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3B’s Learning Journey – weeks 5 and 6


Here is a snapshot of our learning from Weeks 5 and 6!

Reading and Writing

In weeks 5 and 6 we read a book called Animalia because we were learning about Alliteration. It is a sentence that has the same letter at the start of the words. An example is: my mother made me mash my Mini m&m’s on a Monday morning. Miss Murray gave us a letter to write an alliteration sentence with.

We have been leaning about imagery. Imagery is when some one describes a setting and you need to imagine it in your mind. You can write about anything you want. We had to write a description of a setting and someone in our class had to draw the picture in our head and we reflected on how detailed our description was.


In maths we learnt about time and chance.

For time, Miss Murray drew a clock with paper and it said o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Then we drew the same clock and wrote o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past in our maths books. We used mini clocks and the clock in our book to help us. We learnt to tell time in quarters and in 5 minutes intervals. We also learnt where the hands on the clock go!

For chance and probability, we did an activity called the Aitken Creek Primary School Cup. It was like horse racing because we did it on Oaks Day. We had a sheet that had numbers and we had to have a dice. We needed to roll the dice two times and add the numbers together. We needed to cover the box that had the answer. We wrote scratched on horse number 1 because you cannot get a total of 1 when adding two dice toether. 8 won the most as it was one of the most likely totals from adding 2 dice together.


In CBL we are designing and constructing a sustainable community. We made groups with 3D and 3F. We went into 3 groups. One was Community Council with Miss Murray, Environmental Monitors with Miss Kichakov and Architects with Miss Mayor. Then we completed our action canvas and begun our designs.
Thank you for reading,
from 3B

3B’s recent learning!

Hi, we’re 3B and we are going to share with you our learning over the past few weeks. Our blog post includes our learning from Reading, Writing, Maths and CBL.


Reading – by Emerson, Saja, Mehul, Nick and Isabella

Today we are going to talk about what we have been doing in reading sessions. We have been looking at Cause and Effect and read texts  such as Horton Hears a Who and The Lorax to help us with understanding it. We looked at needs and wants while reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.


We have also been learning about Text to Self, Text to Text and Text to World.

Text to Self is when you connect a text to something that has happened in your life.

Text to Text is when you connect a text to another text.

Text to World is when you connect a text to something that has happened in the real world.

Writing – by Alycia, Natalie, Onil and Mohammad

We have been learning about lots of poems in writing. The poems we learnt how to write are: 5 senses poem, haiku poem and diamante poem. We found it tricky. Here are some examples:

Haiku                                                                Diamante  

We began group conferencing during writing. In group conferencing we had groups where we were able to help each other. We edited our writing and if we needed to add more detail or do the right structure we got Miss Murray to photocopy our work so we could cut it up and reorganise it or add more detail. Here is an example:

Before                                                                  After      

Maths – by Talia, Blake, Gabriel, Mariah and Abaan

In the last few week’s we have been learning about multiplication and division, and capacity.

In multiplication and division we learnt the link between them. Multiplication is groups of and division is sharing a value into groups. We used the book, The Doorbell Rang, to help us with this.

In capacity we looked at millilitres and litres. We learnt that a shower uses 8L per minute. A full flush of the toilet uses 9L of water and a half flush uses 4.5L of water. We also got to design out own Magic Potion and we had to use 6 ingredients to equal 600mL without any ingredients equalling exactly 100mL. We had to use our addition and subtraction knowledge to make sure we didn’t go under or over 600mL.


CBL – Shrey, Kaan, Ali S, Blessing and Jaylen

We have been leaning about sketchnoting, sustainable houses and deforestation. We have also been growing our own plants.

Sketchnoting is drawing and writing our learning. We watched some videos about suatainable housing and sketchnoted our thinking and learning.

We have also been learning about deforastation, which is, cutting down trees. The effect of this is animal habitats are getting destroyed and animals are dying.

Sustainable houses are houses that use solar panels, low energy usage, using reusable bags and using water tanks.

We also learnt that plastic bags harm the environment and that litter from our school can end up in the Great Pacific garbage path in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The video we watched was:


We hope you have learnt something new just like us!

From 3B

Home Learning Week 2-3

This term we are sending home an optional grid with a set of open ended activities that will relate to our learning, our Big Idea or general personal life skills. A new grid will be provided to students every two weeks.

