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Writing Showcase

Over the last four weeks 3F have been working on their own Narratives. We first started it by planning out what we wanted to write about, then we drafted it in our writing books and after that we needed to revise and edit our work to make sure our writing makes sense and we don’t have any mistakes.

We got to publish using iPads, MacBooks and Paper.

We were able to share and celebrate our published work by working in groups to read out our Narratives and give warm and cool feedback to our group members.

Sink or Swim Incursion

Today we were very lucky to go to a Sink or Swim Incursion. We learnt about different ways we can be safe when water is around us.

If you are at the beach you should swim between the red and yellow flag because that is the area the lifeguards have declared safe. However, if you pass the red and yellow flags the water might be unsafe.

There are other types of flags you can see at the beach. If you see a black and white flag that means that it is a surfing area, which means it is an unsafe place to swim because there are surfers catching waves.

When you are at the beach and you see a red and white flag that means that the beach is closed because of dangerous weather, sharks are close to the sand and other wildlife is around.

Did you know that if you are under the age of 18 years old, you must have a life jacket on before you get on a boat? This is a law!

When you are in a pool area and you can see someone is drowning, never jump in to save them otherwise you can do more damage. Instead throw an object that can float in front of them so they can hold it to their chest and float. If an adult is struggling in the water, lay down on your tummy outside the water, and pull them in with a noodle until they are safe.

Parents you need to be in arms reach of children under 5 years old if they are in a bath or any type of water. Between the ages of 6 and 10 you need to be actively supervising children and they need to be in sight.



Over the past two weeks, 3B and 3F have been working extremely hard on our CBL solutions to help ‘make a rule for positive change’.

We have been wanting to change the way we behave outside, especially littering, how we use our clubs, wearing hats outside and how we use the toilets.

Some of the skills we have been demonstrating during this process have included

  • collaboration
  • team work
  • staying focussed on the task
  • managing our time wisely
  • everyone has a job to complete and contributing their fair share

Stay tuned as we share our solutions and evaluate the success of our actions.

Thanks for reading

From 3B and 3F

State Governments

Today we have been looking at the Responsibilities of the State Government.

Before we read a text we needed to document what we already knew about their responsibilities. Here is what we thought:

  • “I am not sure what the state government is responsible for” – Japnoor
  • “At first I thought the Premier didn’t do much.” – Manaal
  • “First I thought the government didn’t do a lot ” – Jack
  • “I thought that state government rules the law” – Riaz

After reading our text we noticed that because we got more new information our thinking has changed because of what read.

Here is what we think now:

  • “Now I think that they take care of lots of things in our state” – Ayaan
  • “Now I think they are responsible for more than what I first thought” – Jayden
  • “Now I think that the state government is doing a  lot of things, like building more schools” – Azra
  • “Now I know the state government is in charge of managing bushfires and flood relief. They also help provide us with electricity” – Mahnoor.

Student Leadership Group 2019

The time to apply for Student Leader is here and if you would like to apply, here are some of the things that you might get to be involved in.
Leadership Training

When you become a Student Leader, you attend a training day that teaches you the skills you need to be a leader. It is challenging but it helps you become a confident and proud Student Leader.


Hosting assemblies can be frightening, but as a Student Leader you get to give it a go. Stage fright is ok, but all the attention is on you. And sometime, you even get to write the script yourself!

House Points

Student Leaders get to collect House Points from around the school and you might even get to calculate them before announcing them to the school at assembly.

Attending Events

As Student Leaders we were able to attend the ANZAC Day Schools Commemoration at the Melbourne Shrine. And it’s not just ANZAC Day, you will be able to attend many special events outside of school!

Meetings with teachers

You will be expected to attend meetings and to help organise, plan and discuss things among the team throughout the year.

Promoting Events and Activities

As Student Leader you get to create a lot of posters and promotions to promote upcoming events in school like Book Week, Footy Day and others. Fundraising and photographs of the events are also collected by the Student Leader Group.

The Gnome Hunt

Have you participated in the Gnome Hunt? Yes? Well what if we said you could help organise it? That’s right, you will be able to help organise and promote the Gnome Hunt when it happens in 2019!

We hope to see you applying to be a Student Leader in 2019!
~ Bella, Cohan, Carlos


Student Leadership Applications for 2019 are open from Monday November 19.

Applications from interested students are due to classroom teachers by Monday November 26.


Fun Run

Last week we completed the 2018 Fun Run. We had to complete 3 laps outside the school. It was fantastic to see everyone participate and have a great time walking and running with their friends. As well as trying their personal best.


Investigating Rules and Laws

Today 3B & 3F were researching rules and laws in Australia. We have used QR Codes, iPads and MacBooks to help us with our research. We needed to paraphrase the information we found. Our groups were mixed between 3B and 3F students and we needed to participate to get our work done and share our ideas.


  • Today I learnt that every four years you need to vote for who is going to run the country or state  – Jack
  • Today I learnt that if you don’t vote you can get a fine – Elenice

Road Safety 

  • Today I learnt that road safety is extremely important because if you aren’t safe on the roads you could get seriously injured – Lilly Y
  • If a child is in the front seat when airbags go off it can be deadly – Zain
  • When you are driving you cannot look at your phone because if you are not looking at the road you could have an accident – Mason
  • I learnt today that the size of an L plate is 150mm with a black L and yellow background. There are two different types of P plates, one is red and the other is green – Noah
  • Today I learnt that Victoria was the world’s first state that said you have to wear seat belts in the car – Mia


  • The movie rating was added in 1984 because adults don’t want their kids to be watching violent movies. Kids should be watching G or PG movies with parent permissions.  –  Mahnoor
  • X 18 + is Australia’s version of R 18+ – Will
  • You need to show proof of your age when watching an MA15+ movie otherwise  you won’t be able to watch the movie – Navroz
  • MA15+ might involve drug use, swearing and inappropriate scenes – Ayaan

Colour Poems in 3F

Over the past week we have been looking at poems. A colour poem creates visual images in the readers mind connected to a particular colour. Colour Poems do not need to rhyme.

Take a look at our Colour Poems.


Purple is the sight of halloween lights

Purple is the sound of doors opening for trick-or-treaters

Purple is the smell of pasty face paint

Purple is the touch of silky costumes

Purple is the taste of yummy candy on your teeth

Purple makes you feel scared like on Halloween Night.