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Week 4 & 5 in 4C

Hello and welcome, 

This is what we have been learning during weeks 4 & 5! 


In reading we have been learning about the main idea in non-fiction texts. We can find the main idea by looking at the title and the pictures. We can also find the main idea by looking for repeated words.

‘I found it really easy looking for the main idea in non-fiction texts’ – Sameen

‘I learnt how to look for the main idea in non-fiction texts.’ – Aekam

‘ I found that using the title helped me figure out what the main idea was’ – Emma


In numeracy we have been learning how to collect data using different types of graphs. The types of graphs we have been looking at are; Pie graphs, picture graphs, line graphs and bar graphs.

“I learnt how to collect data using tally marks’ – Saad

” I learnt how to make a picture graph to represent my data’. – Rehmat

‘ I learnt how to use different types of graphs to represent my data.’ – Sameen

‘ I learnt how to read a line graph.’ Aekam


In CBL we have been researching about Sea Monkeys! A Sea Monkey is a type of shrimp. We have also been researching about different animals life cycles.

‘I learnt that Sea Monkeys are brine shrimp.’ – Caitlyn

‘Sea Monkey eggs look like powder!’ – Madilyn

‘This term we are raising Sea Monkeys as our class pet’. – Manaal

‘ I learnt that Sea Monkeys are a sea creature.’ – Shanna

‘ I learnt that you have to wait till the water is clean before you feed your Sea Monkeys.’ – Maha


In writing we have been learning to write a procedural text. A procedural text is a text you follow to achieve something.

‘My procedural text about how to bake peanut butter cookies’. – Mia

‘My procedural text is about how to make toffee apples!’ – Sathuya

‘My procedural is about making something explode safely.’ – Aekam

The start of Term 4 in 4C!

During the first three weeks of term 4 we have been learning about so very interesting things!


In CBL we have been learning about the environment. We experimented with plants and we added unnatural things to the plants such as food dye.  We also got to Skype a marine scientist who collects whale and dolphins snot.

‘I put rocks in my plant!’ – Mia

‘I put food dye in my plant” – Sameen

‘I put grass inside my plant as well as red food dye’ – Harjap


In reading  we have been focusing on  of poems and poetic devices such as; spoonerisms, neologisms, rhythm, onomatopa, sound play and word play. We have also been learning about  diagrams and their purpose.

‘ I have been practising my reading goal which is reading with expression’ – Arda A

‘We have been learning to identify poetic devices in different types of poems.’ – Emma


In writing we have been focusing on alliterations. Alliterations are when sentences have more than one word that starts with the same letter. We have also been learning to create our own poems and include the different poetic devices in our writing.

‘I used alliteration in my writing’ – Aekam

‘We have been learning how to use poetic devices such as spoonerisms in our writing.’ – Emma

‘ In writing we have been learning to include commas in our writing to make our writing more fluent.’ Manaal


In numeracy we have been learning about money as well as how to collect data. We have learnt how to add up large amounts of money and rounding to the nearest 5.

‘ In maths I have been using mental maths to help me add up different amounts of money.’ – Sachiv

‘ In maths we have been learning about probability’ – Will

‘ I learnt how to add up different amounts of money.’ Aekam

Restart a heart day:

On the 14th of October Ambulance Victoria came to our school  to teach us how to do CPR.  We all participated in an activity where we each had a go at doing CPR.

‘ The paramedics taught me how to restart a heart.’ Saad

‘ The three main things i learnt were call, push and shock.’ Navroz

‘ I learnt how to restart a heart by doing CPR.’ Chloe



On Wednesday all of the year 4s went on an excursion to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX!

At about 9:15 we headed over to the buses, it took us approximately 50 minutes to get there.

Once we got to the Museum we got to see lots of different exhibition, they were;


Forest Gallery: 

The forest gallery had lots of trees and tunnels we could walk through.

“We saw lots of mini plants ! ” – Rehmat

“We saw a stick insect” – Maha

“There was a bird they was making very loud noises” – Mia

600 million years exhibit: 

This is exhibit was filled with dinosaur fossils, crystals and gold! This exhibit was about things that were on earth 600 million years ago!

” Everything there was old”-  Navroz

“Everything there was real!!” – Will

“It was interesting to see what earth looked like 600 million years ago” – Aekam


All the grade 4s gathered together to watch the 3D movie. Once Mr Hunt chose our class to go in we collected our 3D glasses and found a spot to sit!

