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Using Twitter to find answers

On Wednesday 21 February our class had an awesome visitor on our door handle! There was a green stick insect sitting above the handle for the morning and we were very interested to find out about it! Like Ms Bell’s class last week, we wanted to know what type of insect it was and why we were seeing so many of them around our classrooms.

Alycia used her iPad and looked at different pictures of insects like the grasshopper and mantis but these did not seem to match our visitor. We talked about who might be able to help us with our questions and thought that the Zoo or the Museum may be places that could tell us what insect it was.

We thought we could write a letter but that would take a while to get a response. So Ms Huntly introduced us to Twitter and we sent the Melbourne Zoo and Melbourne Museum our questions along with a great picture that Jessica took of the insect:

We were very excited when Melbourne Zoo tweeted back to us within the hour! They said they would check with their team and get back to us. By the end of the day they had responded with the following information:

Melbourne Museum retweeted our tweet to their Ask Museums Victoria team who told us their entomologist team would respond quickly. A new word for our word wall –> ENTOMOLOGIST means someone who studies insects!

The AskMV “ento-folk” tweeted this reply to us on Friday and included a link to more information:

What was even more interesting for us was we had someone from Geelong tweet us with some information because they had seen our tweet to the Zoo and Museum! Jade Craven was nice enough to give us some pointers on taking pictures of insects to help us find out what type they are:

We made sure we thanked her for her tweet and her help as well!

Using Twitter was a great way to get information quickly from experts and they responded very fast! Thanks to the Melbourne Zoo and the Ask Museums Victoria teams for responding to our questions! We now know that it is a type of mantis and will keep an eye out for another visitor!

Have you seen any insects like our visitor around the school? Have you used Twitter to ask an expert a question? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

~ 4D


Designing our learning space

This week we spent time thinking about what we need to learn best. We talked about what a positive classroom looks like, sounds like and feels like before working in groups to design a learning space we felt would work best. After we presented them to the class, we voted on which one would be put into action. The architects of the winning design became our Project Managers and directed and helped us to move the furniture around into this new design.

The new learning space has lots of different sizes of tables for us to work at with chairs or cushions to sit on. Our TV is also positioned in the middle of the room facing the whiteboard which is a bit different to what all of us have had before!

Check out our new learning space design in the pictures below:

What do you think of our learning space? Would there be a favourite learning area for you?

Please leave a comment!

~ 4D

Safer Internet Day

Welcome to 4D’s first blog post for the year! Today was Safer Internet Day and we spent our learning time talking and thinking about how we can be respectful online.

In the morning we went on a video call with Kids HelpLine. Georgia from Kids HelpLine @ School spoke with us about what she did there and we asked some questions about Kids HelpLine and found out how they can help us if we need support. Then we talked about how we can be respectful to people when we are on the internet. We learnt about cyber bullying and that it is bad. We watched some videos that told us detail about cyberbullying and why we don’t do it.

We used Padlet to brainstorm some ideas on how we can be respectful online. The book we read during lunch was called “The Internet is like a puddle” and compared the internet to a puddle. We then made a Y chart and thought of ways we can be respectful online. We had to record what respect online looked like, felt like and sounded like – a lot of our ideas linked together! Have a look:


We also made our own pledges and promised to be respectful and safe online. We decided we would be positive and kind to others with our comments, we will always use manners to each other and we would not make fun of people or their photos online.

How are you respectful to others when you are online? Will you pledge to be respectful with us? Write your pledge below!

Come back and say hi again!

~ 4D

Batik painting- Nature in Art

This term we have experimented with Baitk painting. This Art style is a traditional art form in many Asian countries and is used to decorate fabrics that are turned into clothes. Our paintings were inspired by nature and we used primary colours to mix secondary colours with fabric paint. Fabric paint is runny ahd hard to control so they were a real challenge to paint. The outlines of our work were painted with cold wax- (Batik is usually done with hot wax but our pictures have the same effect as ones made using hot wax). We think our effects are really beautiful, what do you think?



