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Learning Confidence Podcast Series!

Hello! Our names are Alycia, Insia, Jaylen and Selena. We are going to do a podcast series to help students develop confidence in their learning. Last term we looked at data from a survey the Year 4 students completed in Term 1 and we saw that not many students felt they had confidence in their learning.

In our podcast series we will interview students about their confidence and why they feel that way. We hope that this series will make a change and help students have confidence in their learning.

We also made a survey (click this link). We would appreciate if you answered the survey and gave us some information about your learning confidence.

Here is our first podcast! Today we interviewed Samia about her confidence in her learning.

Stay tuned for another podcast soon!!


4D Week 1 Term 4

Innovating a text in writing

This week we have been writing poems about our favourite places. We were trying to use the structure and rhythm of ‘My Country’ by Dorethea Mackeller. After brainstorming about our favourite place, we used the sentence starters that Dorethea Mackeller used in ‘My Country’ to create our own sentences. We also tried to follow the same rhythm by using the same syllable count in each line. We discovered that the syllable pattern in ‘My Country’ went 7, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6.

“I felt it was hard to find the rhythm and find the right syllables for each line” – Samia

” I challenged myself to make a rhyming version and one about something I hated as well” – Imogen

“I was worried at first but when I got some help from my friends it made me less worried and feel happy about my work” – Ali

“I felt worried I wouldn’t get it, but excited at the same time” – Sabriin

“I thought it was easy at the start, then when we talked about syllables it got a little harder” – Kaan

“Doing this was really fun even though it was hard. It was really fun to do and I enjoyed it” – Alycia

“I felt excited to write about our favourite places. It was a bit difficult but it was still fun” – Selena

“I noticed words could sound the same but they were not exactly rhyming which made it a bot easier” – Jessica

“My prediction was that it would be really easy but it started to get hard. I got a little support from my friends which made it easier” – Hussain

“When I first started it I felt like I would never finish it but since I had help from my friends and best teacher, now I feel like I can actually finish it” – Jaylen

Here are some examples of finished poems. The whole class book will be shared with you next week.

Helping our buddies in the library

We caught up with our buddies this week! We went with them to the library on Wednesday. We helped them when we were looking for books so they did not get stuck with finding books.

YABBA – Young Australian Book Awards

The YABBA Awards are coming up and we have been invited to go! We nominated our favourite books in Term 1 and have read as many as we can before we voted for which of these favourite books we thought should be the winner. We have sent an expression of interest home to our parents to see who might be allowed to go. There could be at least 20 authors at the Awards that we could talk to and get an autograph from which would be very exciting! The final decision will be made next week.

Term 3 CBL Action Solutions

We are continuing to develop and put into action our solutions from CBL that we came up with last term. Some people are starting to film their persuasive videos, others are recording their first podcasts and our Student Voice Action Team has met with Ms Spink to start their solution. Keep an eye out for more information!

This term we are exploring the idea of CHANGE. We will share more with you about this next blog post!

Until next time!


Best Concert Dance EVER (in 2018)!

Hello everyone!

On Thursday we had our Year 3-6 concert called ‘History of Hits’. There were songs that teachers and parents would know and songs that students knew – the songs covered from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s.

Our class song was a mash up of three songs from the TV show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. There were four Fresh Prince characters and four Carlton characters – one for each main group of dancers. These people had so much fun with these characters! The Fresh Prince characters rapped into microphones and the Carlton characters danced the swing arm dance from the show. Everyone wore stripy t-shirts and either tracksuit pants or overalls. We also had suspenders and ties available and could wear caps if we wanted.

We practised our dance multiple times with our amazing teachers and we improved our timing and steps a lot every time we danced!

On the night, everyone backstage was really nervous but excited to perform. However we were super confident in what we had to do because we had so much practice! During the dance we were really energetic and the crowd went wild. The last dance (the third part) was the most energetic of all! When we had finished, everyone was very happy and felt very accomplished.

Here are some pictures and a video of our dance on the night:

Did you enjoy our dance? We hope you did!

From 4D


Police visit

Last week, two of our students wrote letters to the police to ask them about SWAT police and how to become a police officer.  As a result, two officers from the Craigieburn Police said they would come out and see us in person! We wrote some questions for them to answer which we posted in our last blog post.