The movie we watched was called  Mighty Micro Monsters.

“There was so many jump scares from the trap door spider” – Azra

“There was an insect that had super strength” – Sachiv

“It was so realistic” – Chloe

Wild Exhibition 

This exhibit was filled with different types of animals, this exhibit was also filled with screens which told you what animals were endangered or extinct animals.

“If you went upstairs their was a little room to help you see the animals up close” – Manaal

” We saw snakes that looked like toys” – Azra

” The room was filled with animals” – Emma

Bugs Alive!

This exhibit was filled with all different types of bugs!!!

“I loved how there was so many interactive things to do!” – Caitlyn

“There was alot of bugs!!” – Navroz

” We got to put our head underneath the glass where the ants were” – Rehmat

Marine Exhibit 

In this exhibit was filled with information about animals that live under water. We saw squid, fish, sharks and lots more!

” We saw a giant squid” – Manaal

” There was a place where you could see different types of jaws from different sharks” Mia


Overall we had a really good day and learnt lots about the different types of environments we live in!


Thanks for reading!!



Week 8-9 in 4C

Hello and welcome,

In 4C our big idea has been curiosity. During these 2 weeks we have been brainstorming ideas of what we could be curious about. Some people have started to make games, posters and even a kahoot quiz.

“I am curious about how trees help me breathe?” – Madilyn

” I’m curious about who created fortnite?” Joel B

“I am curious about who names all the streets?” Manaal

In reading we have been learning  how to make inferences. Inferring  is when you use clues from the text to make a prediction about the text.

“I learnt how to make inferences in non-fiction texts and use evidence to support my thinking.” Maha

” I made inferences from the book Charlie and the chocolate factory.” – Azra

In maths we have been learning about equivalent fractions. Equivalent means when two fractions are equal or the same.

” In maths we have learnt about equivalent fractions which has helped me count fractions on a number line.” WIll

“In math we have been finding our individual learning goals to help us learn more about fractions” – Aekam

Thankyou  for reading.


Week 7 in 4C

Hello and welcome!


This week in writing we have been focusing on newspaper articles! Our newspaper articles were about campers and non campers. We have learnt how to match our voice to our audience and to add detail to our sentences.

“In writing I have been working on my newspaper article about a school shut down!” Manaal

“We got to write our own fathers day card to give to our dads!” – Arda A


In reading we have been working on inferences. Inferring is when you use clues from the text to make predictions about what is happening in the text.

“We have inferred short sentences, pictures, videos and paragraphs.” – Will

“I enjoyed inferring different types of pictures” – Emma


In CBL we got to create our own tours on google tour builder. We got to present our tours in front of our peers and parents during our Journey of Curiosity night.

“I enjoyed creating my tour on tour builder.” – Aekam

” I enjoyed learning about Christopher Columbus” Rehmat


We have been learning to code spheros to make particular shapes. We have also been learning about fractions and how to represent them in different ways.

“I enjoyed coding the spheros.” – Joel B

” We got to learn about fractions using M&Ms” – Maha


Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Non – Campers: Group 2

Hello and welcome!

Over the past 3 days we have been doing some exciting activities, such as making pizza muffins, participating in a ninja warrior course, forensic science puzzles, origami, lego robotics and we watched Toy Story 1.

We also got an extra session of our specialist.

Making pizza muffins:

On Thursday we got to cook our own pizza muffins in staffroom 2.

“While waiting for our muffins to cook we wrote up our own procedures informing the reader on how to make their own pizza muffin” – Ahmed 3C

‘We got to design our own pizzas and participate in a drawing contest’ Zahira 4D

“I got to make my own recipe” Davika 3B

Ninja Warrior: 

We got to participate in our own ninja warrior course on the BIG playground!

“Some obstacles were a little bit tricky” – Farwa 4E

“It was fun and challenging but I still liked it!” – Alara 4E

“We got to climb the Eiffel Tower!” – Adele 4B

Forensic Science:

On Friday we investigated in forensic science. We got to participate in a range of different activities.

“We got to study our finger prints” – Ahmed 3C

” We got to guess what was in the mystery box” – Davika 3B

“We had to try and solve puzzle from a crime scene” – Farwa 4E

“We had to describe the room without looking up!” Zahira 4D

Lego Robotics:

In lego robotics we got to work as a team to make lego creations that move!