Totem pole Installation

We finally created our installation for the Specialist showcase and it looked amazing! The hardest part was working out how we wanted to arrange our work. We had to work together as a class and we decided that we were going to arrange them in order from largest to smallest. After taking some time to work this out we used blue tack to stand our totem poles on the tables. Did you see our work at the showcase? if not you can have a look at the pictures below and tell us what you think.

Specialist Showcase- Artrooms

We were so happy to see so many families come to see the work of students on display at the Specialist Showcase this year. Parents and students were able to come into the Art rooms and participate in a variety of activities such as mindfulness Mandala colouring, Pop Art murals painting, bubble art and experimental painting using mineral paper and inks. Everyone had a great time spending time together and making some very creative Art. Some of the Pop Art Murals from the night of the showcase still need some work. If you want to help finish them come to Art club during blue school timetable at lunchtime and give us a hand to finish them. See below for the pictures of what kids and families created.

Art Gallery – Specialist Showcase!

Were you at the Specialist Showcase last week?! It was a huge success and was fantastic to see so many parents coming down with us to see the highlights of our specialist classes. Hopefully you had a look at the Gallery while you were there because we had a great showcase of student work ranging from Term 1 to Term 3. It was like walking through a sea of colour and creativity! If you didn’t get a chance to see the gallery, or you want to see some of it again, check out the gallery pictures in this blog. There’s also some great pictures of some of us and our parents enjoying the art activities. It was pretty busy at times in the art rooms, so hopefully everyone who came a long had a chance to participate. Grade 1s and 2s had already done the activities in Miss Kirk’s room, so they were great teachers on the night to those of us that hadn’t done them before! In Miss Thomas’ room, there was painting happening for a secret picture, which she will shortly be revealing! Please enjoy these pictures!

Curiosity in Art-What is installation?

We have been curious about installations and what kind of art works they are. We have discovered that Installations are artworks that becomes part of a space or an environment and can be made by one or more artists. We made Totem poles out of tubes that represent each one of us and we plan on creating a class installation using everyone’s artwork. We were inspired by the Aboriginal memorial Totem pole installation at the National Gallery of Australia. We hope our installation demonstrates our ability to work as a team and our school values of respect, responsibility and achievement. Look out for our installation around the school, it will be finished soon.


Books 4 u

hey I’m Cooper and today we’re going to recommend some books 4 u

Five nights at Freddy’s the silver eyes

Tho it looks scary and well (cough cough it is cough cough ) still the plot and premise is intriguing and interesting and I would recommend   to grades 4 to 6

sonic the hedgehog

Totem Pole Art

The Aboriginal Memorial

In Grade 3 and 4 Art we’ve had a look at an Indigenous artwork known as the Aboriginal Memorial. Have a look at the picture above to see the installation; does it make you curious to know more?

We have had heaps of great wonderings from this image:

“I wonder why it looks like an Aboriginal Rain stick? Are we going to make our own and put them around the school?” – Cooper, 3F

“It looks like water pipes, are they cardboard, or pipes? What would happen if water spills on it? What would happen to them? It reminds me of a didgeridoo. I wonder why there is different designs because I notice that the sides have similarities and differences. Is it indoor?” – Mustafa, 3F

“Did you take the photo or is it off the internet? Is it bamboo? Who designed it? Who was the first indigenous person to die?” – Solomon, 3F

“Where is it? Why are there little holes? Where are they? Why are some thick and some skinny? Can you touch them? Where does the path go?” Ramin, 3F

“Did we do this on Better Buddies Day? I wonder why some of them are tall and some of them are short, and why there are rocks?” – Solomon, 3F

“Why are some of the patterns cut out? What was the date it was made?” –Shivya, 3F

“Is it a path?” –Zeynep, 3F

“I wonder they are different shapes and sizes?” – Maeesha

“I wonder why all of them are different and have different looks and why did they make it?” – Peter, 3F

“I wonder why they are inside?” – Taylor, 3F

“What happens when they get wet?” – Jessica, 3F

“I wonder how big they are.” – Simrat, 3F

“Who was fighting?” – Kovidh, 3F

The more we asked, the more we wanted to know! We are still finding out more about the image each time we go to Art, and we are creating our own!

Please enjoy some of our work so far and look out for the finished pieces in the next few weeks.

You can find more information about the Memorial here: