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Learning about the convicts on The First Fleet

In writing, we have been learning to persuade an audience. We started to draft a letter to convince the reader that convicts were treated unfairly.

Here are some examples of students’ thoughts and ideas:

The convicts committed small crimes and were treated unfairly – Shyla

People were punished for being late and lazy – Zac

There wasn’t enough food and water for all the convicts but they still had to do so much work- Hazim

People shouldn’t be punished for stealing a small loaf of bread” – Cruiz

People may have been stealing to survive – Arda

The government were too harsh towards people who committed innocent crimes – Harman


We have also learnt how to paraphrase information about the First Fleet.

“Paraphrasing is when we re-write information in our own words” – Kathleen

Here are some examples of how we’ve paraphrased new learnt information.

Anzac Day- Discovery

This term we have spent some time in Art creating a display for our Schools Anzac Day ceremony. We have learnt about the symbolism of the poppy and have created paper poppies using acrylic paint. In addition, we have also used our prior knowledge of using water colour paints to create some Anzac sunsets for our display. Our display a way of commemorating the sacrifice may Australians made for our country.

Scavenger Hunt!

Today in 3D and 3E we participated in a scavenger hunt for CBL research of Australian history. We wrote down the names of famous Australians and we predicted what the people were famous for.

In our next session we will look for the QR codes and match the numbers with the person and then we will record a fact about that person.



Last week, we explored different artefacts linked to our Big Idea at our Discovery Gallery. With our iPads we took pictures of the artefacts and made wonderings about what we think each artefact was used for, who it belonged to, what it is and why it was special. We made connections with all the artefacts to find a common theme and determine the challenge for CBL.

“I think our challenge might be about travelling across the sea”

“I think it might be about history”

“I think it might be about Australia”

“I think it might be about Australian history

YAY we figured out our challenge!

Challenge: Discover our Australian history

Wonderings after visiting the Discovery Gallery:

“I wonder what the old maps were used for?” – Arda

“I wonder why Australia is so hot?” – Lara

“I wonder how the sun dials were used?” – Savneet

“I wonder when Australia was discovered?” -Brianna

“I wonder why Australia is a dry country? – Eman

“I wonder why prisoners were shipped to other countries? – Lara

“I wonder why the law and sentences were so harsh” – Zac

Athletics Day

Athletics Day was so much fun! We participated in a variety of sporting events such as long jump, sprinting, triple jump and hurdles.  We practised our skills during PE leading up to this big event!

“I liked how we got to do different types of activities” – Shyla

“I really liked triple and long jump especially when I tripped on the sand” – Haveesh

“I really liked hurdles because it tested my jumping skills and it was really fun” – Zac

“I think it was the best day ever because we achieved our goal and behaved really well and showed team work” – Kathleen

“I liked all the activities and how we helped each other” – Stefanee

Essendon F.C Player Visit

On Monday the 5th of March, the grade three students were fortunate enough to have six players from the Essendon Football Club visit our school as part of their community visits. We had Tom Bellchambers, Jake Strike, Dylan Clarke, Josh Green, Devon Smith and Mark Bagley visit us and speak to our students.

We were able to ask them different types of questions about A.F.L, the types of injuries they have had, their opponents and teammates and why they love and play footy.

We absolutely loved being able to invite the players into our school community and wish them all the very best for the 2018 season.


This week our class used digital technologies  to support our learning in both Maths and CBL.

We used robotic Lego pieces to construct different inventions that could be useful for our community. All groups decided to create various forms of transportation. A lot of teamwork was used to brainstorm, design and create each invention. We had a lot of fun being engineers!

Later in the week, we designed a birds eye view of a community. We created a path with a start and end point for a Beebot to follow. Using compass points, each partnered group made instructions to lead the Beebot to its final destination. We experienced a lot of trial and error but in the end we made it! Success!

“2 spaces North, Turn East, 2 spaces North, Turn West…”

Year 3 Communications!

Thank you to all parents, guardians and students for such a wonderful transition into Year 3, 2018. We really appreciate all the support and interactions that we have already had in regards to learning experiences within the classrooms.

We highly encourage all family members to be involved in your child’s learning throughout the year. To do this we have a range of communication methods that you can access for each class. Our wonderful and enthusiastic students will contributing to these with their work, feedback and photos displaying the learning they have been involved in. We would love if you could access these and look through them as a family to discuss the learning experiences. Class teachers and specialist teachers update these regularly.

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Debating in 3E

We are learning to persuade an audience. To practice, we participated in a mini class debate where we agreed or disagreed to different statements and provided our reasons. We moved from one side of the class to the other to show whether we agreed or disagreed to a statement.

Here are some of our examples:

Homework should be banned.

“I disagree because practice makes perfect” -Shyla

“I agree because homework is boring” – Hazim

“I agree because we do too much at home like chores” – Cruiz

McDonald’s is better than vegetables.

“I agree because chicken tastes so good and there’s already lettuce and tomatoes in burgers” – Aleyna

“I disagree because vegetables are more healthy. Vegetables make you healthy and McDonald’s makes your tummy big” – Shyla

“I agree because we can get a free toy with our food” – Balram

Children should own mobile phones.

“I agree because we can call our parents when there’s an accident” – Harman

“I disagree because we are too young for a phone” –  Stefanee

“I’m not sure because it might be dangerous but it’s also good for emergencies” – Alara

“I agree because there’s cool games on phones” – Fteh

We should have 4 days of school and 3 days of weekends.

“I agree because we need to rest and I’m always tired” – Joel

“I disagree because we have to learn new things from school” – Lara

“I agree because we need time to play on our xbox” – Meron

I like going to school

“I disagree because school is boring, at home we can do something fun” – Hazim

“I agree because I get to learn new things and play with my friends” – Jesaiah

“I agree because school helps you learn and we can meet new people and make new friends” – Eman