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Non Campers Program

Grade 3/4 camp is on from Wednesday May 31st until Friday June 2nd. For all children not attending the camp, they will be participating in the non campers program which will run during normal school hours.

All non campers will need to meet on the basketball courts on Wednesday morning to be divided into their groups for the activities for the three days. Students will stay in the same group and in the same room for the three days of the non campers program. There are great fun learning activities planned for the three days including cooking, science experiments, team building challenges, Sphero coding etc. Students who have iPads please bring them charged ready to use as usual.

Reflecting on our Learning

Maths with Spheros

During maths over the last few weeks we have used Spheros (robots which can be coded with an algorithm). We needed to find out what a square meter was (1m2). We used the apps Tickle and Lab to control the spheros. We has to make 1 square metere in the app using an algorithm. We experimented using speed, time, angles and degrees. The sphero can be coded to change colour when you clap.

It was really challenging! Check out our video here.


From Ayan, Jake, Riv and Ryan

House Design

In maths we have been employed as an architect and we have been given the challenge to design a dwelling for a family, couple or single.  We were aloud to have 504 square metres for our design. We learnt that a dwelling is another name for a house.  Our class used the Spheros to measure a square meter and used a measuring wheel on the oval to see how big our house would look like.

Tomaia, Kashyap and Eliot

Education Week

Better Buddies Day

On Wednesday the 24th May we had Better Buddies Day. This is when we dress up in purple and spend time with our buddies. We made a dance that used PE and Performing Art.

We also made rain shakers that made sounds like the rain. In Spain and Chile they believe that when you shake it the rain will fall. These are what they look like.

We also had to bring $1 coin donation which went to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. You can find out more about their charity here.

Open Morning

In Education week on Thursday we had an open morning. During the open morning we did the ‘Maths Challenge’. Children, parents and guardians were all helping out. The challenge we took on was the ‘Make the Most Challenge’. In the ‘Make the Most Challenge’ you were given 19 icy pole sticks and you had to make the most shapes using the  sticks. The shapes were not allowed to share a common side. What shape do you think will allow you to make the most shapes?

Cayden, Harsha and Abeel

Nude Food

Friday the 26th of May 2017 has been Nude Food Day. We were not supposed to bring plastic bags or wrappers. We were allowed to bring peels because they might help the environment. On Nude Food Day you could wear your house colours such as; red, green, orange and blue. You could bring nude food easily by using a lunch box that has containers. Try to bring nude food EVERYDAY!!!! 😀

By Ali, Mahrosh, Josh and Adriano

Reading Fluency

In 4C we have been practicing our reading fluency. We have been learning about and creating a fluency rubric. We have come strategies that we explored. The strategies are rate, phrasing , stress and pausing. We have been using the strategies to help us in reading. It especially helps people that read fast or slow.

By Yas, Ava and Brahmleen

UN Goals

We have been learning about the 17 UN goals. All these goals will help transform our world and make it a better place. We can all help recreate our world. We can all help empower our life by changing equality, climate change and having less poverty.

Check out the link to the 17 UN Goals. You can help the world be sustainable.

From Stella, Samreen and Oneli

Mt Evelyn Year 3/4 Camp

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The year 3/4 camp is fast approaching.

All children attending camp need to be at school between 8.30am – 8.45am. They will need to go to directly to their classrooms.


If you have identified your child as needing medication please bring this medication to Ms Kingsley (Room 42) or Ms Huntly (Room 37).

Student Clothing and Camp Items

Below is a list of items that you should bring to camp. Please put your name on everything and make sure that you have adequate rain gear. Camp activities can continue in the sunshine and the rain. Older, warm, comfortable clothes are preferable to fashionable ones.


  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow


  • Waterproof raincoat is essential (nylon jackets, sweatshirts, and fleeces are NOT waterproof)
  • Warm Jacket
  • 5 x Shirts (including long sleeves)
  • 3 x Warm Jumpers/Windcheaters
  • 3 x Long Pants (Tracksuit pants, Cargo Pants etc.)
  • 6 x Pairs of Socks
  • 6 x changes of underwear
  • 1 pair of pyjamas
  • 1 pair of runners
  • 1 pair of boots – such as gum boots (suitable for wet weather)
  • 1 pair of thongs (for showers only)
  • Beanie
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Scarf (optional)


  • Plastic Refillable Water Bottle
  • Bath towel
  • Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair brush)
  • Tissues or handkerchiefs
  • Torch
  • 4 x plastic bags for dirty clothes


  • Money
  • Mobile phones, iPads and iPods or computer games

Student Camp Program

If you have any further questions please see your child’s teacher.


