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Grade 3 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With the start of Term 4 underway, we’ve begun to learn how to say and identify various items that we would normally find in a park. This learning will then take us towards touching on the ACPS Term 4 CBL topic, which is Environment. This unit of learning has particularly engaged us since we love the items that are to be found in a park, such as playgrounds and play spaces for children.

‘I’ve been enjoying learning about things we find  in a park’ – Lachlan (3C)

‘In Spanish, I enjoy learning how to speak Spanish and how to say different words’ – Luke (3C)

Non – Campers: Group 2

Hello and welcome!

Over the past 3 days we have been doing some exciting activities, such as making pizza muffins, participating in a ninja warrior course, forensic science puzzles, origami, lego robotics and we watched Toy Story 1.

We also got an extra session of our specialist.

Making pizza muffins:

On Thursday we got to cook our own pizza muffins in staffroom 2.

“While waiting for our muffins to cook we wrote up our own procedures informing the reader on how to make their own pizza muffin” – Ahmed 3C

‘We got to design our own pizzas and participate in a drawing contest’ Zahira 4D

“I got to make my own recipe” Davika 3B

Ninja Warrior: 

We got to participate in our own ninja warrior course on the BIG playground!

“Some obstacles were a little bit tricky” – Farwa 4E

“It was fun and challenging but I still liked it!” – Alara 4E

“We got to climb the Eiffel Tower!” – Adele 4B

Forensic Science:

On Friday we investigated in forensic science. We got to participate in a range of different activities.

“We got to study our finger prints” – Ahmed 3C

” We got to guess what was in the mystery box” – Davika 3B

“We had to try and solve puzzle from a crime scene” – Farwa 4E

“We had to describe the room without looking up!” Zahira 4D

Lego Robotics:

In lego robotics we got to work as a team to make lego creations that move!

“We had to download an app on our iPad to make the lego creation move” – Janav 3E

“Some people couldn’t make the creation they wanted but they still had a go!” – Daksh 3C

“When we were making our lego creations we could use the app on our iPad to  make it change colour and make noise” Suprateek 3E


In origami we learnt how to make different things by folding paper in a certain way.

“I got to make a ninja star” – Arda 4C

” It was very challenging so i only got time to make one thing” Alara 4E

“We used our ipad to watch tutorial videos” Davika 3B

“Some of us got to make more than one creation!” Zahira 4D


Non-campers Group 1!

Hello everyone!

This week was CAMP week and we were lucky enough to be in Group 1 with Miss Murray and Ms Dhammi!

We participated in a number of fun activities over the past 3 days.


During cooking we made our own pizzas using english muffins as our bases. We had mushrooms, tomato sauce, cheese, spinach and italian herbs to choose from for our pizzas.

“The pizzas were so good!” – Bailey

“I thought it was fun getting to choose our toppings” – Eshal

Lego Robotics

In Lego Robotics we worked in groups to make a robot out of lego that could move by connecting it to our iPads.

“We used out imagination to create cool things” – Hazim

“We worked as a team to complete our work and created cool masterpieces” – Riley


We learnt how to make creative things out of paper. We got to choose what we wanted to make and got to watch tutorial videos on our iPads to help us.

“Origami was the best!” – Janna

“I found it tricky” – Jaipreet


We watched Toy Story 1 with Group 6, Miss Kaya.

“I liked how they represented the characters in it” – Ahmed

“I thought Toy Story was going to be boring but it was actually really good” – Mohammad

Ninja Warrior

We did an obstacle course on the playground. We then watched Ninja Warrior Junior because it was raining.

“It was the best thing ever because I was very good at it” – Emre

“I enjoyed it so much I did it a second time” – Ishan


In forensic science we were learning how finger prints work and how police solve crime mysteries.

“The fingerprinting was very messy” – Natalia

“The puzzle was tricky to solve but we worked as a team and solved it!” – Aleisha

We had a lot of fun during the non-campers program!

From Group 1

Grade 3 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Since we learnt how to describe ourselves in Term 2, we have started Term 3 learning how to describe other things and objects, such as a variety of animals and objects found in playgrounds. We’ve also enjoyed the freedom of choosing which specific Spanish words we learn throughout each lesson since this makes us more engaged in our Spanish learning!

