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Athletics Day

Hey everyone it’s us 4B,

On Friday the 16th of March we had athletics day and most of dressed in our house colours. We had lots of fun on the day, we did 100m race twice once with 3A we got exhausted.

The triple jump was really confusing but we had a lot of fun trying.

We did hurdles, it was our favourite part of the day, there was 2 kids from ceda who helped us and joined in the race.

We did discuss and shot put, it was really heavy and were our last activities for the day.


Thanks for reading.


When we got back to our classroom we had a rest and did mind fullness because we were exhausted and really hot our legs were hurting.


Information reports

This week in 4B we have been learning about writing information reports.

As a class we have researched facts about Australia Day. We started with an introduction, in our introductions we tell the reader a bit about our topic.

In our paragraphs we talk about our sub topics that introduced in our introduction. The important part about writing our paragraphs is to have evidence to support our writing, we learnt that including quotes makes our writing more interesting and stronger.

We learnt a new tool to use to help us write a paragraph…it’s called

T- Topic sentence

E- Example

E- Evidence

L- Link

it helps us make sure we include all our information, it helped us to organise our quotes.

We still need to learn about writing a conclusion, and we would like to know more about quoting.



Hunters First Day at School

Hey Everyone,

On the 27th of February, Miss Anderson’s 9 week old Puppy came in with Matthew. He was very cute and he was wearing a Panda jumper. He has black and white fur, he knows how to sit and roll over. Hunter is a Stuffy X Labrador, we think he will grow as big as a wolf. He is currently teething we think he will start to loose his teeth soon. We all got to pat him and he ran around our circle.

it was very exciting! Thanks for reading 

Zones of Regulation

Hey everyone,

This week in 4B we have been focussing on the zones of regulation, they are blue, green, yellow and red these zones represent our emotions at different stages, green zone is ready to learn.

We got into groups and we each got to pick our zones out of a hat. We started to brainstorm ideas and began to plan. After the plan we drafted our script which we needed to include begging , middle and end a problem and a solution, the solution shows how we get back to the green zone.

Today we revised and edit and some of us even got to publish and make a trailer for our film.

Watch this space for more updates on our films.


Thank you for reading 4B

Welcome Post

Hi everyone 4B here, welcome back to 2018 we hope you all have been enjoying your days back at school here are a few things we wanted to tell you about.

In our school, we use iPads for our learning we have many educational apps that we use.- EM & FH

On our first day back at school we got to do performing arts with Miss Hopkins, she is really nice and we got to act. KS & AS

We all drafted and published our recipe for respect. A Recipe for respect is writing what you need to respect someone, there were many ingredients to respect. NO & ZH

Last week in Spanish we had a new teacher his name is Mr Boris and he is 30 years old we had heaps of fun in Spanish. AA & VP

Hey everybody we have been making a class puzzle to demonstrate our teamwork and community we all drew on our own piece. ID & BB

Hello everyone this is 4B and we are here to talk about our responsibility tree, everyone traced their hands and wrote what it means to be responsible its now hanging on our wall.- AS & SM

Thanks for reading our post, watch this space for more entries.



Batik painting- Nature in Art

This term we have experimented with Baitk painting. This Art style is a traditional art form in many Asian countries and is used to decorate fabrics that are turned into clothes. Our paintings were inspired by nature and we used primary colours to mix secondary colours with fabric paint. Fabric paint is runny ahd hard to control so they were a real challenge to paint. The outlines of our work were painted with cold wax- (Batik is usually done with hot wax but our pictures have the same effect as ones made using hot wax). We think our effects are really beautiful, what do you think?



Human Threat Cause and Effect Chains

The actions that people take have consequences on our environment and on biodiversity. Sometimes they can be positive and sometimes they can be negative.

We decided to show these consequences by creating cause and effect chains. Each chain begins with a human action, such as farming animals, driving a car or putting solar panels on the roof. The next link then explains what might happen because of the first action, then the next link explains what might happen because of what happened in the second link. This goes on-and-on until we get to our end point, which is either a happy or sad ending for us humans and biodiversity.


If you are ever visiting in our classroom, please take the time to read our chains, see our hard work and maybe learn something yourself.

Making Verbs Exciting

Did you know that sentences need verbs?

Did you know you can make your writing interesting by changing your verbs?

Do you know what an adverb is?

Well, let us tell you that sentences need verbs (action or being words), they can make our writing more interesting, and you can describe the verb by using adverbs.

We learnt this is writing recently.

We were given some boring sentences with very boring verbs and we had to ‘zazz’ the sentences up. We did this by:

  1. Finding the verb
  2. Changing the verb to a more interesting or descriptive one
  3. Adding an adverb to describe the verb

Here are some examples of the sentences we came up with.


Do you think they look more interesting now?

How will you make your writing interesting?


Environment- Green bag designs

This term we have been looking at environmental issues in Art to come up with designs for our own environmentally friendly green bag. First we brainstormed environmental issues that we could use to inspire our designs. We then sketched our ideas on paper using pencils and came up with a message to put on our bags.

The designs were drawn onto the bags using special fabric markers and pastels so that they can’t wash out.

We think that there are many really great designs with very powerful environmental messages on them. Have they made you think about how you can help to fix an environmental issue? We hope that our bags will make people think more about the things in our lives that impact on our environments.