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Changes in the seasons

The year 3 &4 students have been hard at work creating drawings that depict the changes in the seasons. They created artworks that change when viewed from different angles. They have done an amazing job with their drawings and should be extremely proud of them. Here are some examples form 3 D.



Superheroes- Power

The year 3 students have been busy creating their own Marvel style superheroes this term. We have brainstormed ideas about power and what would make a superhero powerful. We then drew our superheroes with pencils and markers and used the Ipad apps Pic Collage and Explain everything to create  digital collages. Do you like them?

We had lots of fun making them and hope you think they are powerful? Please tell us what you think of our illustration skills.1bb885e2-5304-4f8a-8240-f7cacc77f9ffharsha 3E