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Student Leadership Group 2019

The time to apply for Student Leader is here and if you would like to apply, here are some of the things that you might get to be involved in.
Leadership Training

When you become a Student Leader, you attend a training day that teaches you the skills you need to be a leader. It is challenging but it helps you become a confident and proud Student Leader.


Hosting assemblies can be frightening, but as a Student Leader you get to give it a go. Stage fright is ok, but all the attention is on you. And sometime, you even get to write the script yourself!

House Points

Student Leaders get to collect House Points from around the school and you might even get to calculate them before announcing them to the school at assembly.

Attending Events

As Student Leaders we were able to attend the ANZAC Day Schools Commemoration at the Melbourne Shrine. And it’s not just ANZAC Day, you will be able to attend many special events outside of school!

Meetings with teachers

You will be expected to attend meetings and to help organise, plan and discuss things among the team throughout the year.

Promoting Events and Activities

As Student Leader you get to create a lot of posters and promotions to promote upcoming events in school like Book Week, Footy Day and others. Fundraising and photographs of the events are also collected by the Student Leader Group.

The Gnome Hunt

Have you participated in the Gnome Hunt? Yes? Well what if we said you could help organise it? That’s right, you will be able to help organise and promote the Gnome Hunt when it happens in 2019!

We hope to see you applying to be a Student Leader in 2019!
~ Bella, Cohan, Carlos


Student Leadership Applications for 2019 are open from Monday November 19.

Applications from interested students are due to classroom teachers by Monday November 26.


Poetry in 3D

For the last Few weeks we have been writing different types of poems including Haiku’s, Cinquains and Kennings. They all have different structures including syllables and number of words.

We have attached some of them for you to read.

Kennings Poems

Cinquain Poems

Haiku Poems

Weeks 3 and 4 in 3D

In reading we have been looking at summarising, visualising and vocabulary. We have been reading A Different Dog to practise these skills.

In writing we have been focusing on writing Haiku poems. We have also been using a 4 square planner to write persuasive texts.

In maths we have been doing multiplication using grouping. We have also been practising our 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s

In CBL our Big Idea is Change. We played a game to learn about the different areas of government and what they were responsible for. We have also been researching the local Hume government to find out what they do and what they are responsible for.

3D Term 4 Week 1

Last week we discovered our new CBL Big Idea is ‘Change’.  The grades all walked through a discovery of different displays of items related to Change.

One table included a ballot box for us to vote on the grade 3 sport for term 4.

Another table had all different board games so we could discuss why games have rules.

There was a table with apps, games and movies and we had to match them with the different classifications.

There was also a table with different road works signs.

While looking at the different tables we recorded questions and wonderings about our essential questions – ‘ How do rules and laws change the way we behave?’

In maths we are now looking at Multiplication. We started by looking at repeated addition and will continue making groups of numbers.

In reading we have started a new class books called ‘A Different Dog’ and we are predicting and visualising while reading the texts.

In writing we have been looking at using different narrative writing planners. We will also be looking at some poetry in the next few weeks.

CBL Learning

This term for CBL the grade 3’s had an incursion from Mad about Science called ‘Mater of Matter’

We learnt about the 3 states of matter – solids, liquids and gases -Sachiv

We tried different science experiments – Eshal

We learnt about dry ice and used it for an experiment – Alyssa and Asena

I enjoyed learning about matter – Prisha


In writing we are creating biographies about our chosen scientist.

Nikola Tesla created better electricity – Harnav

Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer – Mahdia

Isaac Newton discovered gravity – Rayshan

Makey-Makeys in 3D

Today in CBL we were exploring how to use makey-makeys. We used alligator clips and a makey makey circuit board that connects to the computer. This is called a peripheral device as it connects to the computer with a USB.

We assembled the makey makey using the instructions and we tested it out. After we had set it up we started to play games using the alligator clips to control the computer.

We enjoyed playing games – Harnav

We used fruit to make music – Prisha

We used metal buckets to play pacman – Aiden

We used paper and grey lead drawings – Mahdia

We used playdough to control the computer – Alyssa

We played a game called music makey makey – Eshal

We enjoyed playing with the alligator clips – Charli

Term 3 Learning in 3D

This term in CBL we are learning about scientists and power. We researched famous scientists and started a plan for our biography.  We also did a celery experiment with red and blue food die . We hypothesised that the leaves would change colour. We also looked at different experiments and completed the scientific method proforma.

We have been learning how to summarise the key information of a paragraph. To do this we highlight the key words and then create a sentence using those words. The summary should be shorter than the original text.

In maths we have been doing addition algorithms with regrouping. We have been learning how to use the CUBES strategy to work out worded problems.