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Anzac Day- Discovery

This term we have spent some time in Art creating a display for our Schools Anzac Day ceremony. We have learnt about the symbolism of the poppy and have created paper poppies using acrylic paint. In addition, we have also used our prior knowledge of using water colour paints to create some Anzac sunsets for our display. Our display a way of commemorating the sacrifice may Australians made for our country.

Term 2 – Our Learning!


These past two weeks children were exposed and occupied in a range of provocations based on the big idea ‘Discovery’. Children attended the Discovery gallery to explore the different provocations such as letters, maps, artefacts, videos, books and much more. They were given the opportunity to document their thinking, wonderings and understandings of the Australian History in their CBL journals. Throughout the term children will be using their CBL journals to document their thinking and learning. The provocations provoked interest and curiosity, children continually used their background knowledge to make connections to the provocations and to predict their purpose and importance.

“I wonder where the prisoners came from.” – Eva

“I remember this from last year, Captain Cook sailed across the ocean to find land for the convicts” – Jaisal

“I wonder how long it took for the ships to arrive at Botany Bay” – Farzad

Anzac Day

Children were exposed to a range of activities to better develop their understanding of Anzac Day. We watched an episode of Behind the News to take a look at the conflict from every angle from what life was like in the trenches to what things were like on the other side. Children were encouraged to sketch note during the episode as a form of note-taking. The episode covered: The Gallipoli Story, The Last Post, Life in the Trenches, The Turkish Perspective, The Animals of WW1 and Anzac Biscuits. We also researched answers to our research questions after the video.

Anzac Wreath  

3C created a class wreath to present at our Anzac Day commemoration assembly to remember and show respect to those who fought in WW1.


For Writing, we have been learning how to write a procedural text by identifying the structure and key features. Students watched a video on how to make Anzac biscuits numerous times to find the materials/ingredients used and the steps to make Anzac biscuits for the method section of our procedural text.


In maths, we have learning how to read large numbers. Children identified the pattern when reading numbers. We noticed that each group contained ones, tens, hundreds; Example: thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions, ten millions, hundred millions etc. We were amazed at how easy it was to read large numbers! The commas assisted us in reading numbers up to billions.


Exploring the Art of indigenous communities

This term we have been exploring Papier Mache’ as our Art medium to make Australian animals. We got our inspiration from the Artist Peter Murray. He is an indigenous artist from Melbourne and we explored his work while looking at Indigenous art form different communities around Australia.

When we have finished constructing them we will decorated them with dot painting similar to the animals in his paintings.

We can’t wait to finish them this week!

Essendon F.C Player Visit

On Monday the 5th of March, the grade three students were fortunate enough to have six players from the Essendon Football Club visit our school as part of their community visits. We had Tom Bellchambers, Jake Strike, Dylan Clarke, Josh Green, Devon Smith and Mark Bagley visit us and speak to our students.

We were able to ask them different types of questions about A.F.L, the types of injuries they have had, their opponents and teammates and why they love and play footy.

We absolutely loved being able to invite the players into our school community and wish them all the very best for the 2018 season.

Exciting 2 weeks!

AFL Essendon Players

The 3 visitors that visited the grade 3’s were from the Essendon AFL team. They spoke about the importance of having a heathy lifestyle. They try to always eat healthy such as vegetables. The AFL players only eat McDonald’s once a month, that’s why they get strong and play well. When they don’t eat healthy they can get injured during a game and trust me it hurts! You might not believe me but it really isn’t worth eating the bad food

“Do you collaborate with your team?” – Shahwaiz

Community walk

On the 27th of February we went on a community walk with 3A. We went straight after lunch time, we had to grab our hats and water bottles because it was a very hot day. During our walk we observed the different types of things that are in our local community ‘Craigieburn’. We noticed houses, arcare, schools, bus stops, police, shopping centre, library, medical centre, Splash, parks, cafes and much more!  We also walked by a construction site, the footpath was very narrow so we had to squeeze together. We made predictions of what the new site will consist of, some of us said gas stations, others said cafes and others said stores. Our walk took us nearly two hours, we were all very tired when we got back to school.

“I’m in the blue zone because I am so tired” – Shahwaiz 

After our walk, we completed an activity on finding the coordinates of the different locations that are in our community, it was very fun! 


On the 9th of March we used Ozobots to locate the different places on our birds eye view community map, they’re cool little robots! They sensor the colours black, green, red and blue. This is how to use them.

Step 1: Create a map with the colour codes. The codes are provided with the Ozobots. For an example to make the Ozobot speed fast use the colour code blue black blue.

Step 2: Get an Ozobot and turn it on. When it flashes that means it’s on.

Step 3: Put it the location home on your map and allow it to follow the track and colour codes you have created. 

We took a video of the Ozobots and shared it with the class. It was so much fun! Remember if you want to know how to use the Ozobots just read this blog post

“Ozobots can sometimes be crazy” – Decklan

What is PIE you ask?

Have you heard of the Author’s Purpose? It’s as easy as PIE. Let’s start with P, P stands for Persuade. It is when the author tries to convince you believe or try something new. I stands for Inform, the author is trying to tell you facts and information on a certain topic. Lastly, E stands for Entertain. The author is trying to make you enjoy the text you are reading.  

Special Guest!

Dear parents and students, we had special guests visiting 3C and 3A last week. Those special guests were police officers! We asked the police officers questions about their job and the important role they have to keep our community safe 

I asked how it felt to be a police officer, the police answered “It is good to be a police officer because you get to help other people and that makes me feel good” – Kiran


Thank you for reading!



