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3B’s Powerful Science Fair

This morning we had an open morning, where we welcomed families to come and see our learning about the “Power of Science”.  For our fair we had to work in groups to research different scientists and how their discoveries worked and changed over time.

We had to prepare our presentations, which included:

  • Planning our models and researching information
  • Make our models and use Mac Books to create google slides for our presentation
  • Set up our fair and rehearse what each person was going to say.

Some of us were really excited to present while some of us were nervous about presenting in front of all the families.

After the science fair we asked families to fill out a feedback form and provide us with warm and cool feedback about our presentation. We noticed that they were impressed with our presentations and we needed to work on our public speaking.

We also completed a SWOC analysis which allowed us to reflect on our strengths, weaknesses, challenges and what we learnt.

Thank you to all who were able to come to our Science Fair. We hope you enjoyed it!!

Book Week Dress Up Day

It was a sensational spring day for our book character dress up event.  It was really fun to dress up as different book characters from different book genres.

We created posters about our characters where we had to explain the characters traits. This has been a big focus in our narrative writing this term.

For reading we found out our pirate names, which were hilarious!!!! Here is the list we used to find out our special pirate name. Leave us a comment with your pirate name!!

We also created little plays using pirate language. Some of the words we used were:

  • Ah hoy- Hello
  • Booty- Treasure
  • Grub- Food
  • Bucko- Friend
  • Cap’n- Captain
  • Me hearites- My crew
  • Avast- Hey
  • Landlubbers- Non sailor
  • Davy Jones Locker- Bottom of the sea
  • Spyglass- Telescope
  • Sail Ho- See another ship
  • Rum- Pirate drink

Thank you for reading our latest post!


3B Having fun with Science!!!

On Friday we conducted lots of different science experiments. They were awesome! It was so much fun because we were able to learn about different things. Have a look at how we went!

1. Finding the sun spots

Seeing the sun through different lights!

Bailey – “It was weird”

Noah – “It was fun”

2. Making glasses sing

Sathuya – “ The glass made squeaky noises”

Mia – “ It was hard to make the glass squeak, but we got there in the end!”

Bebaik – “ The glasses were singing while they were wet”

3. Testing our strength

Aadvik – “ It was fun testing my strength!”

4. Making heat with sticks

Dane – “ at first it didn’t work but then we did it a little faster and it worked”

5. Testing our strength

Noah – “ Bailey was the strongest”

6. Testing gravity

Testing how gravity works by placing dominoes in a row


Discovering the Art of Wayne Thiebaud

We would like to share with you some of our amazing chalk pastel drawing of cakes that were inspired by the Artist Wayne Thiebaud. He was associated with the Pop Art movement and he liked to paint everyday things. He painted lots of colourful and delicious looking cakes so we had a go at creating our own. We learnt about shapes and how to turn shape into forms to draw our cakes. We then learnt how to shade our work by blending tones and experimenting with light and shadow effects.

Mad About Science Incursion

On Monday, the 13th of August, we had an awesome incursion from Mad About Science. A scientist came to our school to teach us things about the different states of matter. Her name was Lucie.

The first activity we completed was a sorting activity, where we had to use our senses to sort balloons and test tubes into the 3 states of matter, which are solid, liquid, and gas.

We were lucky enough to carry out an experiment to see what would happen when dry ice was combined with hot water and detergent. The results were bubbling!!!

We carried out another experiment to find out what dry ice was made of. For this we needed a beaker, hot water, a candle and dry ice. We poured the water into the beaker and carefully placed the candle inside. The dry ice was added and we noticed that the dry ice turned from a solid to a gas and caused the candle to go out. We also found out that a fire will get bigger if oxygen is added, but it will go out if there is more carbon dioxide. From this we discovered that dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide.

Will: “There are 4 states of matter, solids, liquids, gases and non Newtonian fluid which is a solid but can act like a liquid. For example putty”

Aadvik: “It was good that we got to learn something new about science”

Mia: “The Mad About Science incursion was fun and interesting”

Hunar: “It was fun because we learnt more about science”

Madilyn: “It was fun trying the experiments”

Caitlyn: “I learnt that when a solid goes immediately into a gas, it is known as sublimate”

Cities at sunset- Discovering mixed media drawing and painting techniques.