Year 3/4 Team


Term 2 Health and PE

Hi all,

In Health and PE this term, we have been focussing our learning on soccer skills. In soccer, we are learning the correct kicking techniques when passing to our team members and scoring goals. It’s so much fun to learn new skills and games we like to play at break times. I can’t wait to see what sport we’re learning next! Watch this space!


Mr Muscari and Ms Abbas


4C’s Term 2 so far…..

We have jumped straight into learning in Term 2. Here of some of the things that 4C have done.

Are you being a Wally with water?

We were given a task on Showbie to complete. The purpose of the task was to read a water bill and find out if you are being ‘water wise’ or a ‘Wally with water’.  We had to look at the water bill and find out different information that it was telling us. The first thing we had to find out was how much water we used daily. We needed to find out if we were using too much water or a perfect amount of water. We found this challenging as many of us had never looked at a water bill before. We really loved doing the activity because it was fun and challenging.

Eliot, Josh, Cayden and Adriano

How old will you be in 2030? What kind of world do you want to live in?

In  2030 I will be 23 years old. The world I want to live in will be full of flying cars and diamonds will be easy to find as I would have developed my own diamond detector. I will be very rich and will be able to have anything I want (Miss Kingsley told me to “remember who your grade 4 teacher was”).  I also want Pokemon to be real and science will be better where we will be able to develop better things. The shoes we will be wearing will not have laces however magnets will replace laces making shoes easy to get on and off.


Community Walk

4C and 4A went outside the school on a community walk to see the outside world, nature and to find out what makes a community. We needed to notice what developments are happening in our community and why they are happening. We predicted what Craigieburn looked like 10 years ago and what the paddocks across from the school might look like in 5 years and why they will look like that. We noticed the population of Craigieburn is increasing and many young families are moving to the area. We walked all the way down to the library, past the Splash centre , Sprint athletic track. We all made it back very tired!

Ayan & Ryan

Survival Journals

Every term is a new challenge and every new challenge is a new journal to write. Our journals are where we write our answers and thoughts about the ‘Big Idea’. Ms Kingsley challenged us to try using a different App to record our wondering in. We discovered a new App called Keynote which is an Apple App. It has similar features to Powerpoint and Google slides. The best thing about Keynote is that is has exclusive Apple features which allow us to animate our writing and photos. In our journals we write about different things that relate to survival such as animals, food, water, etc.

Layla’s Survival Journal

Layla & Kashyap

Gender Equalities

Some of the girls have realised that gender equality is not equal. Women have been treated with less respect than men. We girls also realised that there has not been many women leaders in parliaments. In the olden days women could not go out but men were able to. Female teachers were unable to marry and if they did they were immediately dismissed. Society has traditionally expected women to stay home and take care of the house. We need to take a stand women! GIRLS NEED RESPECT.

Mahrosh, Tenayah, Brahmleen & Samreen

We were presented with books on our table with the question ‘What do you notice about these books?’. After looking through the books we found out that most of the main characters were boys! We also found out author from Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling was told by her editor to write her name using only initials so that when people went to buy the book they did not know that she was a girl. If you are wondering her name is Joanne.

Ava, Stella and Yas

What will our world look like in 2050?

We had a big class discussion around technology that might come about in 2050. Some theories were flying cars, teleporters and time machines. There were lots of various ideas. after we had our discussion we recorded our own theories in our CBL journals.

What do you think our world will look like in 2050?

Rivindu & Uzair


Commemorating Anzac Day

ACPS held a whole school assembly to commemorate Anzac Day on Thursday 20 April. It was led by the Student Leadership Group who presented information on Anzac Day as well as personal poems and family stories relating to this day.

