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Making Prototypes

This term we have been working with our buddies in 1H to solve problems and make prototypes of inventions. We first thought of the problems we see in the world around us and then designed a  plan to create a prototype of our robot. We spent lots of time creating, programming, designing and debugging our inventions.

This morning we had an open morning so that parents and other students could come and see the amazing work we have been doing. During the morning we asked for feedback and these are some of their responses:

  • “Very ingenious students, various imaginative concepts.”
  • “It’s amazing to see how kids bring their imaginations to work.”
  • “It’s wonderful to see children work so well with technology and able to showcase their ideas.”
  • “I like the efforts of making the Lego with rolling wheel and changing lights. Really appreciated.”

Hope you enjoyed learning about what we have been doing. Thanks for reading.

Lego Robotics with our buddies

With our buddies, we have been following the design process to solve the problems we see in the world around us.

We first needed to think of a problem and something we could create to solve the problem. Some of our ideas are:

  • A machine that can write for us to do our homework
  • A robot that has vacuum wheels and four arms that can move things to clean the house
  • A machine that has a fan to convert gas into oxygen

We then thought about what our robot would look like and created a plan to make the robot. We had to research to find out about how the lego robotics (WeDo 2.0) work and how we could use code to make our robot work and move.

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Better Buddies Day

Today is better buddies day and we have been doing some fun activities with our grade 1 buddies. Some of the cool activities included making a collage of a face using fruit and vegetables, a lip sync battle and taking pictures of different actions.

‘My favourite part was the collage activity because it was fun to make our faces with our buddies,’ Keisha, Zayd and Reet B.

‘My favourite part was taking photos with our buddies,’ Kanod.

‘I liked working together to take photos of different poses,’ Gisele

Below are some photos of our work and us doing the activities.