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Student Leadership Group 2019

The time to apply for Student Leader is here and if you would like to apply, here are some of the things that you might get to be involved in.
Leadership Training

When you become a Student Leader, you attend a training day that teaches you the skills you need to be a leader. It is challenging but it helps you become a confident and proud Student Leader.


Hosting assemblies can be frightening, but as a Student Leader you get to give it a go. Stage fright is ok, but all the attention is on you. And sometime, you even get to write the script yourself!

House Points

Student Leaders get to collect House Points from around the school and you might even get to calculate them before announcing them to the school at assembly.

Attending Events

As Student Leaders we were able to attend the ANZAC Day Schools Commemoration at the Melbourne Shrine. And it’s not just ANZAC Day, you will be able to attend many special events outside of school!

Meetings with teachers

You will be expected to attend meetings and to help organise, plan and discuss things among the team throughout the year.

Promoting Events and Activities

As Student Leader you get to create a lot of posters and promotions to promote upcoming events in school like Book Week, Footy Day and others. Fundraising and photographs of the events are also collected by the Student Leader Group.

The Gnome Hunt

Have you participated in the Gnome Hunt? Yes? Well what if we said you could help organise it? That’s right, you will be able to help organise and promote the Gnome Hunt when it happens in 2019!

We hope to see you applying to be a Student Leader in 2019!
~ Bella, Cohan, Carlos


Student Leadership Applications for 2019 are open from Monday November 19.

Applications from interested students are due to classroom teachers by Monday November 26.


Poetry in 4C!


This term we’ve been focusing on poetry. We’ve been learning about different poetic devices such as alliteration, similes, metaphors, repetition, onomatopoeia and rhyming. We’ve also been analysing other people’s poems to see what we notice.

Alliteration is when you use the same letter at the start of a few words such as rough red rocks – Ansh

Onomatopoeia is a word that imitates a sound like BANG! or CRUNCH! – Clayton

We started investigating poetry by going to the pond outside and used our 5 senses to write down what we noticed.

From our notes we turned them into poems! Here is some of our work:

What is awesome about poetry is you can write about your feelings, capture a short moment in time and be creative.

Have you tried writing poems before?


During term three we learnt to draw human forms in the shape of superheros. We learnt to draw people using correct proportions design costumes for our superheros using textas and coloured pencils. We think we did an amazing job. Please tell us what you think of our creations.


What a fun week!

We had a great Fun Run this week. Together we ran 3 laps of the school block. It was very hot and tiring but we made it! When we started we had soo much energy and by the end we exhausted!

I had a lot of fun walking with my friends – Inaya

I had fun with Blessing because she kept telling jokes – Emerson

The Fun Run was great because we got to meet some new people – Angel

Also this week we had visitors that taught us Spanish dances like the salsa. Some students got to dress up in costumes like the big frilly skirts you can see in this picture.

In Spanish class we played ‘Who Wants to be a Millionarie’. We researched information about South America.  Did you know that the longest river in South America is the Amazon? Some of us won a chance to cook next week with Mr Boris.

What a busy week for 4C!!

Bye for now!

Multiplication in 4C!

We’re back!

This term in maths the grade 4’s have been learning about multiplication. We’ve been looking at different tips and tricks to learn our times tables such as using your hands to practise your 9 times tables. Together we have explored different ways to show multiplication through arrays, equal groups, repeated addition and skip counting.

Here are some of our think boards we made this week:

We also played some fun games like Land Grab where you roll two dice and colour in the array. The aim is to grab as much land as you can.

For the past week, we’ve been practising a song with 4A to perform at assembly. The song is about counting by 8s to learn your 8 times tables. You will also teach you some of our times table tricks. Hope to see you there!

Our Outstanding 3-6 Year Concert!!!

Last Thursday we had our 3-6 concert and the gym was jam-packed with guests. There were lots of wonderful performances on the night.

When we were back stage we were all very nervous and excited to perform. Our song was a 90s hip hop mash up of ‘Ice Ice Baby’, ‘Can’t Touch This’ and ‘Everybody Dance Now’.  Our costumes were a black tshirt, black pants and a check shirt tied around our waist.

As soon as the song started to play we used all our energy to perform our best to the crowd. All our hard work and practise has paid off!

A special thank you to our 2 amazing Performing Arts teachers for all their hard work!!



This week is Book Week and we got to dress up as our favourite book characters. The theme this year of Book Week is Find Your Treasure. On Tuesday was our dress up day and we had a parade with all the other Grade 4 classes.  We saw so many great and cool costumes!

I dressed up as Captain America because I like all the details of the costume – Jason

I dressed up as Matilda because she reads books and books have treasure!! – Gurnoor

I dressed up Cleopatra because she has lots of history behind her story – Hazal

Here are some of our costumes:

We even got a visit from a special Green Crayon aka Miss Kingsley!!

During the parade Miss Officer came around with her sheep and let us pat him!

Don’t forget that the book fair starts today! 4C can’t wait to buy some books!

P.E with 4C

During PE this week with Mr Muscari, we played a new game called the Rock, Paper, Scissors Challenge! We were divided into two separate teams and Mr Muscari laid out 10 hula hoops across the gym. When the teacher says “GO”, one team member from each side runs and plays rock, paper, scissors with each other. Whoever win keeps on going to try to make it to the other side. If you lose you go back to your team. Mr Muscari got the idea for this game from a viral video on the internet.

Then we played indoor soccer; blue team vs green team. The score was 1-0 in blue’s favour. Onil scored the winning goal!

P.E with 4C is always a fun time!!