All classes created a wreath and these were presented by a class representative during the assembly. The school also paused to listen to the Ode, the Last Post and reflected during a one minute silence before ending the assembly by singing our national anthem.

Thank you to all the parents who attended this assembly. It was fantastic to see so many in the audience to support the student leaders and the school with the commemoration.

The students all did an amazing job of being respectful and calm during this important assembly of remembrance. Congratulations to them and our teachers as well for supporting our students.

How do you commemorate Anzac Day?


It has been a fantastic beginning to the school year with many happy and excited faces eager to join in and participate in PE. During Term 1 students at Aitken Creek Primary School in years 3 and 4 participated in a weekly one hour tennis program directed by the Hume Tennis Centre in Craigieburn.

Through the participation of the program students learnt about gameplay, the rules of tennis and the different hitting technique they use being the forearm and backhand. They have done a great job and demonstrated our school values of respect, achievement, teamwork and responsibility  whilst out of school grounds.                                                                   


Well done grade 3 and 4!

National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

17th of March is National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

We celebrated the day by constructing a rap about Anti-Bullying, role plays to abolish bullying and created posters to prevent bullying.

During Reading we went onto the website One Million Stars to find out what the organisation does and how we could get involved. We created woven starts from ribbon. Each star represents a person’s commitment to practise light, hope, courage and solidarity (mutual support from a group).


Amazing Bloxels

Hi Parents and Friends,

We have been using some new digital equipment to help our learning. Ms Kingsley introduced us to Bloxels.

Bloxels are blocks that you place in a grid and scan it to create your own game.

During Reading we asked some questions that we had about Bloxels. We then independently explored the website to find out how to use them. We recorded important information about how to use them in our reading journals so we could refer back to it at another time.


From here we then used a 100’s chart to colour code our own games. We had to think about all the different types of blocks we could use, such as terrain, coins, hazards, enemies, water, exploding block, story blocks and power ups. Once we were finished we needed to create a tally and then graph how many of each colour block we used to construct our game.


From here we moved into writing a procedure on how to construct our game. We needed to use 100’s chart positions to explain to the reader where to place the colour blocks. For example: place a coin block in the 100’s chart position of 26, 27, 28 & 29.

We then gave our writing to a partner who read our procedure back to us while we followed the instructions to build it. This allowed us to think about if our instructions were clear for a reader to understand. Once constructed it was time to play!!!!!

Check out the Bloxels app to construct your own Bloxels game!

From 4C! 😎

4C’s Week Reflections

Hi Parents and Friends,


In CBL, 4C has been learning about the big idea ‘Identity’. We have been showing our learning identities with the world through Twitter. Our identity can be in many different forms, from eye colour to our whole life. Identity is one of the things that vary from one person to another. We learnt this by doing many activities to study identity – From Rivindu and Tomaia.

Write On Time

We are using our Write On Time books to help us write about images, videos and sounds. When we brainstorm we connect our ideas to get an image in our head. We write the first things that it reminds us of and make word connections with these. We are able to choose different text types to write. Here is the link to our stimulus this week- From Anmol and Ava.


Some of us are focusing on reading at a smooth pace. If you don’t know what that means it is when you read like you are talking. This is our goal because some of us read really fast and some talk slow, like a robot. We hope to achieve our goal – From Tenayah, Stella, Ayan, Eliot and Riley.


We have been doing spelling investigations recently we have been working on ‘tion’, ‘sion’ and ‘cian’ words. We looked around the classroom and looked in books for words. We learnt new and interesting words for our word wall and write. The ‘cian’ words were really interesting to look for because they were the hardest to find. We found out that they all linked to occupations – by Mahrosh, Layla and Brahmleen.


We have been learning to form numbers in lots of different ways. These include word form, expanded form, base 10 form and worded base form. As a whole class we reconstructed a 100’s chart to demonstrate our knowledge of place value. We had to crack the code of symbol meaning to make a 100’s chart.


In Spanish this week we have been learning to know about each other using a puzzle and iPads to communicate our Identity. During Art we have been colouring our names in and making them into sculptures. In Performing Arts we have been working on plays that represent our holidays. For PE we have been going to the tennis club and developing our tennis skills – From Jake and Josh.

From 4C 😎