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Our Learning in 4D

On the 14th of October paramedics from Ambulance Victoria came to visit and taught us about CALL, PUSH, SHOCK as a part of Restart a Heart Day. In an emergency where somebody collapses, you would call 000 and tell them where you are, what happened if the person is breathing. If they aren’t breathing you push on their chest to the beat to the song Baby Shark which is 2 compressions a second! Look for the AED sign which helps restart your heart if it’s needed.

In CBL we planted our own plants with a group to see how they will be affected by the environment. We wrote a hypothesis about what will happen and had a constant and variable to compare them both.

My variable is to see if my plant will grow without sunlight – Devyan

My groups variable plant is growing a little bit – Stef

In my group we are trying to see if our plant can grow by watering it orange juice. No growth yet – Riaz

Have a look at our twitter for pictures of our learning!

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Day at the Museum!!

Hi everybody,

Hope you had a great first week back at school! Well we did!

On Wednesday we just had an excursion to the Melbourne Museum and Imax. At the museum 4D saw some very interesting exhibts like history of Melbourne,  about marine life, dinosaurs and wild animals.

We also got to go to Imax and watched the 3D movie ‘Amazing Micro Monsters’ about bugs and their special powers.

I really like the history of Melbourne like the horse Phar Lap – Mahnoor

Something I found interesting was marine life. I really like the giant squid – Charli

Imax was cool. It was like you were in the screen – Stef

When we were about to enter Imax I thought the screen was huge!! – Riaz

The Victorian House was interesting and scary – Vihaan


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4D’s End of Term 3!

4D has done some really amazing things during Term 3 and we have all done amazing things together! We achieved many spectacular things such as our CBL solutions which we had to make by ourselves. We got to speak about our explorers at assembly and we worked so hard to achieve our best. In reading we’ve been doing lots of work with inferring and in maths we had a big focus on fractions and decimals.

We are going to share with you our favourite things this term.

This term I enjoyed camp and the outdoor activities – Georgia

I liked inferring in reading – Zainab

I enjoyed Footy Day because most students and teachers gave money to charities – Stef

One of my favourite parts this term was working on our CBL presentations – Charli

I liked that I achieved my best while working on my CBL solution – Jesaiah

I enjoyed learning about fractions and multiplication – Lilly

I enjoyed dressing up for book week – Zahira

I liked learning about decimals – Devyan

I was interested in writing my newspaper article about the non-camp activities – Elenice

For photos from this term check out our twitter page:

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Book Week!

Last week Aitken Creek Primary celebrated Book Week!! The theme this year was ‘Reading is my Super Power’. On Tuesday we had a parade where we dressed up as a character from a book. We had characters like  Dr. Seuss, Mary Poppins, Harry Potter and many more!

I came as Scrooge McDuck from Duck Tales – Devyan

My costume was of Uma from The Descendents – Stefanee

I dressed as Captain America from the comics – Vihaan

I was Dan Christian from Best Players – Hemish

Have a look at our costumes:

We did lots of other fun activities like character hot seat, book report and making superheros with our buddy class 2G!

Camp/non-camp with 4D!!

Last week 109 of the Grade 3s and 4s attended camp at Mt Evelyn. There were different cabins number sizes like groups of 4,6,8 and 12! We were all split up into different activity groups and were given an animal name. Miss Bernardo was the leader of the cockatoos!

Some of the activites that we did was the giant swing, archery, kaos, the flying fox, bush cooking and hut building! The giant swing got up to 18m high but you could pick how high you wanted to go.

My favourite thing was kaos because you had to find what the treasure was by finding different letters – Georgia

I went to 18m on the giant swing. Once I pulled the cord my belly felt weird like I was nervous – Mason

In Grade 3 on the giant swing I went 9m and this year I went all the way -Riaz

Meanwhile at school the non-campers we were doing fun activities such as lego robotics, cooking pizza, ninja warrior, origami and watching movies. Also we did forensic science where we got to look at our fingerprints. Did you know that there are 3 types of fingerprints?

Ninja warrior was really exciting and fun – Jesaiah

On my pizza I put some cheese, spinach and sauce – Larisa






Non – Campers: Group 2

Hello and welcome!

Over the past 3 days we have been doing some exciting activities, such as making pizza muffins, participating in a ninja warrior course, forensic science puzzles, origami, lego robotics and we watched Toy Story 1.

