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Bee on the Team Incursion

On Tuesday, we watched a performance called ‘Bee on the Team’. We enjoyed watching because it was very funny, the characters were awesome and it helped us learn more about asking questions, collaborating with others and experimenting with our learning.

Navroz: “If it doesn’t work, adjust it and test again”

Kevin: “It is important to work with others”

Aadvik: “It’s important to ask questions to help us with our learning”

On the walk back to the classroom after the performance, many of us were talking about how we liked last years performance better.

Today, we continued this discussion by sharing our opinions and listening to the point of view of others. As we shared our opinions, some of our opinions changed and we agreed with what others were saying. Initially,  ‘The Pirates of Neverland’ was most popular, but as ideas were shared, opinions changed and by the end of the discussion, ‘Bee on the Team’ was considered the favourite. We also agreed that it’s ok to change your point of view and it is VERY important to listen to and respect the opinions of others.




Year 3 Communications!

Thank you to all parents, guardians and students for such a wonderful transition into Year 3, 2018. We really appreciate all the support and interactions that we have already had in regards to learning experiences within the classrooms.

We highly encourage all family members to be involved in your child’s learning throughout the year. To do this we have a range of communication methods that you can access for each class. Our wonderful and enthusiastic students will contributing to these with their work, feedback and photos displaying the learning they have been involved in. We would love if you could access these and look through them as a family to discuss the learning experiences. Class teachers and specialist teachers update these regularly.

Year 3 Blog

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Year 3 Team

Creating our Learning Community

On the first day of school, we arrived to a classroom that was ‘under construction’. As a class, we discussed what we wanted in our class to help us with our learning and create a place where we want to learn.

First, we brainstormed what we thought our class might look like, sound like and feel like, as well as what we had liked having in our previous classrooms. We used these ideas to work collaboratively with each other to design our ideal learning spaces.

During this process, we had to work as team, listen to one another and compromise on our ideas to create our design. We then shared our designs as a class before coming together to create a collective design.

Efe: “It was fun because we got to make our own classroom design”

Lavanya: “We made a standing table because it looked cool and sometimes we want to stand when we are working”

Dave: “We also made a low table because some people wanted to sit low to the ground”

Dane: “We made an oval table so lots of people could work together”

Harry: “We have made a good learning community”

Aekam: “We made a ‘chill out’ room so we can calm down”

After spending time in the new design, we revisited our design to check and see if it was working or if any adjustments were needed.

Dane: “We moved a locker because it blocked the board for some people”.



Welcome to Grade 3!

Welcome to the Year 3 blog for 2018! Our blog will be used to share all the amazing learning experiences that is taking place at ACPS. We highly encourage students, parents, families and carers to visit our blog on a regular basis and make comments on different posts. If you are making comments on our blogs please be sure to use first names only to maintain privacy.

Our individual class blogs will help the students learn many important skills, like communicating safely and appropriately in online environments, writing posts, revising and editing, uploading images and files, communicating with others and much more.

This year the Year 3 team consists of six classes:

3A – Miss Kichakov

3B – Mrs Finger & Mrs Gibbs

3C – Miss Shabo

3D – Ms Surgeoner

3E – Miss Mayor

3F – Miss Alebakis

Classes will work collaboratively and independently throughout the year. We highly encourage regular visits and comments to our blogs. Your involvement and interaction is an important element to bridging communications from school to home.

Kind Regards,
Year 3 Teachers

3B Celebrates 2017!

As our Year 3 is finishing, we reflect on the year we have had and would like to share some of our most memorable moments of 2017!

In the start of the year we started to do something called NAPLAN. It was very hard maths. In NAPLAN we got our own spot in front of some one. All of us tried our best.

In term 2, as part of ANZAC Day celebrations, we made a poppy wreath using origami and we learnt how to make Anzac biscuits. They were definitely delicious.

We went to camp. We were going to Mt Everlyn and when we got there we ate our food. Then we got told who is in our cabin and we went to our cabin. Next, we got sorted into our groups, then we had free time and did one activity. After that we went and had dinner. After dinner we got ready for bed and then we fell asleep. The next day we woke up and got ready. Then we had breakfast and we did an activity. After that we went back and had lunch and then free time. Then we did one more activity before we went to our rooms and then had dinner. Then we got ready for bed and fell asleep. We repeated that everyday.

We have decorated our sanctuary with mindful colouring in sheets. We had fun colouring in the sheets. When we have mindfulness we finish our colouring in sheets to put up on the sanctuary wall. We take our time and try and work out what colours go together.

Since the year has past, the most important thing to us was making new friends. Without friends you will be lonely!

What an amazing year!


Batik painting- Nature in Art

This term we have experimented with Baitk painting. This Art style is a traditional art form in many Asian countries and is used to decorate fabrics that are turned into clothes. Our paintings were inspired by nature and we used primary colours to mix secondary colours with fabric paint. Fabric paint is runny ahd hard to control so they were a real challenge to paint. The outlines of our work were painted with cold wax- (Batik is usually done with hot wax but our pictures have the same effect as ones made using hot wax). We think our effects are really beautiful, what do you think?