Today, Joel and Nathan came to visit us! They told us what they do in the police academy, including what is involved in the fitness test. They showed us their weapons (their guns stayed in the holsters) and let us hold the police vest. It is  bullet proof and weighs 10 kg! We even found out that the local bakery gives them free donuts and pastries every Monday and half price at McDonalds! They told us that a police salary is a decent amount – it starts at about $70,000 – and gave us some information about what they can get up to in a day’s work.

We got to go in the police car – we all sat in the driver’s seat and turned the sirens on! We used the speed laser on the police car and Ms Huntly was random breath tested. (She was at zero!)

Here are some pictures and videos of our visit!

Thanks to the Craigieburn Police, Constable Joel and First Constable Nathan for coming out and sharing with us all the information they did. We have some people who might be looking forward to possibly becoming a police officer in the future!

~ 4D

4D Happenings

Year 3-6 Concert – ‘A History of Hits’

Our concert is happening this week! During this week we have been practicing our dance for the concert. We have to wear a stripy t-shirt, tracksuit pants and we can choose if we want to wear overalls and a cap. We are doing the song ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’. We went to see Ms Findlay on Monday for an extra session so our teacher Ms Huntly could see our dance.Our songs are really fun! 4D is the best class for performing! We can’t wait for the concert and we hope you come and see the 3-6 concert.

Book Week

We have been celebrating Book Week this week. We dressed up as our favourite book characters. There were different costumes like a cow, policemen, crayons, John Cena and The Flash.

Police are visiting our classroom!

The police are coming to our classroom on Monday in week 9. When they come to our class we are going to ask them questions. Here are some that we came up with to ask:

  • Have long have you been in the police force?
  • What do you do when you are on duty?
  • Are we able to look at your police car?
  • What type of vehicles do the police use?
  • How hard is your job?
  • Do you have to go to a special place to train?
  • What type of weapons do police officers hold?
  • Do you eat donuts like the police in the TV shows and movies?
  • How does it feel to be a police officer?
  • How do you deal with scary or sad things that happen?
  • How often do you go outside the station and help people?
  • Is it a good paying job?
  • What made you join the police force?
  • Does every police station have jails or holding cells?
  • How many crimes do you get involved in every day?
  • How many different types of police jobs are there?
  • How do you become a police officer? What does it take?

We can’t wait to share with you what we learn from the police!

4D Update

In Maths we have been learning about change. To find change we can use a subtraction algorithm or count up from the amount we pay. We created our own shop with things to sell and practised working out change when a customer bought things. Some people had pet shops, others had game stores and there were a few car dealerships.

We received some letters and stories from our pen pals in Korumburra. We are making things and writing notes to send back to them.

We are working through a rich task at the moment as well. It is linked to the Fun Run. We are looking at what equipment we could get for the school from the money we raise. Our task is to find out how much it will be and then try to persuade Mr Muscari to purchase the equipment we would like to see at the school. We had to find out how many students were in the school and then work out an estimate of how much money we might raise altogether. Our next steps are to decide what we would like the money spent on, work out our totals and then write a persuasive letter to Mr Muscari.

Before we write our letter to Mr Muscari, we have been investigating and drafting a persuasive letter of our choice about something we are passionate about. Some things that people are trying to convince others of are:

  • School should end earlier in the day
  • Guinea pigs are better than rabbits
  • No homework should be done
  • Everyone should buy a baby chick
  • Students should have more free iPad time
  • Everything should be free
  • Monkeys should be pets
  • School toilets must be kept cleaner
  • No hats during summer

We have had a new teacher with us the last three and half weeks. Her name is Ms Bechmann and she is a 4th year preservice teacher. She observed and helped us for the first week and has been teaching us with full control for the last two weeks. Her last full week with us is this week but she will be back on a few other days this term to finish her placement time. Thanks for being an awesome teacher Ms Bechmann!

4D Reflections

Author Incursion with Adam Wallace

The Year 4 classes went to go see Adam Wallace. He came to tell us what it is like to be an author. It was really cool to see an author who writes books. He told funny stories and made us laugh our heads off and we did pictures. ~ Raidyn

Adam Wallace is an author who is funny and awesome. He told us what it was like to be an author like him and how he comes up with his ideas. I think Adam Wallace is a perfect and funny author!

