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Week 9 Blog post

Hey everyone,

The UN goals are set goals that the world need to reach by 2030 in order to make the world a better place. We are focussing on goal 11 sustainable cities and communities for our CBL solution to change.  We have brainstormed different problems in order to create solutions, stay tuned for next week when blog about our CBL Expo.

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From 4B

Week 7 Blog

Hey Everyone,

Recently we have been learning about writing different kinds of poems. We started writing Poems about different characters in Stormboy, We looked at poetic devices such as rhyming and rhythm, Line breaks, Stanza’s, Repetition, Imagery, Alliteration and Onomatopoeia. We have found if difficult at times but we are really enjoying it. The easiest is an acrostic poem!

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Student Leadership Group 2019

The time to apply for Student Leader is here and if you would like to apply, here are some of the things that you might get to be involved in.
Leadership Training

When you become a Student Leader, you attend a training day that teaches you the skills you need to be a leader. It is challenging but it helps you become a confident and proud Student Leader.


Hosting assemblies can be frightening, but as a Student Leader you get to give it a go. Stage fright is ok, but all the attention is on you. And sometime, you even get to write the script yourself!

House Points

Student Leaders get to collect House Points from around the school and you might even get to calculate them before announcing them to the school at assembly.

Attending Events

As Student Leaders we were able to attend the ANZAC Day Schools Commemoration at the Melbourne Shrine. And it’s not just ANZAC Day, you will be able to attend many special events outside of school!

Meetings with teachers

You will be expected to attend meetings and to help organise, plan and discuss things among the team throughout the year.

Promoting Events and Activities

As Student Leader you get to create a lot of posters and promotions to promote upcoming events in school like Book Week, Footy Day and others. Fundraising and photographs of the events are also collected by the Student Leader Group.

The Gnome Hunt

Have you participated in the Gnome Hunt? Yes? Well what if we said you could help organise it? That’s right, you will be able to help organise and promote the Gnome Hunt when it happens in 2019!

We hope to see you applying to be a Student Leader in 2019!
~ Bella, Cohan, Carlos


Student Leadership Applications for 2019 are open from Monday November 19.

Applications from interested students are due to classroom teachers by Monday November 26.



During term three we learnt to draw human forms in the shape of superheros. We learnt to draw people using correct proportions design costumes for our superheros using textas and coloured pencils. We think we did an amazing job. Please tell us what you think of our creations.


4B Blog

Hey everyone,

The last two weeks we have been really interested in Maths and CBL.

In CBL we have been learning about Australia , by using Tour Builder to investigate different states, capital cities and landmarks. It was interesting to explore famous parts of Australia, and know where the landmarks are located.

In maths we have been learning division, it was interesting to learn about remainders. We have the opportunity to choose from a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star task. We have also looked at measurement and finding the area and perimeter of spaces within our school using a Trundle wheel.


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Week 3 Blog post

Hey Everyone,

Last week we did write on time on google drive for the first time. It was about writing a persuasive letter on why we should or shouldn’t change the school time. It was interesting to use new technology for forming our writing . and . this is going to help prepare us for Naplan next year.

We have started contributing to the lesson planning process with Miss Anderson by giving topics that we are interested in. We planned a session for our buddies that was fun but still involved learning around the school values specifically around teamwork and working together. We feel more involved in being able to contribute to our own learning. Next week for our buddy session we have planned to use technology to help learn about coding.

In Maths we have been learning different ways to solve multiplication like; arrays, distributive property, arithmetic, Japanese multiplication ect. Some people find some strategies easy but others can still be rather challenging.

In CBL this term we are using google drive for out CBL journals. We have  looked at different places like national parks, where children sleep, Biomes, the aboriginal map, puzzle map, landscape, Jeanie Baker books. We are interested in exploring Change within Australia.

Thank you

From 4B




CBL solution

HI !!!!

Our names are Kanav,Zeynep and Josh from 4B.

We want to introduce to developing resilience.

The first thing we would like to tell you about is the way to find good friends. The way to find good friends is respecting others and then they will respect you.

The second thing we would like to tell you about is how to feel good about your self. The way to feel good about your self is to ignore  mean comment.

Next we will tell you about feeling like you belong. The way to feel like you belong is forgetting about the bad things that happen in the past.

Finally we would like to tell you about having supporting friends. The way to have supporting friends is helping them and cheering for them.

Thank you for listening bye!

Our performances

Hey everyone,

On Thursday night it was the 3-6 concert. It was a BLAST! Some of us were super nervous before we went on, but once we were on stage we were confidant. Our performance was the song ‘blame it on the boogie’ by the Jacksons. We can not wait for our next concert.

On Friday we had our assembly performance with 4E, all about personal power. We created videos of how to use our  positive and negative power to influence others. We also sang a song called ‘power in me’.

It was super exciting to be apart of all these performances. We are extremely proud of our achievements throughout this term.

Hope you enjoy your holidays, because we defiantly will!

See you next term.

From 4B