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Good Health and Wellbeing

Hello are names are Blake, Jaylen, Nick and Mohammad. We are talking about Good Health and Well Being.

I’m Blake and I am doing exercises.

I’m Jaylen and I’m doing fruit 🍉.

I’m Mohammad and I’m doing running 🏃

I’m Nick and I’m doing vegetables 🌽

Running makes you healthy and strong 💪 Exercises are good and you could get a 6 pack.  Fruit is healthy for you and vegetables are good.

Watch our video to see how you can get healthier!


From Blake, Jaylen, Mohammad and Nick

Zero Hunger

Hello our names are Talia and Onil. We are from 3B and we are here to let you now about Zero Hunger.

Did you know that 795 million people will be hungery tonight?

  • Aronud the world too many families struggle to feed their children nutritious meals.
  • 2,000,000 people in Victoria are hungery
  • 2,000 ,000 breakfasts served to hungery kids
  • We’re now feeding healthy breakfasts to 1,000 students a day in 500 of the most disadvantaed primary schools across Victoria

Without the work of Foodbank Victoria and over 900 community patners each month, 134,000 Victorians would not receive the emergency food relief assistance they require.

You can help by donating to Foodbank Victoria at

Thank You



Life on Land

Hi, my name is Kaan from 3B and I am letting you know about Life on Land.

10,000 species are going to be extinct every year. The worlds forests are getting way to polluted for animals to live.

More then 100 birds could die from all of the litter in the forests and other kinds of species could be be able to die as well.

When cans get thrown in to the forests  even little animals could die and sometimes some animals eat rubbish and die.

When people throw  too much rubbish at the same time and a lot of birds eat some more then 40 birds could die and some trees could die.

By Kaan.

Spanish in term 2


This term in Spanish we focussed on learning about food and physical activity. First, we worked in groups on creating a short role-play about a particular meal: ‘desayuno’ (breakfast), ‘colación’ (snack), ‘almuerzo’ (lunch) or ‘cena’ (dinner). Each group chose food items eaten in each meal, and learned how to translate these items into Spanish online. We learned that while we can’t always trust Google Translate, it can be a very useful tool. After translating, we wrote scripts, using some English, our translated Spanish words, and two phrases we learned: ‘¡Tengo hambre!’ (I am hungry!) and ‘Voy a comer…’ (I am going to eat…).

When we had all presented our work, we moved on to learning some new vocabulary about sport. So many sports in Spanish look or sound just like they do in English! Rugby, Hockey, Fútbol, Boxeo, Atletismo… We enjoyed finding out some Spanish words about a sport of our choice.

Riley from 4D loves sport! See how proud he is of his work on ‘Baloncesto’.

Finally, we got curious!  There are so many people living in each of the many countries where Spanish is spoken… what sports did they like? Did they invent any sports? Do they go to the Olympics?

After sharing what we were all wondering, we set about to find some answers. Did you know that Panama, a Spanish speaking country in Central America, has the third best Baseball team in the world? Fascinating!

Keep practising Spanish at home during term 3. One way you can practise is by using this website We use this website often at school.



Hi my name is Natalie. I am going to be telling you that we have to take care of trees because trees are dying.


Thank you!


Hi our names are Ali and Shrey.

We are working on C.B.L and our goals are Climate Action and Life Below Water.

Together we made this blog post to persuade people.

This is the information we listed.

  • Petrol burns in cars and the pollution destroys the ozone layer and that lets in the sun rays and the temprature gets hot and ocean animals go endangered.
  • Pollution leaves a gas called sulfur dioxide wich goes in the clouds and fills it with sulfuric acids an d when the water falls out it pollutes oceans and plants.
  • We should only use buses,trains and bikes so their is a lower amount of cars on the road.
  • Pollen and dust can pollute as well.
  • Pollution  can leave cancers and viruses.

What we can do to help…

  • walk to school.
  • ride a bike.
  • put your rubbish in the right bins

Thank you for reading this.

We are Emerson, Makayla, Isabella and Mariah. We are in 3B and our goal is Clean and Affordable Energy.

We made a poster to save electricity and money for bills.



Thank you!

Clean Water and Sanitation – UN Sustainability Goal 6

Hello my name is Ali S from 3B.

I am here to let you know about Clean Water and Sanitation.

Did you know…

  • 783 million people do not have access to clean and safe water world wide?
  • 40% Of the world’s population doesn’t have access to a toilet?
  • poor sanitation causes diarrhoea related diseases?

You can help by buying toilet paper, tissues and paper towel from a company called Who Gives A C**p. Yes, it is not an appropriate word to put on here but they are a real company that helps providee clean water and toilets to people and communities in developing countries.

For more information please visit their website:

Thank you from Ali S


Good Health and Wellbeing – UN Sustainability Goal 3

Hello, our names are Alycia and Blessing from 3B.

We are going to give you some information about Good Health and Wellbeing and how you can help!

We decided to look into Good Health and Wellbeing because we wanted to learn more about it.


Do you know that if you eat junk food you can get obesity? Obesity is not a good thing as it can lead to heart disease or Type 2 Diabetes.

You can reduce the chance of obesity by swapping junk food for healthier options.

Here are some information sheets to help you make healthy choice:

Reading Food Labels


Portion Sizes for Children


Healthy Food Groups


Portion Sizes For Adults


Games for the children (computer needed):

Food Balance Game –

Weigh Up Your Lunch –


I hope you can join us in making healthier choices with the food we eat!

Alycia and Blessing

Quality Education! UN Sustainability Goal 4


Hello, my name is Gabriel from 3B.


Did you know that 58 million children cannot go to school to get a basic primary school education.



To help people learn in schools and become smart I think we should do a donation. This will allow kids from around the world to go to school and make them very happy. This will also help children have better lives and learn things like writing, maths and sport.



You can support this goal and other UN Sustainability goals by being a part of Just One Day or writing a letter to the government.

Just One Day is a company that provides the opportunity for children in developing countries to go to school to get an education. All you have to do is live simply for Just One Day!


For more information on how you can help, visit:


Please help me support Quality Education for all!

Gabriel 3B