Today we saw Adam Wallace. He is an author and he read a little bit of his book. He taught us how to draw like him. He came so we know how it is to be a author. I think Adam Wallace is funny ~ Adit

Today we went and saw Adam Wallace. He was very funny. He made us draw two butt cheeks and it turned into a piranha! We could do anything with the piranha. It was really very fun doing it. I drew a bloody one.

We saw Adam Wallace and were drawing pictures because he wanted us to have a good time with him. We had fun! He read some of his book and we gave him some ideas of what could happen in the book.

Here are some of our own versions following Adam’s drawing:

Connecting with our pen pals in Korumburra

We have been using FlipGrid to make cool videos for our pen pals. FlipGrid is an app where you can make short videos for others to see. We are waiting for our pen pals to reply with videos of their own.


Investigating our Big Idea of POWER

We have been working on our power wheels. We hung them on our window. We had to write who we have power over and who has power over us. We did it to show our learning to the other classes in the school. I like that all of us had colour. It is AMAZING AND SO COOL!!!! ~ Imogen

Choose Your Own Adventure narrative writing

This week we have been working on writing Choose Your Own Adventure stories. We first read a Choose Your Own Adventure story and then started our own in writing. We have been using Popplet to brainstorm and plan our ideas. Our teacher showed us the books which gave us the idea to write our own. Then after we wrote them down, we tried to make them interesting and cool and amazing  . We wrote a full story and made endings too. We haven’t finished but we all enjoyed making them!. ~ Ali

Skipping in PE!

In PE we have been doing skipping and learning new tricks. We have been learning skipping because at the start of the term nearly no one knew how to do tricks. Now nearly everyone knows how to do tricks! ~ Jenna and Sabriin

During week 3 and 4 we have been skipping our way to success. We have been doing single jump, double jump, 1 foot over, skier, the bell and out and in tricks. We are practicing because we want to get better at it. I think I’ve achieved my goal of the skier. ~ Imogen

What we did in PE first was a warmup. It was really fun and funny because we were playing on a little skateboard or scooter thing and we went so fast in a superman position. In skipping we did some tricks with friends. We did skipping because we have to and it’s really fun. In my opinion it is the best Specialist. ~ Dimitri

We have also been reading some YABBA shortlist books (and related titles). We are voting on our favourites at the end of term. Have you read any of these books? Which ones did you enjoy?

Presenting our discovery learning

Today we shared our presentations on important discoveries with our class and some of our parents who came along to be part of our audience. We were asked to share an important scientific discovery and have spent the last two weeks researching, planning and organising our information.

We presented on a lot of different discoveries including electricity, gravity, sound (and the telephone), New Zealand, the Great Barrier Reef, Samoa and the atom.

We gave each other feedback on our presentations and next week we will reflect on what we can improve on.

Keep checking back to see some of our presentations here on our blog soon!

~ 4D

Meeting our pen pals online

On Tuesday our class connected with our pen pals from Korumburra. We have written letters to them before but this week we spoke to them face to face using Skype! It was so much fun to see them!

We played Guess My Number first as a whole class (they won). Then we spoke to our pen pals in groups of 3 or 4. We asked lots of questions and found out about what games they played, football teams they follow and even about some pets! While we were talking with our pen pals, the rest of our class were working in the classroom.

We are waiting for the letters they sent us last week so we can reply. We will also be video calling them regularly next term so we can get to know each other better.


Science experiment fun!

Over week 7, 8 and 9 we have been growing sprouts. We didn’t just use water but we used other drinks as well such as Sprite, Coke, orange juice and milk. The sprouts with water grew while the rest started to grow mould! You can try this at home. All you need are sprout seeds, soil, drink of choice and sunlight.

Let us know if your sprout grew!

~ Imogen and Maria


Colour Magic

This term we did the colour magic experiment and the dancing sultana experiment. First we wrote a hypothesis and then the materials we needed. Then we did the experiments. After the experiments we wrote our observations.

How the colour magic experiment works is you put some M&Ms or Skittles in a petrie dish (or small dish) and cover with water. Then you put a sugar cube in the middle of the dish. The colours dissolve off the lollies and do not mix together. When the sugar cube is added, the colour is pushed away from the middle of the dish by the larger amount of sugar.

What you do for the dancing sultana experiment is you put vinegar in a plastic cup and pour a little bit of bicarb soda in it. It may fizz! You then put objects in the vinegar and see if they dance. We found that flat objects like paper clips sink and bumpy items like sultanas dance and move with the bubbles.

~ Adit, Batu