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Specialist Showcase- Artrooms

We were so happy to see so many families come to see the work of students on display at the Specialist Showcase this year. Parents and students were able to come into the Art rooms and participate in a variety of activities such as mindfulness Mandala colouring, Pop Art murals painting, bubble art and experimental painting using mineral paper and inks. Everyone had a great time spending time together and making some very creative Art. Some of the Pop Art Murals from the night of the showcase still need some work. If you want to help finish them come to Art club during blue school timetable at lunchtime and give us a hand to finish them. See below for the pictures of what kids and families created.

Art Gallery – Specialist Showcase!

Were you at the Specialist Showcase last week?! It was a huge success and was fantastic to see so many parents coming down with us to see the highlights of our specialist classes. Hopefully you had a look at the Gallery while you were there because we had a great showcase of student work ranging from Term 1 to Term 3. It was like walking through a sea of colour and creativity! If you didn’t get a chance to see the gallery, or you want to see some of it again, check out the gallery pictures in this blog. There’s also some great pictures of some of us and our parents enjoying the art activities. It was pretty busy at times in the art rooms, so hopefully everyone who came a long had a chance to participate. Grade 1s and 2s had already done the activities in Miss Kirk’s room, so they were great teachers on the night to those of us that hadn’t done them before! In Miss Thomas’ room, there was painting happening for a secret picture, which she will shortly be revealing! Please enjoy these pictures!

Curiosity in Art-What is installation?

We have been curious about installations and what kind of art works they are. We have discovered that Installations are artworks that becomes part of a space or an environment and can be made by one or more artists. We made Totem poles out of tubes that represent each one of us and we plan on creating a class installation using everyone’s artwork. We were inspired by the Aboriginal memorial Totem pole installation at the National Gallery of Australia. We hope our installation demonstrates our ability to work as a team and our school values of respect, responsibility and achievement. Look out for our installation around the school, it will be finished soon.


BAR Thinker’s Key

In CBL we have been looking at the amazing inventions that people have come up with and how many of them started as what were thought of as crazy ideas. We have also looked at how many items we have today have come about from improving upon something that already exists.

We decided to have-a-go with making something new from what already exists by using the BAR Thinker’s Key, which is a creative way to make an object better.

Each letter in BAR stands for something else.

B: Bigger. Take something that is already on your object at make it bigger.

A: Add. Add a new feature to your object.

R: Replace. Get rid of something from your object that you may no longer need and put something else in its place.

An example of this is the iPhone. It has been around for a few years now BUT the screen has gotten Bigger, a second camera has been Added and the old charger has been Replaced with a smaller one.

Here are some of the amazing and creative ideas we came up with for everyday objects. We have put all of them into a book in our classroom if you would like to come and see more!


Food from Everywhere

To end Book Week, we had a class party to celebrate foods from everywhere!

There were tasty foods from India, Lebanon, Turkey, Macedonia, Italy, Australia and New Zealand…and we may have forgotten some as well! Our tummies were very full but very happy with all the delicious foods we got to try.

We could also bring in foods that we were curious about. This is what Mrs. McNamara-Moyle did when she brought in an odd sort of mango to try. It ended up being quite sour but at least we now know we don’t want to eat it ever again!

Literacy Activity for Book Week

At the end of the week, we also invited our parents and special people into the classroom to join us for a literacy activity.

This is what Rukmini has to share about the activity.

We chose a character from Book Week then we had a piece of paper to fold. On the inside we wrote some physical and personality traits.

Physical traits is when you can see how they are are like e.g. if I walk up to a girl and see that she is pretty, I can see that she is pretty.

Personality traits is where you can’t see what a person is like if they are brave, honest, evil, bad, kind, generous or naughty.

Book Week Dress Ups

During Book Week, we celebrated both in our classroom and with the other Year 4 classes.

On Tuesday, we dressed up as characters from books that we love, and if we had the book that the character was from, then we brought that in too.

All of the Year 4 classes then went to the basketball courts and each class paraded around, showing off their awesome costumes.

Congratulations to Hendrix from our class who was voted as one of the best-dressed students!

Can you find Wally in the second photo?


Rube Goldberg Machine

Do you know what a Rube Goldberg Machine is?

We didn’t know what it was either until we watched a video last week and found out it is a series of complex chain reactions that perform a simple task.

There were lots of materials provided for us to explore. But before we did, we needed to follow a thinking process.

1. Think of a simple task we wanted to perform.
2. Consider what materials might be best for using.
3. Come up with a plan.
4. Create our Rube Goldberg Machine.
5. Test our construction.
6. Evaluate if it worked and, if not, make changes and test again.

We took videos of our testing and the most important thing we learnt was


Here are some videos of our successes and failures (which, remember, are good things!)

Library Movie (5)-2dy8sv7

Library Movie (4)-v8embu

Library Movie (3)-rmfy9v

Library Movie (2)-26gqvfk

Library Movie (1)-18rkmyn

Activating Nouns

Nouns are the words we use to name a person, a place or an object.

There can be other nouns, called abstract nouns, that are things we cannot see like ‘love’ or ‘hatred’.

When we are writing, we can make these nouns much more interesting by ‘activating’ them, or bringing them to life with description.

The sorts of ways we can make them more interesting is by explaining how many there are, using opinion and factual adjectives, using classifying adjectives and explaining where the noun is.

Here is an example of some sentences we activated as a class.

We then ‘had-a-go’ on our own and shared what we came up with.

In the future, when we are revising our work we can look for nouns and use a table like the one in the photo to ‘activate’ our nouns and make our writing more detailed and entertaining for the reader.

What are fractions?

To begin our learning of fractions, we first needed to come up with a definition of what a fraction is.

We also learnt that it is also important to understand what is NOT a fraction so that we do not become confused and so that our definition of a fraction is stronger.

This is what we decided:

1. Fractions are when an object, group of objects or a number is split up into equal pieces or group.

2. Non-fractions are when an object, group of objects or a number is split into pieces or groups that are NOT equal.