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Identity- Paper sculptures

In Art this year we have created some amazing personal paper sculptures about ourselves. We used the letters of our names to create the structure of the sculptures and we decorated each letter with drawings about ourselves and the things we like. We wanted to share some of these with you and hope that you come along to the Aitken Creek Learning Journey showcase to see more of our wonderful work.


Non-campers Group 1!

Hello everyone!

This week was CAMP week and we were lucky enough to be in Group 1 with Miss Murray and Ms Dhammi!

We participated in a number of fun activities over the past 3 days.


During cooking we made our own pizzas using english muffins as our bases. We had mushrooms, tomato sauce, cheese, spinach and italian herbs to choose from for our pizzas.

“The pizzas were so good!” – Bailey

“I thought it was fun getting to choose our toppings” – Eshal

Lego Robotics

In Lego Robotics we worked in groups to make a robot out of lego that could move by connecting it to our iPads.

“We used out imagination to create cool things” – Hazim

“We worked as a team to complete our work and created cool masterpieces” – Riley


We learnt how to make creative things out of paper. We got to choose what we wanted to make and got to watch tutorial videos on our iPads to help us.

“Origami was the best!” – Janna

“I found it tricky” – Jaipreet


We watched Toy Story 1 with Group 6, Miss Kaya.

“I liked how they represented the characters in it” – Ahmed

“I thought Toy Story was going to be boring but it was actually really good” – Mohammad

Ninja Warrior

We did an obstacle course on the playground. We then watched Ninja Warrior Junior because it was raining.

“It was the best thing ever because I was very good at it” – Emre

“I enjoyed it so much I did it a second time” – Ishan


In forensic science we were learning how finger prints work and how police solve crime mysteries.

“The fingerprinting was very messy” – Natalia

“The puzzle was tricky to solve but we worked as a team and solved it!” – Aleisha

We had a lot of fun during the non-campers program!

From Group 1

Grade 3 – Term 1 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Grade 3, we learnt all about the different types of family members. This gave us the opportunity to create our very own family trees in our books. We also got to dress up as different family members and pose for a family picture.

‘I liked Rockalingua because there’s a lot to learn there’ – Emir (3C)

‘I enjoyed dressing up as a family member’ – Aleyna (3C)

Health and Physical Education

Hi everyone,

In the last couple of weeks during Health and Physical Education we have been learning how to drop punt an AFL football. We have been practising how to hold the football, to drop it down onto our foot, and point our toe to our target. Some of us have been lucky to receive help from SEDA AFL students. We have been having lots of fun!


Miss Chetcuti

Who We Are: We Are Artists!

On the 14th of March, Aitken Creek Primary School held a ‘Collaborative Art Project’ to celebrate “Who We Are: We Are Artists!” We had a great attendance for the event and were excited to see our families and parents creating art with us and showing off their creative talents! It was such a nice opportunity for us to connect with each other and The Arts!

We continued our project over the next few weeks during our Art sessions, so that everyone in the community had an opportunity to contribute and to explore our artistic skills. What did we learn from this event? That we are all artists!

Our display is now up, and continuing to grow. We are impressed by the uniqueness of everyone’s piece and we can really learn a lot about our schools identities as we explore the individual artworks and connect them together.

Thank you to everyone that attended. We hope you have the opportunity to check out our display near the school library.

Student Leader Shrine Excursion

On Tuesday 26 April, Student Leaders took a day from their learning and caught the train into the city to visit the Melbourne Shrine. It was the first time most of us had visited the Shrine – or even taken the train! – and we had an absolute ball throughout the day!

We left Craigieburn at 8:35am and after arriving at Flinders Street station, caught a tram up St Kilda Rd until we reached the Shrine tram stop. Catching the train and tram was a highlight for a lot of us and we had fun trying to keep our balance on the tram as it rocked along the road!

