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3F’S Discovery Showcase

Throughout this term we have been working towards completing the challenge, ‘Discover our Australian History’. 3F have been working extremely hard on our big idea and we decided to open our classroom up to our families to investigate Australian History, like we did.

While parents were walking around we asked for some feedback on our showcase. This was great for us as we got to reflect on our strengths and areas to improve on. Here are our positives:

  • Families thought our showcase was a success
  • We were able to share our learning
  • Parents and families learnt something new
  • We spoke well

Things we can improve on:

  • Having more space for our showcase
  • Being confident with ourselves
  • Speaking louder so everyone can hear what we are presenting
  • Everyone saying something

We absolutely loved sharing our learning with you all and cannot wait to do it again soon!

Building Trust

On Friday we read a book called ‘Nobody Knew What To Do’ by Becky Ray McCain. It is a story about Bullying and how nobody knew what to do when bullies were planning to do hurt the main character Ray.

We discussed things we could do if we noticed a friend was being hurt or bullied in different situations. Here is what we came up with:

  • Use your voice
  • Make yourself comfortable in any situation, if we are not comfortable; it is okay to walk away.
  • Ask questions to understand what is going on
  • Think before we speak

After we read the book we discussed ways we can show trust by drawing a trustworthy and untrustworthy person.

Our next step was to complete a snowball fight! We needed to write an idea on a small piece of paper. The idea would be connected to how we can improve trust in our classroom and what activities we could do in the future.

We cannot wait to share these activities with you next term!


Over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at different ways we can showcase our learning from CBL this term. The Discovery Challenge is to “Discover our Australian History”.

Here is a sneak peak at what we have been doing in our classroom!

We cannot wait to share even more with you next week!


Word Mania Competition

Good Afternoon Year Three Community,

It is that time of year again, the WORD MANIA CHALLENGE is here! We would love to see all students and parents involved in the challenge. We need everyone to jump onto Word Mania and play as many times as you can to build up the highest possible scores. Last year our Year Two students achieved a tenth placing on the National Leaderboard and won some amazing prizes.
Together we can achieve great things, so let’s get playing!

Accessing Word Mania:
Word Mania is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. Simply log in to LiteracyPlanet on desktop and click on the Word Mania icon, or can download the free Word Mania 2018 app (iOS and Android). Students use their LiteracyPlanet login details for Word Mania.

How to Play
Word Mania is an interactive online word building game. Players are given a board of 15 randomly generated letters, and have three minutes to create as many words as they can. Every valid word formed earns points. Longer and more complex words score higher, and scores can be boosted by building valid words consecutively, and using special Gold and Diamond letter tiles. Word building uses various literacy skills: phonemes, morphemes including affixes and plurals, spelling, word recognition, vocabulary and word knowledge. Students can play as many times as they like, and the sum of the highest 50 game scores by at least five students from the same grade will be their school’s score for that year level.

$350,000 in Prizes!

Word Mania Dates:
Practise – Thursday, May 17 – Sunday, July 29.
Competition Round 1- Monday, July 30 to Friday, August 3.
Competition Round 2 – Monday, August 6 to Friday, August 10.
Final Round – Wednesday, August 15 to Friday, August 17.

For more information visit:

Parent Open Morning

Today, we were very lucky to have some of our parents join us for our Education Week open morning. Education Week in 2018 is all about celebrating the arts and we celebrated one of Australia’s best illustrators, Shaun Tan. Shaun Tan is from Western Australia and has always loved drawing. He has also worked as a theatre designer for animated films such as WALL-E.

We began our morning by reading ‘The Lost Thing’ – written and illustrated by Shaun Tan. The Lost Thing is a story about a boy who discovers a bizarre-looking creature.  Each person is unhelpful in their own way; strangers, friends, parents are all unwilling to entertain this uninvited interruption to day-to-day life. In spite of his better judgement, the boy feels sorry for this hapless creature, and attempts to find out where it belongs.

We were so inspired by the text that we decided to use our creativeness and imaginative minds to build our own lost thing. Take a look at some of our incredible works of art.


Buddy Reading

This week at ACPS we are celebrating Education Week! Education Week 2018 is all about celebrating the arts and is an opportunity for our school to showcase the work we are doing.

As part of Education Week we got to share our favourite stories with our buddies. We were able to take turns, and show respect by being great listeners and giving feedback to our grade one buddies.        

On Monday we also conducted Science Experiments with our buddies. To see the outcome of our experiments, head to the year one blog by following this link:

Better Buddies Day 2018

Do you know why we do Better Buddies Day? 

Better Buddies day is here to teach us to be more safe, respectful, responsible, friendly and caring in our community. It was set up by The Alannah & Madeline Foundation who wants  every child to live in a safe and supportive environment. Today with our buddies we did a photo scavenger hunt, lip sync dance battle, fruit artwork and sang about fruit in Spanish. Please continue reading this blog to find out more about what we did.

For PE, we completed a photo scavenger hunt with our buddies. We were given a list of photos we needed to take and we went outside to move around different areas to find our photos. Some of the things that were on the list were, everyone doing a model pose, the whole group hanging upside down and a photo that looks like you are flying. It was a great time with our grade one buddies.

Our next session was called Lip Sync Battle. It was so much fun. In the Lip Sync Battle we had to choose a song and pretend we were singing and dancing to the beat. After creating our videos we got to share it with the whole class. In conclusion it was fantastic and we had an amazing time collaborating with our buddy groups.

Today in art we made faces out of fruits and vegetables, We got to make our own faces with different pictures and got to name our artworks. Some people made funny faces with a grade one and showed teamwork at the same time. We used lettuce, carrots, watermelons, apples and grapes to create the eyes, nose and mouth on our faces. At the end people laughed and enjoyed the faces different groups made.

After creating our fruit artworks we listened to and sang a Spanish song about fruit. The song had some fruits in English but it was mostly using Spanish names for different types of fruit. We talked about our favourite fruits and why it is important to eat fruit to keep us healthy.

We had such an amazing day with our buddies completing different activities throughout the day. We collaborated as a team and tried our best in each task. It was a fantastic to see everyone participate and have fun!

Anzac Day- Discovery

This term we have spent some time in Art creating a display for our Schools Anzac Day ceremony. We have learnt about the symbolism of the poppy and have created paper poppies using acrylic paint. In addition, we have also used our prior knowledge of using water colour paints to create some Anzac sunsets for our display. Our display is our way of commemorating the sacrifice may Australians made for our country.

Play Pod

This morning we were lucky enough to go to our fabulous PlayPod with our buddies. We were so excited to build and create new things.

Some of the materials we have in the PlayPod are:

  • Barrels
  • Foam
  • Tyres
  • Material
  • Wood

We got to make a lot of different things and discover new uses for materials. The most important skill we practiced was sharing and collaborating with us, as we were being role models for our grade one buddies.

We cannot wait to go back!