Homework Week 2 & 3

This Home Learning grid will be provided to students through Showbie as well as sent home via Compass and our Year 3 blog. Any tasks that are completed by students are able to be recorded in the “Home Learning” assignment on Showbie. For those students who do not have an iPad for use at home, they can record their home learning in their Home Learning book provided by their teacher.

Students will have opportunities to practise reading, maths and writing skills throughout the two weeks. There will also be CBL links and activities relating to personal and social skills and habits as well.

If there are any questions at all, please feel free to speak to any of the Year 3 teachers.

With Thanks,

Ms Huntly, Ms Ashby, Mr Borrell, Ms Kichakov, Ms Mayor and Ms Murray

Totem pole Installation

We finally created our installation for the Specialist showcase and it looked amazing! The hardest part was working out how we wanted to arrange our work. We had to work together as a class and we decided that we were going to arrange them in order from largest to smallest. After taking some time to work this out we used blue tack to stand our totem poles on the tables. Did you see our work at the showcase? if not you can have a look at the pictures below and tell us what you think.

Specialist Showcase- Artrooms

We were so happy to see so many families come to see the work of students on display at the Specialist Showcase this year. Parents and students were able to come into the Art rooms and participate in a variety of activities such as mindfulness Mandala colouring, Pop Art murals painting, bubble art and experimental painting using mineral paper and inks. Everyone had a great time spending time together and making some very creative Art. Some of the Pop Art Murals from the night of the showcase still need some work. If you want to help finish them come to Art club during blue school timetable at lunchtime and give us a hand to finish them. See below for the pictures of what kids and families created.

Art Gallery – Specialist Showcase!

Were you at the Specialist Showcase last week?! It was a huge success and was fantastic to see so many parents coming down with us to see the highlights of our specialist classes. Hopefully you had a look at the Gallery while you were there because we had a great showcase of student work ranging from Term 1 to Term 3. It was like walking through a sea of colour and creativity! If you didn’t get a chance to see the gallery, or you want to see some of it again, check out the gallery pictures in this blog. There’s also some great pictures of some of us and our parents enjoying the art activities. It was pretty busy at times in the art rooms, so hopefully everyone who came a long had a chance to participate. Grade 1s and 2s had already done the activities in Miss Kirk’s room, so they were great teachers on the night to those of us that hadn’t done them before! In Miss Thomas’ room, there was painting happening for a secret picture, which she will shortly be revealing! Please enjoy these pictures!

eSmart Week

This week is National eSmart Week, a week where we look into ways that we can help build Cyber Safe Communities.

3B have been curious about Social Media App Account Age Restrictions, Developing an eSmart Hero and using Coding to share Cyber Safety Messages.

Here are some of the thoughts from our class:


  • On eSmart Week we learnt the ages you had to be to have some Apps – Blessing
  • I learnt that I shouldn’t go on Apps that have an age limit of 13+, MA 15+, 18+ and others that are older than 9+ – Ali S
  • I learnt that lots of Apps are for 13+ or 18+ people – Nick
  • I learnt that you have to be 18+ to have a YouTube account or 13+ with parent permission – Ali B


ESMART HERO – Tuesday 5th September

  • We made eSmart Super Heros to help share messages about being safe while using technology. My eSmart Hero is Electric Girl. – Natalie
  • My hero stops hacks and viruses for people on their technological devices – Kaan
  • I learnt that you have to be different ages to have an account on different Apps. Most Apps are 13+, some are 18+ and we need our parents permission – Raidyn
  • My eSmart Hero is called Robotboy. He helps people who are getting hacked – Mohammad
  • My eSmart Hero saves people from getting bullied online, at school or anywhere – Mehul


ESMART CYBER SAFETY CODING – Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th September

  • Cyber Bullying is bullying online. We watched a video with 5 characters. The characters were pink, blue, green and purple iPads plus a bird. They told us not to share our passwords – Cooper
  • We used the App Scratch to code a digital message about never sharing your password – Isabella
  • While coding, I made a magic show with no Cyber Bullying allowed. My message was to be respectful online – Shrey
  • We were talking about online bullying and how people get bullied online – Blessing
  • I liked coding because on Scratch we had to put a message in. I put in images. It was fun! – Emerson
  • I learnt not to bully people online – Jaylen
  • I learnt more about coding from my friends when we made a message to not click on ads on websites – Blake
  • We did a coding session and made characters to do an eSmart message on Scratch Jr. We worked with 3D to the eSmart message – Abaan
  • We started to code in groups on Scratch Jr and we had to write a message. Our message was to not share your password. When we were finished we showed the class – Priya
  • I love coding because I like to use Scratch. Our message was not to post photos of other people without their permission – Makayla
  • Our group recorded our voices to help share the message. Our message was to not share your password – Onil
  • We made a cyber bullying story for eSmart Week. We showed different ways of when poeple are cyber bullying and what to do if it happens to you – Alycia
  • We chose our characters for the scene. We also had the message, never send your password to anyone – Mariah


We hope you have learnt something new that can help you be safer online!


