been identities are continually changing and are influenced by place, space and time.

In Maths, we have learning about place value, recording numbers in various ways and renaming numbers. On Fridays we chanllenge ourselves with automatic recall of multiplication and division facts. We are improving each week.

In Reading, we have been learning about read and respond. Read and respond is when you read, think and respond. We have also been learning about questions to ask while reading. Questions about the text, authors purpose, monitoring yourself, inferring, summarising and main idea and connections to the text.

In Writing, we have been learning about the different types of texts, narratives and poems. sizzling starts. They help us with free writing sessions and Write On Time. We have also been learning about the writing process and giving feedback.

In CBL, our challenge has been to celebrate identity and culture. We are planning a multicultural day with our prep buddies as our solution.

In Buddies, we have been positive role models by working in teams, using our imaginations and supporting our buddies to do well at school.