‘I’ve learnt how to say different zoo animals in Spanish’ – Fabyan (3F)

‘I love using Kahoots  in Spanish’ –  Charli (3F)

Grade 3 – Term 2 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 2, we Grade 3s have started learning the words that used to describe ourselves physically and our personal qualities. We have had fun describing ourselves, both on the outside and inside. We now look forward to learning and identifying which key qualities we should have to help us manage successfully a situation in which Survival (the Term 2 CBL topic) is crucial!

‘In Spanish we do really fun stuff like use Rockalingua and use our iPads to improve our Spanish vocabulary’ – Leyla (3F)

‘In Spanish, we are learning about how to say stuff about ourselves and our qualities, as well as write that information down in sentences’ – Ekam (3F)

‘Something that I have enjoyed in Spanish is writing down the physical descriptions of our appearance and also our personal qualities’ – Sophie (3F)

Anzac Day Assembly

On Wednesday the 24th of April, we attended a whole school assembly to commemorate Anzac Day which is on the 25th of April. We held this assembly to remember the soldiers who have fought and died for our country and also to this of those who are serving now.

We made a wreath to place down at the assembly to show our respect to those who have fallen. Afterwards we listen to a special poem, called ‘The Ode’ and listen to a bugle play. During this time we had to stand still and be quiet during the minute silence and this was a time to think about the soldiers and their sacrifice.

A few things we discovered about Anzac Day include:

Luke: “We celebrate Anzac Day on April 25th because that is when the troops arrived at Gallipoli in Turkey during WW1”

Ahmed: “I learned that the bright red colour from the poppies represents the blood of the soldiers”

Paarth: “I learned that ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corp”

Grade 3 – Term 1 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Grade 3, we learnt all about the different types of family members. This gave us the opportunity to create our very own family trees in our books. We also got to dress up as different family members and pose for a family picture.

‘I liked Rockalingua because there’s a lot to learn there’ – Emir (3C)

‘I enjoyed dressing up as a family member’ – Aleyna (3C)

Health and Physical Education

Hi everyone,

In the last couple of weeks during Health and Physical Education we have been learning how to drop punt an AFL football. We have been practising how to hold the football, to drop it down onto our foot, and point our toe to our target. Some of us have been lucky to receive help from SEDA AFL students. We have been having lots of fun!


Miss Chetcuti

Who We Are: We Are Artists!

On the 14th of March, Aitken Creek Primary School held a ‘Collaborative Art Project’ to celebrate “Who We Are: We Are Artists!” We had a great attendance for the event and were excited to see our families and parents creating art with us and showing off their creative talents! It was such a nice opportunity for us to connect with each other and The Arts!

We continued our project over the next few weeks during our Art sessions, so that everyone in the community had an opportunity to contribute and to explore our artistic skills. What did we learn from this event? That we are all artists!

Our display is now up, and continuing to grow. We are impressed by the uniqueness of everyone’s piece and we can really learn a lot about our schools identities as we explore the individual artworks and connect them together.

Thank you to everyone that attended. We hope you have the opportunity to check out our display near the school library.

3C’s Cultural Exhibition (CBL solution)

We have been working extremely hard on our CBL solution to the challenge “Respect our own and others identity”.  We decided we would research cultures that were interesting to us but we didn’t know much about them.

Abhijit: “I wanted to research more about Syria so I could understand my buddy more”

Emir: “I chose Syria because my friend is from there and I wanted to learn more about him and his culture.

Daksh: “I chose Pakistan because I wanted to learn more about Ahmed’s culture.

Once we were in groups, we filled out our action canvas and decided on the steps to take to find our information. We had to make sure that the information we were researching was from a reliable website and when it was found, we had to make sure we paraphrased our sentences to make sure we don’t copy the words of someone else.

To present our information we decided to use the Mac Books to create a google slide presentation for the culture we investigated. It was really fun to use the new program and learnt a lot of new skills.

To make our presentation more interesting for people to view, we made props about the various things we discovered.

Our exhibition is on display in the school library for our entire school community to explore and enjoy. We would love to know what you thought of it, so please leave a comment once you have viewed the exhibition.