At 10am we were at the Shrine to meet Drew, who is a volunteer guide there. He spent an hour with us and took us on a tour of the main areas within and around the Shrine. After watching a video that told us why the Shrine was built (and how), we walked outside and discussed the huge losses that WW1 had on the population of Victoria (and the world) as well as the forward thinking of General Monash. According to Drew, he added the words “and women” to the quote on the side of the Shrine:

“This monument was erected by a grateful people to the honoured memory of the men and women of Victoria who served the Empire in the Great War of 1914-1918”

It was here that Drew separated us into groups to explain the huge losses and injuries that soldiers, nurses and others would have faced at the end of WW1. As an example, out of the 14 of us there would have been four who died and did not come home; seven who came home injured, disfigured or disabled in some way; and three who would have arrived back in Victoria healthy in body – but of course, mentally traumatised in some way by what they had faced. This would have then affected their families and friends………

After we had been given an idea of the results of WW1, we walked around to see the statue of Man and Donkey, stood on the Forecourt admiring the view towards the city and the soldiers practising their formations for the commemoration service the following week, walked up the imposing staircase and then spent time in the Sanctuary, where we had a small service which displays how the Remembrance light moves across the stone at 11am on the 11th of November each year. We then laid poppies in remembrance and walked downstairs to the crypt to see the Father and Son statue.

The Father and Son statue honours the courage and sacrifice of two generations of Victorians who served and died in the First and Second World Wars. We also thought it represented standing up for others, bravery and watching each other’s backs. We thank Drew for the wonderful information he shared and the enthusiasm he used to share this with us. We really enjoyed walking around the Shrine with him and were disappointed we only had an hour!

However, after we ate lunch we were able to go back into the Shrine and spend another hour or so walking around the galleries. We saw posters, pictures, artefacts and spent time reading rolls of names of those who had served. Some of us even tried to find the names of relatives on these rolls! This was a favourite part of the day for many of us – there is so much to look at and see!

After a climb to the balcony to admire the view, we stopped by the Eternal Flame to again pay our respects and then headed back into the city through the Botanic Gardens.

Following a break at Federation Square, we caught the train back out to Craigieburn for the last leg of our excursion. It was such an amazing day learning some new and interesting facts and wandering around the Shrine and the city!

Last year we represented our community at the Legacy School Anzac Day Commemoration Service, but this year we were unable to do so due to a date clash with our 5/6 camp in the last week of school.  We are so glad we were able to still visit the Shrine to pay our respects this way and pass on the respects of our school community!

As Student Leaders, we are scripting and hosting our whole school ANZAC Day assembly – it will be held on Wednesday 24 April at 2:30pm. We welcome everyone to come and pay their respects with us on this day.
We also invite the school community to join us at the Craigieburn commemoration service held on April 25 at Anzac Park – there will be a dawn service held, followed by the morning service which starts at 10am.

3D and our goals

3D and our goals

We are trying to smash our class goal of working as a team. During game times, we weren’t including every team member. We made a solution to our team problem, we helped include others by making sure everyone got a go in our games. We encouraged everyone in our class to join in and to try their best!

When we play games in 3D everyone feels included!

3D are readers!

In 3D we are working on our individual reading goals. We are working as a whole class to remember our daily readers on Wednesday and Friday. We are developing our skills in remembering our responsibilities with our readers. When we all bring in our readers we are looking forward to earning a class game!

We are showing the school values of respect, responsibility and achievement by working on our goals! 

3D are writers!

We are writing a story together where the food is alive and the witch is a banana! Our genre is a comedy and a fairy tale. We are sharing our ideas with each other so that we have funny and entertaining stories. We are writing a story using ideas from our plans to describe characters and our setting. We find it entertaining making our own stories.

3D and Identity

In CBL we are learning about identity in different countries. We are learning where they live and how they speak. Next week we will be performing in our assembly.  During our lessons we have looked at different parts of identity such as food, language, religion and flags. We will be dressing up in different cultural clothes, including our favourite sporting costumes and other clothes that make up our identity. 3D is looking forward to performing and hope parents and carers come to watch us. We will have plenty of pictures to share in our next blogg.