3B’s Learning – Week 7 and 8

In Writing, we have been learning about letters. We have been writing them in the point of view of someone or something else. Miss Murray wrote a letter from the point of view of a candle. It was pretty funny.

During Reading Stamina, we practice our reading goals and write out thinking and new and interesting words in our Reading Journal. We need to believe in ourselves to improve.

In Reading, we have been doing something called the Six Thinking Hats and reading a poem called Mounton Lion. The colours were wihte hat, yellow hat, black hat, red hat, green hat and blue hat. We had fun doing it.

In CBL we have been making a sustainable environment by making houses and other buildings from paper. We have a block of land
that we make a building or house on and we also make vegetable gardens and solar cars.

In our groups we have been making solar cars we needed a cardboard boxes, straws, bottle caps and Kebab sticks.


3B’s Learning Journey – weeks 5 and 6


Here is a snapshot of our learning from Weeks 5 and 6!

Reading and Writing

In weeks 5 and 6 we read a book called Animalia because we were learning about Alliteration. It is a sentence that has the same letter at the start of the words. An example is: my mother made me mash my Mini m&m’s on a Monday morning. Miss Murray gave us a letter to write an alliteration sentence with.

We have been leaning about imagery. Imagery is when some one describes a setting and you need to imagine it in your mind. You can write about anything you want. We had to write a description of a setting and someone in our class had to draw the picture in our head and we reflected on how detailed our description was.


In maths we learnt about time and chance.

For time, Miss Murray drew a clock with paper and it said o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Then we drew the same clock and wrote o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past in our maths books. We used mini clocks and the clock in our book to help us. We learnt to tell time in quarters and in 5 minutes intervals. We also learnt where the hands on the clock go!

For chance and probability, we did an activity called the Aitken Creek Primary School Cup. It was like horse racing because we did it on Oaks Day. We had a sheet that had numbers and we had to have a dice. We needed to roll the dice two times and add the numbers together. We needed to cover the box that had the answer. We wrote scratched on horse number 1 because you cannot get a total of 1 when adding two dice toether. 8 won the most as it was one of the most likely totals from adding 2 dice together.


In CBL we are designing and constructing a sustainable community. We made groups with 3D and 3F. We went into 3 groups. One was Community Council with Miss Murray, Environmental Monitors with Miss Kichakov and Architects with Miss Mayor. Then we completed our action canvas and begun our designs.
Thank you for reading,
from 3B

3B’s recent learning!

Hi, we’re 3B and we are going to share with you our learning over the past few weeks. Our blog post includes our learning from Reading, Writing, Maths and CBL.


Reading – by Emerson, Saja, Mehul, Nick and Isabella

Today we are going to talk about what we have been doing in reading sessions. We have been looking at Cause and Effect and read texts  such as Horton Hears a Who and The Lorax to help us with understanding it. We looked at needs and wants while reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.


We have also been learning about Text to Self, Text to Text and Text to World.

Text to Self is when you connect a text to something that has happened in your life.

Text to Text is when you connect a text to another text.

Text to World is when you connect a text to something that has happened in the real world.

Writing – by Alycia, Natalie, Onil and Mohammad

We have been learning about lots of poems in writing. The poems we learnt how to write are: 5 senses poem, haiku poem and diamante poem. We found it tricky. Here are some examples:

Haiku                                                                Diamante  

We began group conferencing during writing. In group conferencing we had groups where we were able to help each other. We edited our writing and if we needed to add more detail or do the right structure we got Miss Murray to photocopy our work so we could cut it up and reorganise it or add more detail. Here is an example:

Before                                                                  After      

Maths – by Talia, Blake, Gabriel, Mariah and Abaan

In the last few week’s we have been learning about multiplication and division, and capacity.

In multiplication and division we learnt the link between them. Multiplication is groups of and division is sharing a value into groups. We used the book, The Doorbell Rang, to help us with this.

In capacity we looked at millilitres and litres. We learnt that a shower uses 8L per minute. A full flush of the toilet uses 9L of water and a half flush uses 4.5L of water. We also got to design out own Magic Potion and we had to use 6 ingredients to equal 600mL without any ingredients equalling exactly 100mL. We had to use our addition and subtraction knowledge to make sure we didn’t go under or over 600mL.


CBL – Shrey, Kaan, Ali S, Blessing and Jaylen

We have been leaning about sketchnoting, sustainable houses and deforestation. We have also been growing our own plants.

Sketchnoting is drawing and writing our learning. We watched some videos about suatainable housing and sketchnoted our thinking and learning.

We have also been learning about deforastation, which is, cutting down trees. The effect of this is animal habitats are getting destroyed and animals are dying.

Sustainable houses are houses that use solar panels, low energy usage, using reusable bags and using water tanks.

We also learnt that plastic bags harm the environment and that litter from our school can end up in the Great Pacific garbage path in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The video we watched was:


We hope you have learnt something new just like us!

From 3B