“We had to download an app on our iPad to make the lego creation move” – Janav 3E

“Some people couldn’t make the creation they wanted but they still had a go!” – Daksh 3C

“When we were making our lego creations we could use the app on our iPad to  make it change colour and make noise” Suprateek 3E


In origami we learnt how to make different things by folding paper in a certain way.

“I got to make a ninja star” – Arda 4C

” It was very challenging so i only got time to make one thing” Alara 4E

“We used our ipad to watch tutorial videos” Davika 3B

“Some of us got to make more than one creation!” Zahira 4D


Term 3 – Week 3

Hi everyone,

So far this term we have been exploring the history of famous explorers as our CBL topic for this term is curiosity.

In the first week of term we were exploring different provocations that sparked our curiosity.

I have been researching about Christopher Columbus! – Mia

I have been creating a timeline about captain Cook’s journey as an explorer. – Ari

I have been researching about Zheng He who is a famous Chinese explorer. – Sachiv

In writing we have been learning how to write a diary entry. We have also been working on our writers workshop!

We got to use the mac books for our write on time! – Emma

We got to listen to a sound  to help us with our writing in our write on time task. – Manaal

In maths we have been learning about shapes, division and area! – Madilyn

We have been learning how to solve multiplication and division equations! – Sathuya


Thanks for reading !



4C Class Report

Hello and welcome!


We have been learning to write persuasive pieces. We have been developing skills such as using emotive language to help us persuade our audience.

Emotive language is when we use words that make the reader feel a certain way – Will

A persuasive text is a piece of writing is used to convince the reader to agree with what you are saying – Maha & Harjap


We have been learning about the UN goals and what we can do to achieve these goals.

I learnt that you need to achieve all UN goals by 2030 – Madilyn

We created our own countries and as a class we auctioned off each right to see which rights we prioritised over others – Azra

We learnt that some children do not have the same opportunities as we did and that we should be grateful for the things that we have – Manaal

Manaal’s CBL
Will’s CBL


We are learning to ask questions about or text before, during and after we read. We are also learning how the writer makes the text interesting and what features the writer includes.

We have been focusing on our independent reading goals – Ari

We have been learning to state our opinion and back it up with evidence from the text – Sathuya

We have been learning to use our prior knowledge to help us with our understanding – Saad

Sathuya’s Reading


We have been learning to create our own maps using a key. We have also been learning to follow and give directions.

I created my own map and directions for a friend to follow – Joel FS

We have been learning different strategies to help us with our multiplication such as arrays, skip counting, repeated addition and equal groups – Aekam and Sameen

I learnt what certain symbols on a map mean – Harjap

Madilyn’s Map

Thankyou for reading!


4C Class Report

Hi and Welcome! Hola Amigo’s!

We have been working on publishing our informative narratives on the MacBooks. We have been developing our skills in using google slides by choosing different fonts to show different emotions in our writing. We chose to use google slides so that our writing is presentable and neat.

We have access to a variety of decorations and colours to add to our writing – Caitlyn
Google slides makes it easy to create a book – Navroz
Some people chose to use google docs because it makes your writing look more professional and interesting – Manaal


We created a CBL journal on Survival in Google slides. We explore different areas of survival with Miss Millers class by going and looking at different questions and items at different stations.

I am wondering what was in the bottles of liquid at one station – Saad
There were 8 stations – toys, bottles, photos, food, lego, money, clock. – Navroz
None of the bottles had clean water because when there is water in a plastic bottle. The plastic dissolves and combines with the water. – Harjap

We have been learning about metalanguage and thinking marks to show the thinking we have while we are reading. We have learnt how to notice our thinking and show evidence of our thinking through quotes from the book and background knowledge we have.

We have learnt how to apply some numeracy skills we already know such as addition, subtraction and rounding to a real life situation through analyzing and looking through a water bill. We have learnt how to analyze and interpret the data within the bill, including reading the different types of graphs and information we have been given.

What do you know about survival? What would you like to find out?


Thanks for reading!

Grade 4 – Term 1 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Grade 4, we learnt to say and identify in Spanish all the different school items we use every day. Our favourite one was sacapuntas (sharpener), which made us laugh a lot! We also enjoyed doing various activities, such as playing games that were both competitive and educational, while also requiring us to display teamwork and inclusion.

‘I enjoyed learning about how different cultures greet each other’ – Zain (4B)

‘I enjoyed using Rockalingua to learn new Spanish stuff’ – Virraj (4B)

‘I enjoyed memorising the school items’ – Eva (4B)