Zones of Regulation

For the past 2 weeks we have been learning about the Zones of Regulation. Miss Shabo introduced the zones of regulation using a great video! We had to guess the different zones the clips were and give reasons why we thought that. We then had to list as many emotions as we know on the whiteboard. The white board was full of sticky notes! Sorting the emotions in the zones was the next step. We then expanded our emotions vocabulary by researching synonyms for the most used emotions. For an example the synonyms for sad are blue, gloomy, glum, down, depressed, melancholy and unhappy. To create our classroom display for the Zones of Regulation, we all chose and drew an emotion and then Miss Shabo laminated them and put them in the different zones.

“I’m in the blue zoon because I am so tired” – Shahwaiz


Dear parents/guardians we are from 3C and today we are going to tell you what we done for our goals. First we came to the floor and wrote some CAFÉ goals together. Miss Shabo had a plastic bag with all our names in it. She pulled them out one by one, when it was my name I had to pick my goal. One of the café goals was ‘I can identify interesting words example flabbergasted’ this was under the heading E which stands for Expand Vocabulary (I know, find and use interesting words). I now know the word ‘flabbergasted’, it means surprised! This was also done for our VOICES goals.

“Maybe we can change goals every week” – Eva

“My reading goal is I can stop at punctuation” – Lucas

Classroom Library

We had to sort our classroom library that had books everywhere! Firstly we brainstormed the 8 different sections for our classroom library. Together we decided on the 8 that was best for our classroom library. We chose Chapter books, Non-fiction books, Tree house books, Bad Guys books, Comedy books, Disney books, Dr Seuss books and Fiction books. We decided which group we wanted to be in. Miss Shabo put all our classroom books on the floor, we had to get all the books that belonged to our group. These books went in a white tub.  In our group we decorated and labelled our tub, this way we can easily look for the books we want! And it is much more organised.

“Look! I drew green eggs and ham because one of the Dr Seuss books is Green Eggs and Ham” – Aram


Year 3 Communications!

Thank you to all parents, guardians and students for such a wonderful transition into Year 3, 2018. We really appreciate all the support and interactions that we have already had in regards to learning experiences within the classrooms.

We highly encourage all family members to be involved in your child’s learning throughout the year. To do this we have a range of communication methods that you can access for each class. Our wonderful and enthusiastic students will contributing to these with their work, feedback and photos displaying the learning they have been involved in. We would love if you could access these and look through them as a family to discuss the learning experiences. Class teachers and specialist teachers update these regularly.

Year 3 Blog

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Classroom Design

We looked around the class and noticed our classroom environment looked dull. There was no carpet, cushions and cool furniture. As a class we discussed what a great classroom looks like, sounds like and feels like. We then discussed what a birds eye view map is, we all sat down together and spoke about how we wanted our classroom layout. Looking at where we want our tables, whether we want high tables, low tables and different shaped tables. We also thought about where to place our lockers, classroom library, sanctuary space and the TV. Together we created a birds eye view map on how we wanted our classroom to look like.

Now our classroom looks outstandingly amazing!” – Isabella

What makes a great teacher and classmate!

Dear parents and fellow students, as a class we created two posters of what makes a great teacher and what makes a great classmate. Each poster was split into 4 squares and had the titles ‘Is, Does, Says, Is not’. We wrote words on sticky notes for what a great teacher is, what a great teacher does, says and what a great teacher is not. This was also done for what makes a great classmate.  

A great teacher is full of rainbows” – Eva

Labelling our belongings

We organised our books by gluing different book covers and also organised our pencil case on the first day of school. We then constructed our book boxes together, for some students it was difficult whereas others found it easy. The students that did it easily helped others that were struggling. We then created and designed labels for our book boxes and tubs. 

Have you decorated your belongings yet? Well if you haven’t you better get to it because after you have finished it will look glorious” – Ela

5 Finger Rule

Miss Shabo made these cool bookmarks that have the five finger rule so we can always remember how to choose ‘just right’ books. We decorated the bookmarks so they could be laminated. We learnt how to choose ‘just right’ books by following the five finger rule. You choose a book, open to any page and begin to read. You put a finger up for each word you don’t know. If you have 0-1 fingers up that means it’s too easy, 2-3 fingers means it’s JUST RIGHT and 4-5 fingers means it’s too hard. This helped us choose a book when we went to the library for the first time this year. We all borrowed a picture story book, a non-fiction book and a chapter book.

“I hope you now know how to choose a just right book” – Aoun and Farzad

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day was on the 6th of February. In 3C we watched a few cyber smart videos to help us create our pledge to provide a safer and better internet. Another word for pledge is ‘promise’. Some students wrote on the pledge ‘I will not give any personal information out’. After that, we watched other videos to get a better idea on how to use the internet. We also looked at cyber bullying, a lot of people get cyber bullied online which is NOT ok. The next activity was creating our very own cyber smart hero’s, students wrote their cyber hero name, drew a picture of their cyber hero and wrote notes all around the hero on how to be cyber safe.

Written by 3C 

Thank you for reading!

Welcome to Grade 3!

Welcome to the Year 3 blog for 2018! Our blog will be used to share all the amazing learning experiences that is taking place at ACPS. We highly encourage students, parents, families and carers to visit our blog on a regular basis and make comments on different posts. If you are making comments on our blogs please be sure to use first names only to maintain privacy.

Our individual class blogs will help the students learn many important skills, like communicating safely and appropriately in online environments, writing posts, revising and editing, uploading images and files, communicating with others and much more.

This year the Year 3 team consists of six classes:

3A – Miss Kichakov

3B – Mrs Finger & Mrs Gibbs

3C – Miss Shabo

3D – Ms Surgeoner

3E – Miss Mayor

3F – Miss Alebakis

Classes will work collaboratively and independently throughout the year. We highly encourage regular visits and comments to our blogs. Your involvement and interaction is an important element to bridging communications from school to home.

Kind Regards,
Year 3 Teachers

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