Totem Pole Art

The Aboriginal Memorial

In Grade 3 and 4 Art we’ve had a look at an Indigenous artwork known as the Aboriginal Memorial. Have a look at the picture above to see the installation; does it make you curious to know more?

We have had heaps of great wonderings from this image:

“I wonder why it looks like an Aboriginal Rain stick? Are we going to make our own and put them around the school?” – Cooper, 3F

“It looks like water pipes, are they cardboard, or pipes? What would happen if water spills on it? What would happen to them? It reminds me of a didgeridoo. I wonder why there is different designs because I notice that the sides have similarities and differences. Is it indoor?” – Mustafa, 3F

“Did you take the photo or is it off the internet? Is it bamboo? Who designed it? Who was the first indigenous person to die?” – Solomon, 3F

“Where is it? Why are there little holes? Where are they? Why are some thick and some skinny? Can you touch them? Where does the path go?” Ramin, 3F

“Did we do this on Better Buddies Day? I wonder why some of them are tall and some of them are short, and why there are rocks?” – Solomon, 3F

“Why are some of the patterns cut out? What was the date it was made?” –Shivya, 3F

“Is it a path?” –Zeynep, 3F

“I wonder they are different shapes and sizes?” – Maeesha

“I wonder why all of them are different and have different looks and why did they make it?” – Peter, 3F

“I wonder why they are inside?” – Taylor, 3F

“What happens when they get wet?” – Jessica, 3F

“I wonder how big they are.” – Simrat, 3F

“Who was fighting?” – Kovidh, 3F

The more we asked, the more we wanted to know! We are still finding out more about the image each time we go to Art, and we are creating our own!

Please enjoy some of our work so far and look out for the finished pieces in the next few weeks.

You can find more information about the Memorial here:

3B Dresses Up for Book Week!

Hello, we are 3B and we would like to share what we dressed up as for Book Week (Tuesday 22nd August).

Hello, my name is Gabriel. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Darth Vader from Star Wars. I decided on this character because he is evil.


Hello, my name is Mehul. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Superman from DC Comics. I decided on this character because I like DC Comics and I like Superman the best.


Hello, my name is Alycia. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Tim O’Brien from Hawthorn. I decided on this person because I love AFL and I got for the Hawks. My dad got the jersey for my birthday and he is my second favourite player.


Hello, my name is Onil. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Joe Daniher from Essendon. I decided on this person because he is my favourite player in Essendon and he is tall and scores a lot of goals.


Hello, my name is Mohammad. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Batman from DC Comics. I decided on this character because I love DC Comics about Batman and I wanted to be Batman.


Hello, my name is Jaylen. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as the boy from I Love My Granddad. I decided on this character because I do everything with my Grandad like the boy did in the story.


Hello, my name is Kaan. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as a footy player from Collingwood. I decided on this person because I love Collingwood players and I have read the Collingwood book.


Hello, my name is Natalie. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I decided on this character because she looks a little bit like me.


Hello, my name is Saja. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Anna from Frozen. I decided on this character because she is funny and crazy.


Hello, my name is Blessing. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Anna from Frozen. I decided on this character because I like Disney Princesses.


Hello, my name is Makayla. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Thelma from Thelma the Unicorn. I decided on this character because I love unicorns and other mythical creatures.


Hello, my name is Emerson. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Thelma from Thelma the Unicorn. I decided on this character because I love unicorns and my unicorn onesie.


Hello, my name is Abaan. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Messi from Barcelona Soccer Team. I decided on this person because I love soccer.


Hello, my name is Mariah. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. I decided on this character because I like her and she is evil.


Hello, my name is Isabella. On Tuesday the 22nd of August we had Book Week dress-up day. I dressed up as a Hip Hop Dancer from a book. I decided on this character because I love dancing and it’s one of my favourite things to do.


Thank you for reading about our dress ups for Book Week!