Last term we created some amazing mixed media drawings of imaginary cities using watercolour paint and oil pastels. We discovered different ways to use these materials in Art to create different effects and designed some imaginary cities to apply our drawing process.

We think that everyone created some really amazing effects using reflections and sunsets and really mastered mixed media drawing and painting techniques. What do you think of our works?


Powerful contrasts in Art

As part of out CBL investigation of power we have been exploring how contrasts in artworks can make them visually powerful.

We explored the theme by making Zebra drawings using line and shape as our stating point. When we finally learnt to draw our Zebras using lines we then experimented with colour contrasts until we discovered what combinations work best. After this stage we applied two contrasting colours to our drawings and completed them with a patterned background to make the Zebras stand out.

We really enjoyed making these drawing and are very proud of what we have created. We hope you like them, please let us know what you think.

Skype with a Scientist

We had so much fun skyping with an amazing scientist. Her name was Kerrie and she was an Industrial Chemist and a Forensic Scientist. Kerrie’s role was to work with different types of chemicals to test if food was safe from bacteria and good for the public to eat.

Baani: “The answers that Kerrie gave us were really detailed so we could understand her”.

Manaal: “It was very interesting to learn about her as a scientist”.

Mia: ” It was exciting to have an interview with a real scientist”.

Jack: “Kerrie gave us good information about science”.

Mason: “When we asked Kerrie questions we received good information.”

Ayaan: “I enjoyed the information Kerrie gave us because it helped us realise what it was like to be a scientist”.

Aekam: “I think it was nice because we got to learn more information to help us understand science”.

Did you know?

  • There is lots of different types of scientists.
  • A scientist is more than just working in a lab with chemicals.
  • Water is a chemical.
  • A Chemist works with chemistry.
  • The most dangerous chemical Kerrie worked with was Benzine, and strong acids that would burn you if you weren’t safe.
  • Kerrie studied for 3 years at university.

Written by 3B & 3F

Experimenting with LEGO education

Today 3B were doing some experimenting with LEGO education robotic kits to explore our CBL big idea, POWER.

We were given the freedom to create whatever we wanted, and some people used the app to follow instructions to create specific models.

Some of the skills we used today when exploring the LEGO were;

  • using our imagination and creativity
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • problem solving

Mia: “I found it tricky to build our creation properly. We had to keep on trying different things to make it work’

Harry: “I found it challenging but it was also fun”

Sathuya: “We were able to use out iPads to try and make them move”

Baani: “It was like we were experimenting because we kept trying different things till it worked”

Aadvik: “If you want to make something that is big, like a tall building, you can use the LEGO to make it”

Navroz: “We had to collaborate with our partner to build the same thing and make sure it worked”

Lavanya: “We helped each other when it was tricky”

Here is a gallery of what we created;

Thank you for reading,


3B’s CBL Discovery Showcase

As part of our CBL challenge ‘Discover our Australian history’,  we opened our classroom for our families and buddies to showcase our discoveries. During the showcase, we shared our projects about the First Fleet, Captain James Cook and the colonies that settled in Australia.

Will: “I liked that lots of parents came in to see our CBL solutions that we worked so hard on”

Dave: “I liked the opportunity that the parents were given to see our solutions”

Sathuya: “I liked that we were able to share new information with families”

Joshua: “I liked that we learnt a lot about the First Fleet”

Caitlyn: “I liked that people could roam around our classroom and interact with others and learn different things”

Lavanya: “We were able to give information to our families”


We got our families and our buddies to provide feedback to us about our presentations and the information we were sharing.

Navroz: “Feedback helps us improve for the future”

Aadvik: “Feedback lets us know if we succeeded or not”

Generalisations from parent feedback

  • Parents were proud of our work
  • There needed to be more space to move around
  • We need to work on speaking clearer when presenting our information
  • 100% of parents learnt something new about our Australian history

Generalisations from buddy feedback

  • Most of the feedback was positive
  • 80% of our buddy class learnt something new and understood the information
  • 20% of our buddy class didn’t learn anything new or didn’t understand the information
  • We need to work on speaking clearly when presenting information

From this information, we know that we can work on practising public speaking and presenting our information verbally to an audience.