We also got an extra session of our specialist.

Making pizza muffins:

On Thursday we got to cook our own pizza muffins in staffroom 2.

“While waiting for our muffins to cook we wrote up our own procedures informing the reader on how to make their own pizza muffin” – Ahmed 3C

‘We got to design our own pizzas and participate in a drawing contest’ Zahira 4D

“I got to make my own recipe” Davika 3B

Ninja Warrior: 

We got to participate in our own ninja warrior course on the BIG playground!

“Some obstacles were a little bit tricky” – Farwa 4E

“It was fun and challenging but I still liked it!” – Alara 4E

“We got to climb the Eiffel Tower!” – Adele 4B

Forensic Science:

On Friday we investigated in forensic science. We got to participate in a range of different activities.

“We got to study our finger prints” – Ahmed 3C

” We got to guess what was in the mystery box” – Davika 3B

“We had to try and solve puzzle from a crime scene” – Farwa 4E

“We had to describe the room without looking up!” Zahira 4D

Lego Robotics:

In lego robotics we got to work as a team to make lego creations that move!

“We had to download an app on our iPad to make the lego creation move” – Janav 3E

“Some people couldn’t make the creation they wanted but they still had a go!” – Daksh 3C

“When we were making our lego creations we could use the app on our iPad to  make it change colour and make noise” Suprateek 3E


In origami we learnt how to make different things by folding paper in a certain way.

“I got to make a ninja star” – Arda 4C

” It was very challenging so i only got time to make one thing” Alara 4E

“We used our ipad to watch tutorial videos” Davika 3B

“Some of us got to make more than one creation!” Zahira 4D


Term 3

This Term we started using Google Slides to create our new CBL journals. Our Big Idea is ‘Curiosity’. First we wrote down our intial wonderings using the essential and guiding questions like “How can curiosity change our lives?”

Curiosity has changed our lives because people have invented new things that are interesting – Hemish

Our first provocation we went to different stations and wrote down what we noticed. These prompts included old technology like tapes and cameras. We even got to take apart an old DVD player.

Our other provocations involved looking at maps and explorers. We had to write what we thought about them.

I want to learn about how the people from the olden days used maps – Charli

I’m interested in the old technology they used in the olden days – Hemish

I wonder how big a video player would be to fit the old tapes – Zahira

I wonder when the first phone was made – Noah

We are also very lucky to have a student teacher, Miss Chrystal, teaching us in 4D for the first 6 weeks of this term. She is a 4th year student at RMIT and this is her last placement!

Thanks for reading!

Grade 4 – Spanish Term 2 overview

During Term 2,  Grade 4 students learnt about the topic ‘the house’. In this unit, they had the chance to learn vocabulary related to rooms of the house as well as things that are typically found in a house such as doors, windows or lamps.

Students used the vocabulary and modelled language structures to convey information about their own houses as well as to describe what they could see in pictures and videos shared in class.

One of the activities they carried out over the term was getting in small groups and designing a house in which they had to label the rooms and stuff found in it. They were encouraged to use the internet to research about additional words they were willing to learn in order to make a more detailed house project.

Enjoy some of the pieces of beautiful work carried out by the students over the term.

End of Term 2!

This term we’ve been doing a lot of fun things such as measurement in maths, design and creating our CBL solutions and finishing Charlotte’s Web!

My favourite thing this term was having a class debate. We could share our different thoughts – Vihaan

I really enjoyed doing cross country at the start of the term – Mason

I liked playing volleyball in PE – Zahira

I enjoyed finishing Charlotte’s Web and liked watching the movie – Charli

My favourite part of the term is the last day! We get to celebrate our learning – Devyan

I really liked making our CBL solution because people could innovate and make actual things to help the world – Kavyaa

I liked working with my group to finish our CBL project – Zainab

What a great term we’ve had!

Enjoy your holidays!



Term 2 Health and Physical Education

Hi All,

 Over the last couple of weeks in Health and Physical Education we have been participating in our Volleyball unit. In our first lesson of the unit we researched to create posters on different skills and volleyball rules. We have now been putting those skills into practice. We are enjoying Volleyball as it is something different and new to many of us!

Thanks for reading,

Miss Chetcuti