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Discovering the Art of Wayne Thiebaud

We would like to share with you some of our amazing chalk pastel drawing of cakes that were inspired by the Artist Wayne Thiebaud. He was associated with the Pop Art movement and he liked to paint everyday things. He painted lots of colourful and delicious looking cakes so we had a go at creating our own. We learnt about shapes and how to turn shape into forms to draw our cakes. We then learnt how to shade our work by blending tones and experimenting with light and shadow effects.

Cities at sunset- Discovering mixed media drawing and painting techniques.

Last term we created some amazing mixed media drawings of imaginary cities using watercolour paint and oil pastels. We discovered different ways to use these materials in Art to create different effects and designed some imaginary cities to apply our drawing process.

We think that everyone created some really amazing effects using reflections and sunsets and really mastered mixed media drawing and painting techniques. What do you think of our works?


Powerful contrasts in Art

As part of out CBL investigation of power we have been exploring how contrasts in artworks can make them visually powerful.

We explored the theme by making Zebra drawings using line and shape as our stating point. When we finally learnt to draw our Zebras using lines we then experimented with colour contrasts until we discovered what combinations work best. After this stage we applied two contrasting colours to our drawings and completed them with a patterned background to make the Zebras stand out.

We really enjoyed making these drawing and are very proud of what we have created. We hope you like them, please let us know what you think.

First Week back

Hey Everyone,

This week we looked at the ‘Weird, Dare and Tough’ books by Erin Frankle. They are about same scenario but from different perspectives. We created open minded portraits for the three different characters where we made inferences about how the characters were feeling and justified our responses with qoutes. We then create a triple venn diagram where we made connections between the three characters.

In CBL we are focussing on Personal Power for Term 3. We have set up our CBL journals with a personal definition on what we believe power is. We created a word association page, a class wordle with words associated to power. Our initial questions and wonderings about power. We worked in teams in order to act out scenarios and identified who had the most amount of power in that situation and justified why.

This is our class wordle!

Thanks for reading

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From 4B


Hey Everyone,

This week in CBL we have been researching about  famous scientific discoveries. We have been doing this by using our prior knowledge and comparing information that we gather from a variety of websites. We came up with four key areas to research (what is it?, who discovered it?/produced it?, how was it discovered?, how has it changed our world?. We are working towards creating a presentation, in order to inform each other on different discoveries.

As a class we are researching about the discovery of penicillin, did you know it was found by accident by Alexander Flemming?.

We completed a match . up task where we matched up scientific discoveries with the scientists who discovered it.


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From 4B

Makey Makeys

Today we experimented with the Makyey Makeys. The Makey Makeys is a set which includes alligator clips, a USB to connect to the computer and a circuit board. It allows us to experiment with technology and use materials to make a keyboard.

Here is a link to the website we watched to help us understand how Makey Makey works.

We also learned about inputs and outputs. An input is something that the computer receives and output is the information the computer sends.  ‘For example, with the Makey Makeys, the input was the Makey Makey (telling the computer to do a certain thing) and the output was the game’, Zain.



Experimenting in 4B and 4E

We have been experimenting with different materials to see what would take less tome to melt ice.  We had to write a procedure of what we would do in our experiment. We first thought of a hypothesis to predict what we thought would happen when we mixed different materials with ice. We had to think about the materials we would use and the steps we needed to follow in order to be successful with our experiment.  While we were experimenting with the materials, we recorded the elapsed time to think about how long the ice took to melt, so could see which material would melt the ice the fastest. While our ice was melting we monitored the chemical reactions that were occurring. We looked at the results of our experiments and used this to reflect on our hypothesis so we could write a conclusion.

We noticed:

  • The bicarb soda took a very long time to melt the ice. The bigger part of ice stayed solid and the smaller parts started to turn white as it mixed with the bicarb.
  • In conclusion the bicarb soda did not melt the ice in 40 seconds, instead it took 25 minutes and 9 seconds to melt.
  • In conclusion the lemon juice and ice took a very long time to melt ice and salt was the quickest to melt the ice.

State Government Leader Certificates

This term our Student Leaders were presented with Certificates of Congratulations from our local State Government representative. Thank you to Ros Spence MP for recognising our excellent Student Leaders of Aitken Creek Primary this year.

Our Student Leader Group has been very busy this year so far – taking on the role of Peer Mediators during break times, hosting school assemblies, assisting with organising school wide events, writing and hosting our school Anzac Day assembly as well as attending both our local Craigieburn Anzac service and the the Melbourne school service at the Shrine.

We are looking forward to these leaders taking on more roles like these as the year continues.

Better Buddy Day

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was better buddy day, we spent 4 hours with our buddies. The first activity we did for the day was an art and Spanish activity where we made faces out of fruit and vegetables.

The second activity was a sport scavenger hunt where we took photos of our group doing things on the list, unfortunately we didn’t get to do the ones outside because of the weather.

The last activity for the day was a lip sync battle where we lip sang a song and made up dance moves to it.

We had so much fun spending the day with our buddies.


see you next time.

Anzac Day- Discovery

This term we have spent some time in Art creating a display for our Schools Anzac Day ceremony. We have learnt about the symbolism of the poppy and have created paper poppies using acrylic paint. In addition, we have also used our prior knowledge of using water colour paints to create some Anzac sunsets for our display. Our display is our way of commemorating the sacrifice may Australians made for our country.