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Week 4

Preservice teachers
We have been lucky to have 2 preservice teachers working with us in year 4. They will be working with us for 3 weeks. They have been helping us with our CBL lessons with focusses on Day and Night, animals and their adaptations.

Better Buddies Day
Monday was Better Buddies Day. We worked with our Prep C Buddies to do activities. We did an art and spanish activity in the morning where we made a vegetable/fruit man to practise the names of the fruit and vegetables in spanish. After lunch we went on a scavenger hunt to find the items on a list and competed in a dance off for performing arts.

Lalit “I was excited to work with my buddy.”

Shivya “I liked the scavenger hunt because we had to take photos and find the items on the list. It was challenging.”

Talia “I learnt to say the names of some fruit in spanish”

Skyping a scientist
This week we Skpyed a scientist who works in the field of microbial ecolocy. We expanded our knowledge about microbes. We learnt how microbes can duplicate and split into two. DNA is molecules giving instructions to your body.
Did you know microbes are everywhere! But you can’t see them with your eye. You need special equipment like microscopes and lasers.

Mother’s Day
We have been working on a special gift for our mum’s this Sunday.
From all of us in 4A we wish all mums a very happy mother’s day. We hope you get spoilt!

We learnt FRACTIONS!

This week we have expanded our knowledge of fractions. We made a fraction wall and used a Think board to show our understadings of fractions. We were able to plot fractions on a numberline, work out equivalent fractions by multiplying the numerator and the denominator by the same number. Some people drew fractions of a whole and fractions of a group and other people did decimal fractions and percentages.

“I learnt how to do an equivalent fraction. I know now, that to make an equivalent fraction I have to multiply the numbers of the fraction by the same number”- Harshil

“I now understand how to count on a fraction numberline by halves and quarters.” – Shivya

“I learnt that a fraction is part of a whole” – John

“I learnt how to divide the numerator by the denominator to calculate the decimal form. If I multiply it by 100 I get the percentage” – Siddak

Term 2 Week 1


We are excited to explore our big idea Discovery. We are working towards the challenge of, share an important scientific discovery. We drew what we think scientists look like and described what they do.
Do you think our ideas will change as we learn more?

What is community?

This week we had an open morning and invited our families in to talk about community. We worte about what communities we were in, like our family and frinds, school, sports clubs and cultural or religious groups. We wrote about what behaviours we displayed to be a great member of our community. Some of these were caring for our friends and being respectful. -By Jayden

We would love to get your perspective of ‘what is community?’ Please leave us comments

Safer Internet Day in 4A

Today we participated in Safer Internet day. We joined a virtual classroom with over 145 other year 4, 5 and 6 classes from around Victoria. We learnt about how we can make the internet a more respectful place. We all wrote a pledge, a promise, to use the internet in a fun, safe and respectful way.

John – “I will never cyberbully”

Aaliyah K- “I will always know who I’m talking to.”

Lalit – “I will not show my real identity”

Aaliyah A – “I will always think about who’s behind the screen”

Alfie – “I will defend any one getting hurt by responding to negative words with positive words”

We also participated in the Forever Challenge, where we decided if we should post, share or delete the pictures in the scenarios given to us.

Cup Week

Over the weekend, Jack broke his thumb. We thought his story about how he broke his thumb was a little boring so we decided to write exciting short stories instead. Check out some of our stories below.

One day Jack went with his mum to the shops. It was so boring staying there for hours and hours so he snuck the keys out of his mum’s bag and stole the keys to the car without his mum knowing. He ran into the car park and started to drive the car home, a cop started chasing him and Jack crashed the car and that’s how he broke his thumb. – Ahmed

One sunny morning Jack was at the park with his sister Caitlyn. He was swinging on the monkey bars but he stopped. “The bars are slippery,” he said so he went to the flying fox. As he was riding the flying fox the line snapped. Making the sounds as loud as a gibbon Jack fell off bending his thumb back. “Ouch” screamed Jack. – Zahna

We discovered that palm oil is diguised when labelled on products we use in our homes every day. We investigated labels and noticed palm oil is often labelled as vegetable oil, vegetable fat, palmitate, palm kernel oil and many others. We know that the production of palm oil in unsustainable ways is destroying the habitats of orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos. We encourage you to check the labels on your products and buy only certified sustainable palm oil products. Help save these endangered animals!

In math we have been learning about different ways to represent multiplication including arrays, pictures, repeated addition, algorithms, grid method, worded problems and inverse division facts. We have been recording our learning on a thinker’s board.

4A week 1 and 2

In term 4 our ‘Big Idea’ is Environment and our little big idea is biodiversity. While learning about biodiversity we have been Sketchnoting to help us understand the videos we have watched. We have also been investigating the different biomes on earth. We painted landscapes of deserts, rainforests, grasslands, aquatic biomes including marine and fresh water, the tundra and forest. Then we found plants and animals that belonged in each of these biomes.

We would like to introduce our new class pets, ‘The Stick Insects!’ We have 6 young Spiny Leaf insects and 5 eggs living in a tank in our classroom. We have read lots of information about how to take care of them. We need to spray them with water everyday, we need to change the newspaper and put in fresh gum leaves once a week and we need to handle them with care as they are very delicate.

We also had a visit from Lambchops, Tyson’s 10 day old lamb. He was very energetic and guzzled his bottle of milk that Isabella and Gurleen fed him. We looked at the different wools on his body, on his legs and under his chin.

This term we are reading the great Australian novel Storm Boy as a class. We have made predictions and read the blurb. We have worked hard on decoding all the new and interesting vocab so far.

In maths we have been using our problem solving model to work out lots of ‘Would you rather?’ problems.

Try out this one yourself

Book Week

Book Week Dress Up
On Tuesday, we could dress up as our favourite book character. We had a parade and called out some winners. Everyone’s costumes were amazing! We had Harry Potter, Dorothy, Matilda, Spring Trap, Willy Wonka and many more cool costumes. Our class made a narrative that was based on the topic ‘Escape to Everywhere’. In our stories we could use the character we were dressed up as.

Buddy Lunch
On Wednesday, we had lunch with our prep buddies but before we had our lunch we did an activity related to a shortlisted book called Gary. It was very FUN!

Open Session
On Thursday, parents/guardians came to our class to help our class do an activity related to a book from the future, ‘Mechanica’. It was about animals in the future and how the world had changed over time. Then we created our own animal of the future using pipe cleaners, balloons, pom poms, googly eyes, feathers, cups, bowls, paper clips, straws, foil and pegs. After that we wrote scientific journal descriptions about the animal we made.

Multicultural Lunch
On Friday, our class had a multicultural lunch. Everyone brought in a plate of food from their culture or a country they are curious about. Some of the food our class brought in were prawn crackers, lamingtons, rice, spring rolls, Lebanese bread with hummus and cucumber, brownies, cookies and many more tasty foods.

Written by Gurleen 4A

Non Campers Program

Grade 3/4 camp is on from Wednesday May 31st until Friday June 2nd. For all children not attending the camp, they will be participating in the non campers program which will run during normal school hours.

All non campers will need to meet on the basketball courts on Wednesday morning to be divided into their groups for the activities for the three days. Students will stay in the same group and in the same room for the three days of the non campers program. There are great fun learning activities planned for the three days including cooking, science experiments, team building challenges, Sphero coding etc. Students who have iPads please bring them charged ready to use as usual.

Education Week

What a great week we have had in Education Week.

On Wednesday we celebrated ‘Better Buddy Day’, raising awareness and money to support the Alannah and Madeline foundation’s protection of children against violence. We spent the day doing actiities with our buddy grade, Prep H.
In the morning we worked together to create a dance with our buddy using the moves and skills we have learnt in Performing Arts and PE this semester. At 11am we took part in the National Simultaneous Storytime, enjoying the book The cow tripped over the moon by Tony Wilson. After lunch we made a Spanish rain sticks with our buddies using our arts and craft supplies.

On Thursday some of our parents joined us for open morning to help us with our Eureka Tower math challenge.

Thank you for coming in and sharing in our learning!

In reading we have been inferring the aurthor’s message from the pictures in the text. To do this and linking with our big idea of survival we have been exploring the books by Jeannie Baker. We have also started to create our own collages conveying our message as authors inspired by the UN sustainable development goals we have been learning about.

Work in progress

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